Best Beaches in Australia – Enjoy the extraordinary!

Best Beaches in Australia - Enjoy the extraordinary!

Summer Season is approaching us day by day. And we cannot delay the inevitable but to prepare for it and you don’t know where to flaunt your beach-ready bodies. Australia may answer your queries.

Australia is known for its wildlife, architectural wonders, and highly urbanized countries. But it is also known for its famous beaches. With its 27,000 kilometers of coastline, there are many breathtaking beaches in Australia that you might want to visit.

Here are the 10 best famous beaches in Australia you might want to visit this summer.

Bondi Beach – Sydney

Best Beaches in Australia - Enjoy the extraordinary!

Bondi Beach is the most famous beach in Sydney and one of the best around the world. What makes it special? Aside from being a white sand beach, it is in the heart of the city where you can swim and surf at the beach, stroll by the beach, explore the weekend markets and fashion boutiques all in one place. You can also stroll by the beach and watch the sunset and eat at the restaurants nearby. 

Manly Beach – Sydney

Best Beaches in Australia - Enjoy the extraordinary!

If you don’t want a lot of too much attention for a beach just like the first one, you might want to divert your attention to Manly Beach which is also one of the best beaches in the Country.  When you travel to Manly beach by ferry, you will come across the Sydney Opera House. The Manly Beach is also earned its name as Surf City. The consistent swells to catch a perfect wave makes it ideal for surfing. You might also try some of the Surf schools around the area.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays – Queensland

It is a tropical paradise in Queensland where, as its name dictates, fine white sand and clear sea water attract you to visit the beach. You can enjoy beach volleyball and paddle boarding on the beach. Also, if you happen to love animals, the beach nurtures stingrays and lemon sharks. It is also a one of a kind experience if you spot the perfect scenery from an aerial view by seaplane or helicopter.

Noosa Main Beach – Sunshine Coast (Queensland)

Best Beaches in Australia - Enjoy the extraordinary!

If you want a warmer and more secure place to surf, this is the beach for you. Noosa Main Beach is one of the treasures of Sunshine Coast because of its clean waters and it is covered with pines and palm trees. You can also do food trips around the area Noosa Farmers Market. A wide variety of foods are available as well as natural skincare products during Sunday mornings.

Mooloolaba Beach – Sunshine Coast (Queensland)

Best Beaches in Australia - Enjoy the extraordinary!

Mooloolaba beach has calm waters throughout the years so it attracts a lot of divers and swimmers. But aside from water activities, not only in clear waters and the sandy bay is the attraction here but it also features antiques and jewelry stores around the area. The place also has Sea Life Sunshine Coast where sea creatures can swim above you when you go through the underwater tunnel. There are wide varieties of sea creatures including fishes, stingrays, and sharks.

Rapid Bay – Fleurieu (Adelaide)

If Manly Beach is famous for surfers, Rapid bay is famous for divers and swimmers. One of the favorite activities here is snorkeling as well because of its blue waters. If you are an avid fan of fishing, you might also want to pack your fishing rods to do fishing here.

Cable Beach – Western Australia

If you want to have a luxurious kind of summer vacation, this is the beach for you. There are a lot of water activities to do in the area just like fishing, diving, snorkeling, and of course sightseeing. Aside from these, you may also enjoy some other recreational activities like golf and tennis as well as spas. If you want another extraordinary activity, you can also ride a camel to tour you around the beach as well.

Wineglass Bay – Freycinet Peninsula (Tasmania)

Best Beaches in Australia - Enjoy the extraordinary!

One of the popular beaches in the world, the Wineglass Bay gets its name due to its circular shape of a glass and the clear water contained within. Aside from water activities such as swimming and kayaking, quadbike adventure is also a must-try activity in the area as well. You can also enjoy the overlooking view and wide scenery above by renting seaplane that will take you to the sky. And your adventure will never complete if you failed to try their local wines and whiskey.

Bells Beach – Torquay (Melbourne)

One of the surfing paradise beaches in Australia, Bells Beach. The Bells Beach has a vague surfing history including the oldest surfing contest. Other activities are also featured in the area like such as sailing and cycling.

Burleigh Heads – Gold Coast (Queensland)

Last but certainly not the least, Burleigh Heads or simply Burleigh is one of the famous surfing paradise beaches in Australia. Aside from that, it paints a scenic view of sunsets. There is also a national park nearby where it features wildlife attractions. There is also a wide range of shopping centers available in the area.

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