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Committing; one of the hardest and scariest things to do, but also crucial to achieving what you desire. It is the act of constantly choosing yourself and your goals over instant gratification – committing and creating lasting change is the highest form of respect you can pay to yoursef.

The turning point in my life was when I began to choose myself. It was not easy, nor was it a quick transition, however, I saw no other option. It was so worth it!

committing and creating lasting change
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Committing and creating lasting change 

Just like me, all of us want to change at least one aspect of our lives. We are constantly wanting to learn, grow, progress and do more. Advancement gives us direction and purpose. Without goals and aspirations, we would be lost and have no motivation.

Perhaps you want to redo your bedroom, but just never prioritized the time. Maybe you want to finish a book, however, you don’t have the discipline to read every day. Possibly you want to start waking up on time, but you have no motivation to get up.

Why do people give in, or give up? How do they fall off so quickly when they were certain that things were going to be different now? There are many reasons why one could neglect their goals such as time, money, energy but most of all, lack of full commitment.

The hardest part about committing and creating lasting change is exactly that; the act of deciding, declaring and devoting whatever is necessary to achieve the outcome you desire. But that’s what it takes.

I realized during my journey of getting well physically and mentally that dreaming wasn’t enough. The act of writing down the goal was not sufficient. Those actions are important steps of the process because you have to believe what you want is achievable. Which by the way, almost everything you want is attainable. If someone else has done it before, so can you.

However, commitment is a choice that you must make every single day. Commitment requires you to keep your promises and be firm on your decision over and over again.

But are you very clear about your reasons for this change? Do you know your “WHY” for committing and creating lasting change?

Understanding your Why

Taking the time to get clear on my reasons was crucial for me to stay focused and committed to my goals. Not only did it allow me to be more aware of my thought and energy patterns, but it also gave me the motivation to push through tough obstacles and mental blocks.

Every objective must have a purpose, or else it’s aimless and has very little incentive. It is key that the intent behind your actions has a deeper meaning for you, or else it simply won’t get done. There has to be a pain and a problem, or else it won’t be a big enough priority in your life.

When your idea has meaning, it’s not only a thought that you think anymore, but it’s an emotion you feel, which will lead you to take certain actions. It’s up to you to control your behavior, ultimately dependent on your thoughts and feelings.

You are the one responsible for your destiny. You are the one who dictates your reaction to any given situation and the measures that follow. You have the choice to stay in the victim mentality, focusing what’s holding you back, versus what you can do to rise above it and commit no matter what external circumstances appear.

It’s only once you understand what you truly want and the underlying reason why that you can begin to make changes in your life. By having a big enough stimulant, you become unstoppable because the reasons and connected emotions will always override any opposing justifications that are trying to hold you back.

However, you also have to believe it’s possible, and let go of your old mentality to committing and creating lasting change.

Let Go of the Stories

To create a change in your life, you must let go of any limiting beliefs keeping you small and still. You must release any sabotaging thoughts telling you why it can’t happen, or why it hasn’t in the past. Get rid of what’s holding you back and do what you have to do to move forward in spite of the complications.

This was the hardest part for me. This aspect required me to alter the way I thought, the negative tendencies I had and toxic environments that support any resistance towards my urge for transformation.

The first step is becoming aware of the negative thoughts or contradicting ideas that present themselves and observe them instead of judging them. Catch the hesitations and let them ponder. They are not bad but on the contrary, they are useful because now you have an opportunity to learn more about yourself and better understand the mental blocks so you can move past them. They offer you the chance to discover, grow and improve.

Choose the Change

committing and creating lasting change

It was only once I became clear on my goals, understood them and let go of what was confining me that I had the strength to choose it.

I physically had to choose the change every single day to achieve what I wanted, and I continue to do so over and over. I choose my goals. I choose the better version of myself. I choose the commitment over the instant gratification that taunts me. This never ends because it’s a constant process of self-improvement.

You have thousands of choices to make during the day. To achieve the success you wish, you have to pick the positive and empowering thoughts over the ones that are restraining you. You must choose the actions that will bring you closer to your goal, versus the ones that hold you back. As previously explored, it’s your beliefs and gestures that ultimately dictate the outcome of your life.

What do you want your life to look like? There are some parts you want to modify; we all do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want the goal, and you wouldn’t currently be reading this.

Next time you are contemplating what to do, reflect on your reasons and consider the results of inaction. This will help you make the right decision.

Commit, understand your reasons, let go of the stories, and replace them with affirmations and do the right thing, always.

Start Small

Commitments begin with small changes, which is where most people mistaken. The last thing you want is to overwhelm yourself with a pile of goals and promises that you can’t keep, and end up accomplishing none. Whent committing and

There’s a saying that goes something like this: “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.”.That is because you are not laser-focused on the one true goal you set for yourself.

To begin, you must choose ONE commitment that will help further you in accomplishing your goals.

Perhaps it’s finally redoing your room which will give you a sense of achievement and refreshment, getting yourself ready to tackle bigger tasks. Maybe it’s finally prioritizing the time to read at least ten pages per day of the book you never finished, which will bring you closer to the results you want by building momentum and discipline. Possibly, it’s getting up on time instead of hitting snooze, which will motivate you to keep making the right decisions throughout the day.

I had to push myself to do all of these things when I began to take my goals more seriously. Keeping my room tidy was the first challenge, but I recently redid my bedroom completely. This prepared me for the new and improved version of myself by letting go of what no longer serves me. I had to schedule reading time to expand my mind and create a next-level focus. I am currently on my fourteenth book this year (in 6 months). I also had to get rid of the snooze button because I committed to waking up every morning at 5 am, to get a head start and prepare myself for a productive day.

Committing and creating lasting changes, even when small, will create micro-transformations and belief that you are capable of following through with what you told yourself you would. Remember, confidence is built, not given. That will come with time as you begin to commit and execute.

Celebrate these wins as it’s an accumulation of small accomplishments that will lead you to achieve the bigger goal. For some, it’s simply admitting to yourself that you need help and reaching out to me for guidance. This is huge! Congratulate yourself for taking the steps towards what you desire, no matter how small.

Sticking with It

I’ve heard that it takes a minimum of twenty-one days to create a habit. At first, it will be a challenge; a thought and an act that you will consciously have to choose every day before it becomes muscle memory.

In the beginning, most things require more effort due to a lack of practice. You have to challenge yourself to alter your thoughts and actions because it’s new to you. You will have to become very attentive to your patterns to shift and improve them. However, after a while it becomes habitual. It becomes the new you and the new standard for how you live your life.

Challenge yourself. Push through the uncomfortable stages, because the pain of inaction will be much greater than the distress you feel in the moment of stepping outside your comfort zone. Once you overcome the discomfort, you will want to continue committing, begin to make changes and see the progression towards the transformation you seek.

I can be a testimony for that.

committing and creating lasting change


Fully committing and creating lasting changecan be extremely difficult as it requiring laser focus and complete dedication.

The first step I had to take was to become very clear on my goals and recognize my reasons for wanting to transform my life. After I understood what I wanted and why, I had to let go of all my limiting beliefs, and flood myself with the opposite, empowering statements. I started by making small commitments that pushed me towards my goals and began to build trust within myself. And then, I stuck to it.

If you follow this guide, you will succeed. So commit to it. Choose it. You can do this. But you don’t have to do it alone. Don’t hesitate to send me a message on Instagram @bre.fitmodel, and follow me to see more of my content and check out this guide for setting persoal boundaries and recharching our batteries.

Also feel free to tell me what you thing about this article on committing and creating lasting change!


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