The deadly coronavirus animal-borne spreading internationally now, possibly started in a Wuhan laboratory linked to China’s covert biological weapons program, said an Israeli biological warfare analyst.

Radio Free Asia last week rebroadcast a Wuhan television report from 2015 showing China’s most advanced virus research laboratory, known the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The laboratory is the only declared site in China capable of working with such deadly viruses.

Dany Shoham a former military officer in the Israeli intelligence who has studied Chinese biological warfare, said the institute is linked to Beijing’s covert bio-weapons program.

Obviously the Chinese Government has denied having any offensive biological weapons, but the State department last year revealed suspicions of covert biological warfare work.

An American engineered attack on China for geopolitical reasons ?

Some has classified it as The U.S launching a biological attack against China for geopolitical advantage ? Obviously that doesn’t seem to far fetched, but of course when there is too many coincidence things stop adding up, lets look at this together:

1- The virus is a new virus never seen before, not a developed virus from an already existing one.

2- Deadly and extremely aggressive and hyper contagious.

3- Launched during the Chinese new year with the biggest possible gathering for maximum damage ?

4- Timing couldn’t be any worse, this is coming in during an American instigated attacks on China during the “Trump Trade Wars”.

China on Sunday expanded drastic travel restrictions to contain a viral contagion that President Xi Jinping said posed a “grave” threat, Shanghai had their first fatality and they’re expecting more, as well as Wuhan and Hebei declaring over 56 deaths.

China has locked down the worst-hit province of Hubei in the country’s centre in a massive quarantine affecting twelve millions people to slow the spread that deadly virus that has affected over 2,000.

The virus spread around the world, with confirmed cases in dozen other countries as distant as France, Australia, Canada, Austria, Philippines  and the United States.

As of this week in the originating city Wuhan Hubei’s capital with 12 millions population, the government has restricted and banned most cars from the streets and denied access in and out of the city.

The normally bustling streets of Wuhan were deserted on Sunday morning, with people having to walk to their jobs in the city.

Authorities have also started to curtail travel in other parts of the country.

As well to limit the spreading of the virus long-distance bus services entering and leaving Beijing, the capital of 20 million, were suspended on Sunday.

The neighbouring northern city of Tianjin, with a population 15 million, announced it would follow suit on Monday.

Overseas Chinese tour groups will be suspended from Monday while domestic trips have already been halted since Friday.

The nationwide death toll rose to 56 after 15 new deaths, most in Hubei.

In a worrying sign for containment efforts, the country’s financial hub Shanghai on Sunday reported its first death from the virus — an 88-year-old man with pre-existing health problems.

The death was the first reported in a major city outside of Hubei’s capital of Wuhan, where the outbreak is believed to have originated in a seafood and live animal market.

The government has said most of the fatalities involved people already weakened by pre-existing health conditions.

Fearing a repeat of the deadly SARS epidemic of 2002-03, China has dramatically scaled back celebrations and travel associated with the week-long Lunar New Year holiday, which began on Friday, to prevent large gatherings of people.

Xi said at a Communist Party leadership meeting on the situation that China was “faced with the grave situation of an accelerating spread” of the virus.

Pop-up hospitals ? well of course no other choice to put together something at that speed to contain this silent but deadly virus.

Military has dispatched 450 medics from the military, many experienced in combating infectious diseases, to help treat patients in Wuhan, where hospitals are overwhelmed and medical supplies like goggles and masks are at all time low.

On Saturday, when they should have been celebrating Lunar New Year’s Day, people waiting at one Wuhan hospital complained bitterly as people couldn’t even see a doctor without a 5 hours wait and some queue for two days. Many people brought their own chairs food and water supplies, especially elderly and family with younger toddlers.

Wuhan is racing to build two makeshift field hospitals within a fortnight to add hundreds of beds. Work on the first facility began Friday and could be ready in just over a week, according to state media.

On Saturday, police manning a roadblock on the city’s outskirts turned away a handful of vehicles trying to exit Wuhan.

“As the government banned everyone from leaving now nobody can leave literally by force!”

But some foreigners may soon be on the way out, with France’s government and the French carmaker PSA — which has a sizable presence in Wuhan — formulating plans to evacuate staff and relatives.

Those people are expected to face a quarantine period in another Chinese city.

China’s National Health Commission has ordered nationwide measures to detect and isolate people carrying the virus on planes, trains and buses across the country.

The crisis has seen public attractions such as Beijing’s Forbidden City, Shanghai Disneyland and a section of the Great Wall closed as a precaution.

BEIJING: China is rushing to build a new hospital in a staggering 10 days to treat patients at the epic entre of a deadly virus outbreak that has stricken hundreds of people, state media reported Friday.

The facility in the central city of Wuhan is expected to be in use by February 3 to serve a rising number of patients infected by a coronavirus that has left at least 26 people dead and millions on lock down in an effort to curb its spread.

Dozens of excavators and trucks were filmed working on the site by state broadcaster CCTV.

It will have a capacity of 1,000 beds spread over 25,000 square metres, the official Xinhua news agency said.

Construction began as reports surfaced of bed shortages in hospitals designated to deal with the outbreak, which has now infected 830 people across China.

Xinhua said the new facility is aimed at “alleviating the shortage of medical treatment resources and improving the ability to care for patients”.

In 2003 China erected a hospital on Beijing´s rural outskirts in barely a week to cater to a rapidly rising number of patients suffering from SARS, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which killed 349 people in mainland China and 299 in Hong Kong in 2002-2003.

Xiaotangshan Hospital consisted of prefabricated structures and Xinhua reported Friday that Wuhan was building the new facility based on the same model.

The city of over 11 million people has been centralising its treatment of the new virus by isolating patients in 61 clinics and designated hospitals.

Chinese officials have said the virus likely originated from wild animals at a seafood market in Wuhan but it has since spread to several countries around Asia and beyond.

The outbreak has prompted authorities in at least eight Chinese cities to impose travel restrictions and cancel public events to curb the spread.

State broadcaster CCTV reported Friday that 40 military doctors were being brought in to help with intensive care at the Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital.

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