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Best Foods to Eat for 24/7 Muscle Recovery

Best Foods to Eat for 24/7 Muscle Recovery

If you want to achieve your weight goals, you should do both exercises and eat healthy foods. Some studies say it’s 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. Others say it’s 75 or even 90 percent diet.

Whatever the ratio is, one thing is for sure: the right nutrition will help achieve your body and health goals. However, it might be easier said than done.

For one thing, there are a lot of diet plans available. It depends on one’s lifestyle, preference, and health and fitness goals. Some go vegan, while others go keto or low-carb.

It’s so easy to give in to your favorites, especially those that are not really healthy like fried and sweets. Then again, it’s not a bad thing to give in every once in a while. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up breaking their promise of a healthier version of themselves.

Even seasoned bodybuilders make mistakes too when it comes to a proper diet. Such a crucial mistake can jeopardize all their hard work and training. That is why you should take note of your diet before and after your training.

There are different types of bodybuilders. Each bodybuilder type needs a certain nutrition plan to achieve their bodybuilding goals. The type of diet suitable for each bodybuilder will also depend on their weight. Most of all, these meal plans are easy and simple to follow.

The Mass Builder

Best Foods to Eat for 24/7 Muscle Recovery

As a mass-gainer, it is important to keep your muscles fully-repaired for yet another training day the next day. You will need to replenish your muscles by eating the right recovery foods.

Post-workout (immediate)

Make sure to eat these immediately after your intense training.

  • 40g whey protein shake (or an equal part of 20g whey and 20g casein protein)
  • Bagel (large, plain)
  • Two tablespoons jelly

Whey is a great source of leucine, while carbs boost your insulin levels. Jelly and bagel both contain insulin. Both promote protein synthesis. Insulin also transports amino acids to the muscle and hence helps in muscle building.

Post-workout (1 hour after)

  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 8 oz tilapia fish

You will need fast-burning protein such as fish to maintain protein synthesis and ensure muscle growth. Sweet potatoes are slow-digesting carbs that help in replenishing glycogen without triggering insulin spikes. An increase in insulin levels can cause fat gain.

The Heavy Lifter

Best Foods to Eat for 24/7 Muscle Recovery

These people are, well… lift heavyweights. As a heavy lifter, you will need intense energy to lift those hundred-pound weights. You will need to take note of the following meal plan.


Experts suggest heavy lifters to eat 20g whey protein and a banana upon waking up. Whey, a fast-digesting type of protein, is a great source of aminos as fuel. On the other hand, bananas contain fructose that restocks the liver with glycogen.

After breakfast (30 minutes to an hour after)

Wait for about half an hour or an hour after your first meal of the day (a.k.a. breakfast) and eat the following.

  • 3 whole eggs
  • 4 egg whites
  • 1 cup oatmeal

Egg yolks help in protecting your joints. It also contains cholesterol and saturated fats that help in enhancing strength and testosterone levels. Meanwhile, oatmeal is a great source of low-glycemic carbs.

The Lean Lifter

This is the type of lifters who do not aim to bulk up. Instead, they lift to shed excess body fats. Of course, it’s nice to have those muscles as you go along. Here is a good meal plan if you are a lean lifter.

2 hours before bedtime

  • ½ chopped broccoli
  • 4 to 6 oz salmon

It is important to eat protein in the evening to add muscle and encourage fat burn. On the other hand, eating carbs at night is a no-no especially if you are aiming for fat loss. Instead, you should eat low-carb, high-fiber foods such as broccoli.

Before bedtime (immediate)

Health experts suggest eating a cup of low-fat cottage cheese. A slow-digesting protein such as cottage cheese also helps in maintaining muscle mass.

The Marathoner

Best Foods to Eat for 24/7 Muscle Recovery

Marathoners actually need to vary their training aside from their usual runs. You do not aim for a bulky body, but want to build on your resistance, energy, and strength. If you fall under this category, you need to follow this meal plan.

Pre-workout (2 hours before)

  • A small sweet potato
  • Mixed green salad with low-fat dressing
  • 6 to 8 oz lean burger with a whole wheat bun

You need to fuel up by eating protein. Lean beef contains saturated fat that helps increase the production of testosterone. Meanwhile, sweet potatoes and whole wheat buns can give you long-lasting energy levels. The salad helps in promoting blood flow to the muscles and energy levels.

Pre-workout (immediate)

  • 20g whey
  • 2 large oranges

Whey adds energy so you can go on with your workout. Oranges help in providing muscle fuel and should keep up on you during the entire training. Plus, it’s rich in Vitamin C.

Convenient Nutrition On the Go

Best Foods to Eat for 24/7 Muscle Recovery

There are some people who don’t have the time to prepare their workout foods due to their busy schedules. No worries, because you can still have good nutrition on-the-go.

Post-workout (immediate)

  • 16 oz low-fat or fat-free choco milk

Post-workout (1 hour after)

  • 1 bag low-fat popcorn, 4 oz beef jerky, unsweetened iced tea

You can substitute low-fat chocolate milk in replacement of protein shakes. Chocolate milk is a great source of protein. Meanwhile, beef jerky is also a good protein source. The unsweetened iced tea will give you a caffeine kick you will need for the whole day.


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