Effects of Cupping on Localized Body Fat


Cupping has become increasingly popular because of its weight loss effects. The use of suction cups was initially a therapeutic relaxation treatment provide by various spa’s around the globe. Recently, it gained more recognition from its benefits in decreasing localized body fats.

For most people, the mid to late twenties is a period when their metabolism slows down. It is when muscle mass and brown fat are abruptly decreasing, which results to your body storing fat. The cells in your body stops using food energy as it did before, thus the weight gain starts getting faster.

Effects of Cupping on Localized Body Fat
Cupping procedure with a suction

Cupping therapy can help restore your body’s healthy metabolic rates. It is a natural treatment that promotes weight loss and disruption of body fat. Recent studies show that cupping can also alleviate the onset of obesity. Apart from physically showing weight loss effects, the body fat percentage also decreases drastically.

It is no wonder that cupping has become a global phenomenon tried by health enthusiasts. However, before you head out to book your first cupping therapy session, here are some things you need to know and what you can expect.

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping is a traditional Chinese therapeutic treatment that has been practiced for over 2000 years. Modern wellness centers and spa’s around the globe currently use small glass domes that are heated and placed on meridian points of the body. The glass domes create a suctioning effect on the skin, pulling up the stagnant blood to the surface of your body so the new blood can flow smoothly through your veins.

How can cupping effect to fat loss?

Cupping can improve your metabolism by removing stagnation in your blood. The weakening of our metabolism negatively affects blood circulation. This means that the stagnating blood interferes with the flow of fresh blood to your cells, tissues, and organs. Over time, it results to the inefficiency of your metabolism.

Through cupping therapy, connective tissues loosen up and capillaries open up to allow newly oxygenated blood to flow into the area where the suction cup is applied. This eventually repairs your cells and get your metabolism back to its healthy, accelerated state. At the same time, stagnated blood is flushed out through the lymphatic system. Other wastes and ruptured fat cells in your system all go along with it, generally cleaning your internal system of unnecessary fats.

Cupping is also considered as one of the best deep-tissue therapies available. It can remove visceral fat contained around your internal organs. Cupping can penetrate up to four inches beneath the skin, which makes it effective in suctioning.

Effects of Cupping on Localized Body Fat
Multiple suctions placed strategically

Which parts of the body do you apply cupping?

Practitioners apply the suction cups on selected acupressure points along your meridian channels. Placement ultimately depends on what you want to accomplish after the therapy. Usually, this is around the thighs and abdomen areas. Specialized practitioners will recommend the best acupressure points before you proceed with cupping.

Studies show that the body has 14 meridian channels, which distributes blood and energy to all of your organs. The acupressure points are within those channels, and each one is related to a specific function in the body. Applying the suction cup on a certain point allows you to target that specific function. Apart from your metabolism, this can also benefit your digestive and respiratory systems.

How many sessions are needed before weight loss shows?

Cupping does not provide immediate results, just like any other natural form of weight loss. Every person gains and loses weight at a different pace, depending on the extent of weight loss required. 

Essentially, the number of sessions depends on how fast your body responds to the cupping therapy treatments. However, do remember that since it works on improving your metabolism first. Once you have noticed a positive effect, that is when the weight loss will show physically.

Effects of Cupping on Localized Body Fat
Effects of Cupping on Localized Body Fat

What do you do after cupping?

To get the most optimal results from your cupping therapy, it is always best to pair it with a healthy diet. Having a proper meal plan and maintaining a low-fat diet can aid the efficiency of your metabolism as well, to support the cupping process. As with any weight loss strategy, a nutritious meal plan is essential. 

Basically, you need to reduce your intake of food with saturated fats and high sugar content. Here are some of the food you need to avoid when you are on a weight loss cupping procedure:

1. Processed and preserved food. Examples of which are canned goods and frozen goods.

2. Processed carbohydrates which includes oats

3. Nuts and seeds

4. Sugared or carbonated drinks such as processed fruit juices

5. Fruits with high fat and sugar content such as mangoes

6. Red meat such as pork and mutton

Together with proper diet, it is recommended to keep a regular exercise routine as well. Physical activity can burn unwanted stored fats in your body, thus supporting the effects of cupping to achieve maximum results. Lastly, it is important to stay hydrated. At least two liters of water a day is important to keep the blood circulation going.


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