Bruges, Belgium: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Bruges, Belgium: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Belgium is a country located in Western Europe. It is famous for its medieval towns, renaissance architecture, and as headquarters of the European Union and NATO. It has distinctive regions that include Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north, French-speaking Wallonia to the south and a German-speaking community to the east. Its bilingual capital, Brussels, has ornate guildhalls at grand-place and elegant art-nouveau buildings.

Bruges, the capital and largest city of West Flanders in northwest Belgium is a relatively small territory which has more concentrated castles than anywhere else in this planet is distinguished by its canals, cobbled streets, and medieval buildings. It has more than 50 of Flanders’ 470 castles and is located in this city and its surroundings. It is also the seventh-largest city of Belgium by population.

If you already handpicked Bruges for your next travel destination, you may want to learn some facts and figures on some of its breath-taking sites for your next holiday trip.

The Belfry Tower

Bruges, Belgium: The Ultimate Travel Guide

The Belfry of Bruges or Belfort is the most striking tower in Bruges dates back to the 13th century, during the medieval age. This is one of the city’s most prominent symbols. It formerly housed a treasury and the municipal archives and served as an observation post for spotting fires and other dangers.

Its narrow, steep staircase has 366 steps and is accessible by the public at no cost. The staircase would lead you to the top of the 83-meter-high building, which leans about a meter to the east. It is the key component of the UNESCO world heritage site of the historic center of Bruges.

At the side and back of the tower is a former market hall that is rectangular and is 44m broad and 84m deep.


Bruges, Belgium: The Ultimate Travel Guide

This place is primarily a drinking spot but also serves meals like spaghetti Bolognese with a baked cheese crust. Its setting was later on changed into darker timber beams, low lighting, convivial clatter and parked setting compared to its 1900 interior.

L’Estaminet is located at Astrid Park or Botanical Garden and a stone’s away from Rozehoedkaai and Burg City Hall.

The Canals

Bruges, Belgium: The Ultimate Travel Guide

The canals are one of the main attractions of the city and are famous as the “Venice of the North”. It connects Bruges with the North Sea, and given the location of Bruges in the center of Europe, they made the city a mandatory stop for merchant ships ever since for tourists.

From the canals, you will be able to reach the inaccessible corners of Bruges like private yards with thick vegetation, banks occupied with swans and famous bridges like St. Bonifacio Bridge or Jan van Eyck square.

2be Beer Wall

Bruges, Belgium: The Ultimate Travel Guide

This is considered a hidden gem in the city of Bruges for beer lovers. It is an all in one funky, quirky shop, bar, and museum which serves various types of beers and beer brands.

Brugge Market

A place to be in the city of Bruges. It is a place that is full of life, buzzing with people, music, and restaurant as it serves as meeting place for locals and its three to four million visitors who flock in the town every year.

Every Wednesday is its market day, the stalls sell an array of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats, cheese, hot and cold snacks and even locally produced items.

The Lovers’ Bridge and Lake of Love

This is a tourist’s starting point when visiting Bruges upon arriving by train or coach. The lake and the surrounding park are an instant retreat from the busy streets of Bruges.

The Lake of Love is an oasis of calm in the middle of Minnewater Park while the Lover’s Bridge is at its heart. This a must-visit place for lovers especially with the locals’ belief that when you kissed upon crossing the bridge with your partner, your love will be eternal.

Torture Museum 

This museum locates in a former fortress initially designed to protect Bruges. It is one of the oldest historical European prisons, “De Oude Steen” or “The Old Stone”. It brings a gripping exhibition of cruel instruments engineered to cause unbelievable pain and suffering on the human mind.

This museum houses more than a hundred torture and execution devices and is placed in a chronological, judicial context which brings significance to the origin of torture and the use of each instrument.

Ribs ‘n Beer

This place a 5-minute walk from the historic Market of Bruges. This is the place where you can indulge yourself with slow-cooked ribs with a variety of sauces and you can even have it smothered in chocolate and beer sauce. You can also try their T-bone steak among its many other dishes. They serve a wide range of Belgian Beer. Here you can surely have an ice-cold mug after a long day of walking.

Bar Des Amis

Bruges, Belgium: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Bar Des Amis or Friends Bar is a hip nightspot for socializing, singing and booze. You will experience a relatively great night out with friends while enjoying their cheap drinks and loud music till dawn.

Basilica of the Holy Blood

This is a 12th-century chapel that houses a venerated relic of the Holy Blood of Christ that was allegedly collected by Joseph of Arimathea and brought from the Holy Land by Thierry Alsace, Count of Flanders.

The church itself is a beautiful sight, it is the holy blood and its accompanying story is what attracts visitors, from the devoutly religious up to those who are skeptical or curious about the blood of Christ.

Chocolatier Dumon

Chocolate is undoubtedly what Belgium is mostly famous. In the city of Bruges, you will have more choices of authentic Belgian chocolate. Chocolatier Dumon is a popular brand of chocolate in Belgium, with its tiny, charming chocolate shop, it will attract more sweet tooths to approach and enter their shop full of mouth-watering chocolates.

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