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Free Online Workout Classes During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Gyms and fitness studios all over the world are temporarily closed due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing is most important during this time. However, it can also be mentally taxing to come up with mood-boosting workouts to stay healthy while being on home quarantine. A positive shift in the fitness industry has been called to cater to their customers through online workout programs.

Thankfully, several gym owners, personal trainers, and fitness studios are offering free online workout options to help everyone stay fit and active. After all, in a global health crisis, it is as important to keep the physical state of your body at its best. Here, we have narrowed down some options from your favorite fitness institutions. Enjoy a good workout from an endorphin-inducing HIIT class to a relaxing yoga flow class.

Fit Body App

Fit Body App workouts are known to be very challenging, including for the trainer herself, Anna Victoria. It comes as no surprise that thousands of people from all over the globe have been subscribing to her app during the Coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to make her workouts more accessible for everyone, Anna Victoria recently announced that new users will be able to access the app for free for the next 30 days. 

To get a preview of what you are in for, look her up on Instagram as she regularly posts snipets of workout videos. The Fit Body App workouts are guaranteed to make you break a sweat and push yourself to the limit. Then again, a good workout requires a challenge.

Chloe Ting Workouts

Chloe Ting is a fitness influencer who has been trending for her online workout challenges. The most popular workout series she created is the 28 Day Flat Belly Challenge. Ting gives you a day-to-day training formula to follow for 28 days straight. There has been an influx of positive reviews and thousands of people showing results. As a result, Chloe Ting has been attracting millions of subscribers all over the globe.

There is a challenge for each body part you want to focus on. Chloe Ting created each video perfectly for beginners and for those who are trying to get back into working out. The intensity pumps up a notch in the middle of each challenge and you will feel an immense improvement in your endurance.

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app has waived their monthly fee for their premium services indefinitely. The program has now become more accessible to those who would like to try out different types of workouts. There are more than 185 free workouts including cardio, yoga, and muscle building.

The Nike app is known for its running training program. It is now also offered at zero cost. Just download the app and get instant access to all of these plus their nutrition and wellness guides. 

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is extending their 30 day free trial to 60 days of free premium access to their online workout programs. Choose from thousands of options to stream at no cost. They offer a wide range of training programs from yoga, barre, Pilates, cardio, high intensity interval training, and strength training. What is most interesting are the free specialized workout sessions for women who are pregnant or are recovering during postpartum. This generous offer stands within the period of the pandemic. Grab the opportunity and start your 60-day fitness journey with Daily Burn as soon as possible.

Barry’s Bootcamp

This online workout program is accessible through their Instagram page. They offer free 20-minute versions of the Barry’s Bootcamp signature strength training and cardio classes. You will surely work up a sweat through their short but intense workout sessions.

The studio posts three workout videos a day, which they announce a day before through their Instagram stories. This will help you mark your calendar if a particular training session fits your scheduled workout of the day.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is one of the largest gym chains which has been greatly affected by social distancing measures. While all of their gyms are closed, they are offering free 20-minute workout training sessions through their official Facebook page. These programs are called “Home Work-Ins” which feature a different type of workout daily.

This type of online workout program is perfect for those who are still working from home. If you have quite a limited time to spare, this workout has you covered. Through a compressed program that only takes 20 minutes a day, you are sure to get your required amount of burn.

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is an online space for yoga practice and growth that provides programs that are easy to follow. In recent weeks, she has been called “the patron saint of quarantine”. Her immensely comforting aura and practice amid the pandemic has helped her followers physically and spiritually. The video sessions feature different answers to whatever ails you. Browse through her massive collection of online workouts and find a video specifically addressing back pains, vulnerability, anger, and self-care. There is also yoga for more active and intermediate individuals who have been practicing for a while. She caters to a wide range of audiences which makes her channel an incredible hit among all home yoga programs.

Scott Herman Fitness

Scott Herman’s YouTube channel has been one of the longest running fitness channels in the world of free online workouts. You can choose among a wide variety of strength training sessions that mainly use body weight. Most of Scott Herman’s workout programs are high intensity. You are sure to sweat all the excess calories out while gaining some muscle. Workout sessions run for around 20 minutes in average. You can do each round thrice, depending on your endurance.


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