Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera vs. Huawei P30 Pro Camera

The battle for the king of camera phones continue as Apple released the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and Huawei came out with their P30 Pro. This review tackles the specifications and best uses for each of the phone’s cameras. There are major differences between the two, and this guide will help you decide which one is perfect for you.

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One of the primary considerations for purchasing a new phone these days is the camera. Since pretty much everyone uses their phones to document travels, milestones, and what they ate for brunch, a good camera phone is a must! 

Apart from the usual criterion, we set for basic day shots, the game has completely changed. Consumers nowadays also look for phone cameras with a night mode for low-lit photography. There is somehow a need for photos to look great with just minor tweaks, without having to use Lightroom.

Here you will find impartial reviews of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro camera and the Huawei P30 Pro camera. These will be compared based on the photo quality, zoom features, wide angle options, color, night mode option, and additional features.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Camera

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max camera
The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone has been known as one of the best camera phones in the tech world. Apple has consistently improved its camera upon every release of a new phone. This is considered one of the many reasons why a number of consumers still flock to their stores to get the latest iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro takes the natural colors of the object, scenery, or person, with just a bit of post-processing. As much as possible, it captures what the human eyes can see. Skin tones are far more realistic in portrait shots and are more muted versus the P30’s shots.

iPhone’s images come out sharp and the details highly pronounced. Nonetheless, the image doesn’t come out too strong that makes them look unnatural. Apple’s camera technology is able to balance warmth and sharp details to produce images that are pleasing to the eye.

In terms of lenses, both phones have ultrawide-angle cameras that enable you to shoot great photos in tight spaces. Generally, though, iPhone’s ultra wide angle camera captures better colors and has fewer exposure issues.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max has already integrated the night mode feature made famous by the Huawei brand. It does a great job of capturing night and low-light conditions realistically. The noise reduction feature worked to their advantage, especially for night shots.

Apple iPhones have also modified their image editing features, wherein you can easily adjust brightness, brilliance, contrast, and a lot more.

Huawei P30 Pro Camera

Hwawei P30 Pro camera phone
Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei’s P30 Pro camera is co-engineered with a renowned camera brand, Leica. Generally, it post-processes images automatically as you shoot them. The P30 Pro plays a lot on the colors. The contrast and the saturation settings are much heavier than the iPhone’s. Oftentimes, photos taken using the P30 look like they have been put through a filter.

In other words, they look Instagram-ready. If you prefer ready-for-posting images, then Huawei’s P30 Pro could be for you. The front camera also creates a filter for selfies that somehow erases the pores. In some cases, this could be positive especially when you want to look flawless in your selfies. However, if you look at it closely, the editing obviously looks like a software adjustment, making images seem unnatural.

Noticeably, skin tones also change– sometimes they are warmer, and sometimes cooler than it is in real life. This is because the white balance is not as consistent as the iPhone 11 Pro’s settings. Photos are taken using the P30 camera really pop because of the vibrancy that their software adds to every shot.  

The ultrawide-angle camera of the P30 likewise allows you to shoot from a difficult angle. However, the colors tend to become artificially over-saturated and exposed. It takes too much light into the frame which sometimes creates a glare on the image.

When it comes to zoom features, Huawei tops the iPhone. The P30 Pro’s periscope lens allows 5x optical zoom, which the iPhone’s camera is not optimized for. When it comes to the 2x zoom option though, the P30 has some visible color highlight problems.

Night mode quality is as important as daylight shots nowadays. Huawei is known for being the first brand to integrate a night mode setting in a mobile phone camera. It allows you to take brighter shots even with low lighting. However, the P30’s night mode tends to become overzealous and adds too much light in the image. It also somehow suffers from having too much noise.

Which one should you buy?

Ultimately, it boils down to which camera phone can take photos suitable for your liking. For those who want Instagram-ready photos, the Huawei P30 Pro can get the job done. Its point-and-shoot concept is perfect for those who take quick photos to upload on social media. The night mode is also a huge plus, for those who love shooting in low-light to get that dramatic feel.

Meanwhile, those who prefer it au naturale should definitely go for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. The details are impeccable and the colors are warm. You always have the option to make some tweaks and it is easy to manipulate with a few adjustments. In general, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max has better photo quality considering color and sharpness.

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