Enjoy a breath-taking view of Palaui Island
The Palaui Island Protected Landscape and Seascape is a protected area and national park in the town of Santa Ana in Cagayan, Philippines.

Do you want to take a break from the unbearable noise of the city? Just a nice breeze for your body to revitalize your soul would be nice. Here’s your chance to visit and enjoy the breath-taking view of Palaui Island in the Philippines.

Palaui Island is located on the northeastern tip of Sta. Ana Cagayan in northern Luzon. It has a breath-taking overlooking view of the Pacific Ocean. The island is isolated so it would be perfect for people who wanted a vacation so bad. You may also want to know that the whole Palaui Island has no electricity. If you need to have a retreat, soul-searching, and such, this is one way to be closer not just in nature but also to yourself.

A lot of adventures are also waiting for you to enjoy.

Directions to the paradise of Palaui Island

Before we reach the beautiful island of Palaui, we need to fight our battles before we reach our destination.

By Land

If you plan to travel by land brace yourself because this would take more than half of the day traveling. From Manila, you need to ride a bus bound for Sta. Ana, Cagayan. This usually takes 15 hours.

Another way to go to Palaui is to take a bus bound for Tuguegarao, this usually takes a 10 to 12-hour ride. Then, you need to transfer to a passenger van to Sta. Ana.  This usually takes another 3 to 4-hour ride.

By air

If you have a larger budget on this trip, you may consider taking an airplane bound for Tuguegarao. Cebu Pacific and Philippine Air Lines have daily trips to Tuguegarao which takes usually an hour. Then ride a passenger van bound on Sta. Ana. This will take a 3 to 4-hour ride.

Now that we reached our destination, we can now start exploring the island and enjoy the fun-filled activities.

List of fun-filled activities to do in Palaui Island

Cape Engaño trekking

Enjoy a breath-taking view of Palaui Island

You will find the 300-step trek worth when you reach the top of the hill of Cape Engaño and its lighthouse. Appreciate the beauty of Batanes and the overlooking view of the nearby islands and Pacific Ocean. The lighthouse was built in 1888, during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines, that was first used on December 30, 1892 to guide ships entering and leaving the coastal town.  

Siwangag Cove exploration

Enjoy a breath-taking view of Palaui Island

While you were in the area, you might want to check out the Siwangag Cove. If you are a photographer or amateur, you will be inspired in taking a one-of-a-kind photo, a drone shot is a nice way to capture the scenery here. You can access the cove by riding a boat from the port of San Vicente directly to the cove or via Punta Verde. The boat ride is about 15-minute travel time and 3 to 4-hour trek.

Beach Hopping

Enjoy a breath-taking view of Palaui Island

This is one way to fully explore the island, by beach hopping. You may jump on one beach after the other. Also, Nangaramoan beach, one of the beaches in the island, offers a wide range of activities. Feel free to check one if you happen to drop by at the beach.

Island Hopping

Enjoy a breath-taking view of Palaui Island

Since the Philippines is composed of around 7,107 islands, island hopping is not a strange activity anywhere in the county. A nice tour around, with a boat ride, the area is a nice way to explore the beauty of Palaui island. You may also want to visit the Crocodile Island. Don’t worry, the island is not infested of crocodiles, but the shape of the island resembles the reptile’s head. You may find a lot of tour packages, including the island hopping, when you visit Palaui.

The camping trip to Punta Verde Village

Enjoy a breath-taking view of Palaui Island

Punta Verde Village is the main entry point of Palaui Island. This is the only place and camping site in which tourists are allowed to enter. As I have said earlier, the whole island has no electricity. This will give you a more back-to-nature experience and adventure.

Other water activities

Aside from swimming at the beach, you can do a lot of adventures during your stay. Besides what is aforementioned, you may also do some other activities like snorkeling and finding hidden waterfalls on the island.  Don’t let your imagination limits you in enjoying your stay on the island.

Bird Watching

Since you are closer to nature, learn to appreciate its beauty and try bird watching. For wild bird enthusiasts and wildlife photographers (as well as “wannabes”), you are maybe closer in watching your textbook birds in person and add it to your collection.

Since we are pausing our chaotic reality to unwind and leave our worries and stress. We should always remember that when you travel, “take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints,” – Chief Seattle.

What’s next ? To discover more stunning places and beaches of the Philippines, click HERE!

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