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Fitness Goals: How to keep yourself focused

Fitness Goals: How to keep yourself focused
Mind Over Body – How to keep yourself focused on your fitness goals

For the past few days, weeks, or worse, a month, your mind is consistently creating excuses for not getting that workout done. Doing that will demotivate you for not achieving your fitness goals!

Whatever your purpose is, whether you are protecting yourself against zombies like Columbus (the main character in Zombieland/a sci-fi movie) or you want to become a hero for fun like Saitama (the main character in One Punch Man/Anime Series), getting that body in shape or ripped or just wanted a healthy lifestyle should be kept motivated at all times.

Demotivating yourself is one way to break your fitness promise and live a rather unhealthy and miserable lifestyle which gives you a lot of health risks.

So, how do you keep yourself motivated in those evil times that keep you demotivated?

Fitness Goals: How to keep yourself focused
How do I keep myself motivated in those evil times that keep me demotivated?

This may sound familiar to you, but hitting that snooze button on your alarm for the 9th time of the month is the greatest mortal sin you will be committing to your fitness goal (or any other goals). So here are some simple yet effective and scientific proven tips to stay motivated on your fitness goals.

  • “Military discipline” is not for all. Yes, I know, being hard and putting a lot of pressure on yourself can hasten your progress towards your goal. In the right motivation, this will also make you get things done right away. Here’s the catch, by the way, your mind will also convince you not to do it anyway since you are not in the military. So, instead of driving this mindset, why don’t you take one step at a time. Learn to appreciate little things. As rule #32 of Columbus, take your time to appreciate things even the slightest progress you made.
  • Fitness Nemesis. If you are just a beginner or you are on your halfway to your goal, you might as well get a friendly competition on the way. If you are training at the gym, focus on getting an extra mile and race up towards the finish line. This will help you gain more closer to your target.
  • Guardian. I meant it but in a lifestyle way. Your demons might keep giving you a lot of evil thoughts by eating burgers, fries and a large coke on the go. But if you want to stay on your fitness lane, keeping a friend who will say no to you every time you are thinking of ordering that meal is one way to improve your lifestyle. This could be a friend, family member, or a fitness buddy. You may think of someone on the way.
  • Identifying good reasons for doing it. If you are exercising for wrong reasons, whether you are doing it for your image, this will not save you from demotivating yourself and will take you far away from your goal.  
  • Fitness Buddies. From your fitness nemesis to fitness buddy. Well, in Rule #29 of Columbus, “the buddy system.” In your journey on your fitness goal, you don’t have to be alone in this fight. You can both motivate and support each other to whatever fitness goal you set.
  • “Hitting two birds in one stone” on your fitness goal. If you want to spice things up, all you have to do is to gamble your fitness goal with your salary. This will keep you motivated at all times in terms of winning a bet and gaining your fitness target at the same time. This will also teach you accountability on keeping a promise to yourself and not losing that bet.

Sustain your lifestyle even in your hectic schedule.

Fitness Goals: How to keep yourself focused
Keeping on track with your fitness goals!

I understand that most of us, even they want to keep on building that muscle closer to their goal, the fact that our work (if you are not using your work as an excuse to demotivate yourself), here are some guidelines to maintain and sustain your healthy body.

  1. Schedule your workout through pen and paper. Technology can make our life easier nowadays, but technology might be keeping you also from maintaining your muscle strength. Chances are you are taking your smartphones for granted. Instead, writing your workout schedule on a paper or on your calendar will keep your mindset to do your workout.
  • Walking is the most powerful tool. You might take walking for granted. Consider taking a 20-minute walk every morning to keep not just your body but also your heart healthy. Taking a walk will exercise your body even if it is not too intense. You may also want to take a lap in your office every time you finish that paperwork.
  • Eat healthy most of the time. We may not avoid the occasional party that would result in eating much more than we regularly eat. That’s okay. But you need to keep in mind that you need to eat healthy every day to keep your hard-worked body. It is better to keep a healthy diet with a lousy body training than not eating healthy at all.
  • Find time for the gym. Your hectic schedule at work may be keeping you out going to the gym on a daily basis. I know if you are working yourself on your job to get that promotion is totally good. But you may also want to keep a balanced life by rewarding yourself reducing stress from your office and give yourself a healthy body. This will also lessen you from health risks.

When you know you are doing progress in your life, whether in fitness or other things, don’t let demotivation get the best in you. Always continue what you are doing, progress is still progress. One step forward is always better than not stepping at all.

Do you now feel more motivated and focused to reach your fitness goal? I hope so. For more health and fitness tips. Click HERE!


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