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Biohacks to Improve Body Strength and Endurance

Bio Hacks for More Body Strength and Endurance
Biohacking – take control of and upgrade your body and mind

Have you ever wondered how those contestants from Ninja Warrior do it?

Men and women of all ages and backgrounds join this reality TV show as a way to showcase their strength. Whether they are able to finish the course or not, you can just wish you can do it like them.

For one thing, it is not easy doing what they do. It takes months – even years – of training to have that kind of physical strength. These are even contestants there that are in their 50’s and 60’s and still kick butt.

You might be wondering what their secret is. Rigorous training, of course. Eating healthy foods and ensuring that they have enough stamina are also important.

The importance of building endurance and stamina

Bio Hacks for More Body Strength and Endurance
Importance of building endurance and stamina

When it comes to weight loss, people often opt for cardio exercises like biking and running. It is true that cardio activities can be very effective in weight loss.

However, we should also pay attention to improving our strength.

Muscle endurance enables our muscles to perform repetitive movements with ease. Muscle endurance activities help you tolerate longer exercises and improve sports performance.

Will Torres, a personal trainer based in New York, says endurance training can enhance your cardio activities. For example, adding strength to your legs can enhance your running and biking.

Endurance training will also lessen the impact of the cardio activity on your knees and joints. This means you can run longer distances or pedal your bike for miles before you get overcome by fatigue. Endurance training will also enable to handle your body weight or heavy loads.

Endurance training does not only apply in exercise but also in everyday life. For one, it can make simple household chores easier (ex. scrubbing bathroom tiles or changing comforters and bedsheets).

The more you do endurance training, the more your stamina will improve as well. You will have more energy to tackle your daily tasks, and even keep up with your active kids. Not only can it improve your muscle health but also lessen the risk of osteoporosis and other injuries.

Muscle endurance training can also boost your metabolism and burn more calories. So if you are aiming to lose weight or gain muscles, include endurance training as well.

Common endurance mistakes you should stop doing now

Some people might already be doing endurance training but to no avail. There is still no improvement in your endurance levels. Perhaps it can be due to these reasons.

You’re not mixing your workouts.

The key to improving your endurance level is to mix up your workout routines. Avoid running the same distance every other day or lifting the same weights. Instead, you can adjust the elevation when you are running on the treadmill. Or do cardio on certain days, and strength training on another.

You do not have proper nutrition.

It is easy to eat your favorite chocolate cake and milkshake after your rigorous workout. However, the key to an effective workout is having a good nutrition plan. For example, make sure to “refuel” with carbs and protein within 30 minutes post-workout. This way, it will prepare your body for your next exercise routine.

You do not take rest properly.

Make sure to have enough rest after an exercise. Too much exercise can lead to injuries. For example, avoid long-distance runs in the morning if you have just gone on an intense weight training the night before. Fitness experts suggest giving your body a day or two to recover before engaging in another intense exercise routine.

More ways to increase your endurance and stamina

Here are other ways to improve your endurance levels. As mentioned, adding endurance training can do wonders for your usual cardio exercises. Not only can it benefit your exercise routine but also your everyday chores.

Include intense movements to your exercise routines.

Aside from adding weights, you can also include intense movements like power push-ups and burpees. These can also improve your endurance and stamina in the long run.

Avoid routine.

Doing the same routines every day can be boring. At the same time, your body will get used to it, it won’t be as challenging anymore. So, why not try other exercises? Say, instead of only running, try boxing or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on other days. It adds challenge to your usual workouts and makes your workout more effective.

Try fast-paced weight lifting.

Don’t relax on your lightweight dumbbells. Challenge yourself by lifting weights at a rapid pace. Not only can it improve your strength but also increase your endurance. Then again, remember to add variety to your usual exercise routines.

Ninja Warrior contestants do take their training seriously that is why they are able to complete those difficult courses. Their secret mostly is having a good endurance and strength training program. So if you are just running around the neighborhood, start adding endurance training into your usual routine.

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