Backpacking Essentials: 10 Items You Must Include on Your List

Backpacking Essentials: 10 Items You Must Include on Your List

Have you ever been so anxious in your life whether you have forgotten something on your backpack and worrying that you will need something and forgot it to put it in your bag?

Packing things with the proper and appropriate equipment is necessary for your travel. Whether business trips or traveling leisurely, it is important that you know the purpose of the trip and determine the necessities to bring.

In case you are planning for a hike, here are some backpacking essentials as well as other things to survive in the wilderness.

Navigational Instruments

Backpacking Essentials: 10 Items You Must Include on Your List

It is the most important on the list if you plan on hiking. This includes maps, compass, GPS device, altimeter, and personal locator. You may have some or all of these on your smartphones but never rely on them too much. It is better to have a backup in these kinds of situations.


Backpacking Essentials: 10 Items You Must Include on Your List

The headlamp is the most preferable light source among hikers. Not only because of a good light source but it also keeps you hands-free for that device. Also, do carry extra batteries to keep with you at all times.

First Aid Kit

Backpacking Essentials: 10 Items You Must Include on Your List

A vital item that you must also keep in your list. In every travel, you must anticipate all kinds of accidents so you need to have a complete set of First aid kit that will last you for a long time if you ever had an injury. It should include treatment for blisters, bandages (various sizes), gauze pads, adhesive tape, disinfecting ointment, pain medication, and surgical gloves (this is to keep you from getting a further infection).

Swiss knife

Backpacking Essentials: 10 Items You Must Include on Your List

A basic knife is a basic necessity in every travel for food preparation, first aid, and other emergency needs. However, a basic knife will limit you with these basic functions. It is better to have a compact knife that will enhance its function for your needs. It will save you some space from your pack.

Fire Starter kit

Backpacking Essentials: 10 Items You Must Include on Your List

In case of an emergency, a fire has a lot of applications when it comes to food preparation and first aid as well as it helps to sanitize your tools. It will also a handy tool if you get stranded and all your navigational tools, it would have been better if it had not happened, broke.  this will help you to get some help. As the oldest form of communication used by our ancestors, smoke can help you to be tracked. Lighters, matches, flammable liquids in watertight containers, magnesium rod, candles and such are some tools that you may want to include in that kit. There are available fire starter kits in some shops.

Skin protection

Backpacking Essentials: 10 Items You Must Include on Your List

This covers a wide variety of items. Sunscreen, sunglasses, raincoats and sun-protection clothing are your greatest allies when your camping in indefinite weather.

Extra food and extra water

Packing an additional day’s worth of food will increase your survival rate. In case you encounter bad weather or being stranded in a place, you can survive another day. It is also important that you pack enough water since water supplies in the wilderness may not be safe for human consumption. We need to be hydrated at all times to keep our bodies and internals functioning. If you consume all your water supply, it is better to bring water filters or purifiers if ever you come across a river or a pond.

Extra Clothes

Aside from extra food and water, you may also consider bringing another set of clothes. If you are not comfortable traveling with the same clothes in long hours, you should bring some extra. You may also want to bring towels to fry out your skin from sweat.

Backpacking Tent and Sleeping Bag

For you to survive in a weather-changing trail, you should bring a tent and/or sleeping bag. This will protect you from outside elements and shelter you at night. If you want to keep hiking as your habit, it is better to purchase a quality tent that will last for a long time.

Food-related equipment

Aside from fire starters, you also need equipment to prepare your food. Whether you have a raw or prepared food on your pack, there should be a way to heat it. This will save you from having an upset stomach on your way on the trail. You may want to include on the list a backpacking stove and fuel, utensils, cups, and cookware.

Whether you are a first-time hiker or a veteran, it is better to have a list of your own when going on a hiking or camping trip in the wilderness. It is also important that all your equipment is compact and easy to carry to conserve your energy and use it on your trailing instead. It is also necessary to weigh your pack before you go. Your backpack should not exceed 20 percent of your body mass or depend on your body type, whether skinny or buff. You must also keep in mind that you need to take precautionary measures when you are hiking solo or in a group. You should never rely on someone to take care of you since you are out with nature. Happy Hiking!

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