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Facebook: Revive your business page with these strategies

Facebook: Revive your business page with these strategies
Strategies to revive and grow your Facebook business page.

Social media today have become widespread for all of us which, with the help of the innovation in smartphones, plays an important role in our everyday routines. Having a Facebook Business Page makes it easier for people to discover and interact with your brand online.

Since the debut of the Social Media platform, Facebook, that went public on May 18, 2012. It has become the most globally known not only for personal use but also as a marketing tool.  Facebook converts into an advertising platform for personalities, organizations, and business institutions to promote their product, services, and their company as well.

With its 2.9 billion active users recorded in 2019, Facebook becomes the most convenient medium and reliable source for potential business clients and its target audiences.  

However, as technology continues to innovate as well as evolve in different forms, these social media platforms have found their way up to keep up to the latest trends, and in turn, business strategies became outdated as time goes by. This is also the reason why business online pages may have declined viewership or fewer interactions in their pages over the years.

Luckily, you have crossed this article which will give you some strategies to restore your online viewership.

Consider taking live stream on your Facebook page.

In 2016, Facebook launches its Facebook live as another feature of the social media site. It is like joining live events in the comfort of your own home. Even news sites, reporters, and media organizations are considering this kind of medium to deliver fresh news to your phone. However, many business institutions are still hesitant to adopt Facebook live as a marketing tool. Little did you know, live video receives more weight in the algorithm than posts or videos. Meaning, the probability of your post showing to the feed of your viewers (people who like your page) is most likely to see your live post.

Facebook live videos catch six times more interactions than non-live videos. Also, Facebook sends notifications to your viewers whenever you go live. You can also reach a wider audience by sharing the Facebook live posts or by boosting its viewership (paying Facebook to make your post known by other users who do not know about your page and post).

Facebook live is also broadcasting your content in real-time, which means viewers have something to watch. Even if you have reached more interaction, content is the most important element on your Facebook live post. People today tend to have a shorter attention span. You may need to make entertaining content when doing a Facebook live. This will also showcase your marketing plan and strategy by advertising your product and doing creative posts for your viewers.

Never take your messenger’s chatbot for granted.

Running a Facebook page for Social Media managers is a lot to take in especially if you are also using messenger to reach out to your audience as well as them reaching your page for customer-related concerns. Some Facebook pages have considered implementing chatbots to interact with their customers. However, if chatbots are not used properly this may not benefit your business at all. So, consider putting some personal touch to your chatbots with the help of your IT department.

Facebook has an algorithm to customize your chatbot. It will become more accessible to your users. You may want to integrate into your chatbot the company profile, FAQs (frequently asked questions), contact information (if they have further concerns), and such. The pre-built content can give more thumbs-up not only for giving your messenger attention but also an easier way to interact with your customers. If you don’t have a tech team, other sites are also offering for a much user-friendly chatbot making tool for your business such as ManyChat, ChatFuel and such.

Invest in your Facebook page to reach a wider audience.

This strategy covers a lot more ideas more than you can imagine. “Paying more” may be an allergy to most entrepreneurs because instead of earning, you will spend, not just money but also your time by reaching a wider audience. It may be risky for some entrepreneurs if they still have low likes to their pages. But if this is the risk you are willing to take, so be it.

One way to achieve this is to boost your post by a sponsored ad. Tech savvies know how to do these. You just need to pay Facebook and Facebook will do the rest to identify potential customers. However, you might rethink posting sponsored content. It should involve enough advertising elements to catch your viewer’s attention. Your content will decide whether the advertisement or the campaign will be successful or not.

Another one is related to streaming Facebook live. Since you are posting live content, it is putting a telecommunications tower in your resources to produce television-like content. You can create more posts to entertain, interact, and most importantly educate your viewers and customers about your product. Also, you need to stick with ethics if you don’t want Facebook to turn down your post. This will also help you reach a wider audience to know and probably avail of your product.

Since technology continues to evolve from time to time, some of the marketing strategies we learned today may not be applicable and much effective than we used to be. It is a learning opportunity for us to share relevance to the society we lived in.

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