Healthy eating while traveling may seem like an impossible feat. However, hundreds of cities all over the world now have healthier options as part of their diverse culinary landscape. One of these cities is Hong Kong, wherein the health and wellness industries are currently thriving.

Hong Kong generally offers authentic Chinese dishes that aren’t exactly diet material. Roughly five years ago, if you were in the city looking for healthier choices, it would have been impossible to find one. Thankfully, as the city evolved, its culture and lifestyle dedicated to health and wellness grew together with it. In came a new wave of dining experiences catering to the more discerning individuals. 

Currently, Hong Kong has a wide selection of vegetarian restaurants, salad spots, and organic cafe’s that can satisfy your clean food cravings. Here is a guide on the top healthy eating restaurants in Hong Kong.

MANA! Fast Slow Food

MANA! Is the pioneer of the healthy eating lifestyle in Hong Kong which specializes in vegan and vegetarian options. The quaint cafe-restaurant has become a staple in the city’s dining scene. They offer a wide selection of salads, flat breads, wraps, pressed juices, and their signature vegan coffee. The organic sauces drizzled on top of the salads and inside the wraps are as tasty as can be.

You are sure to find something to love in their menu. In the restaurant, you will find all of the freshest ingredients laid out behind the glass partition and watch as their friendly staff prepare your orders.

Fete Up

Fete Up has a unique concept wherein you can choose between two types of salad boxes. There is the Fete Box and the Fete Lite where you can mix and match your own grains, protein, and veggies. Fete Up in Sheung Wan is perfect for those who are into healthy eating and managing a balanced diet in every meal. Whether you are vegetarian or a meat-eater, there are a lot of options available.

The choices include Japanese miso vegan minced, roasted chicken, roasted tandoori, organic coconut rice, chickpea salad, sweet potato, and the classic quinoa. Whatever your usual diet consists of, you can find at Fete Up.


When talking about healthy eating, it is impossible not to think of those colorful smoothies and acai bowls. Supabowl covers just that. Owned by a lovely couple in Wan Chai, the restaurant offers a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian acai bowls loaded with fresh fruits, cacao nibs, and coconut chips.

Supabowl offers the perfect fresh, guilt-free breakfast meal that can get you powered up for a day of sight-seeing. Plus points goes to its beautiful, Instagram-worthy plating that has been gracing our travel feeds.

Ahimsa Buffet

Ahimsa Buffet is easily one of the best vegan and vegetarian eat-all-you-can places in Hong Kong. Priced at only $68 to $118 for lunch and dinner, respectively, you can indulge in as much food as you want. The best part is that it is guilt-free!

The buffet serves a wide array of delectable dishes, from steamed dumplings to a healthy version of stir-fry noodles. You can also try a vegan take on the traditional Chinese turnip cake apart from other vegan desserts.


When it comes to looking for a healthy eating restaurant in Hong Kong, this place cannot be missed. Fresca is a quaint vegetarian eatery in SoHo, Central. The salads on the menu changes daily depending on the freshest ingredients available in the local market. Brace yourself for a diverse range of warm and cold salads offered daily.

Fresca not only offers salads, but a full meal from main dishes to desserts. Some of the dishes you must try are the marinated spicy tofu and the Vietnamese vegetarian noodle. Wash off the spice with their gluten-free muffins to end the meal with a bang.

Spicebox Organics

Spicebox Organics is a popular health store in Mid-Levels which now has a deli that serves delicately crafted vegan and vegetarian dishes. They serve a wide range of healthy and low fat food on the menu. Some of the dishes you must try at Spicebox are the mixed bean chili, the baked tandoori roti rolls, and the kale salad. Top that all off with their delicious carrot cupcake which is also made low fat, from the freshest ingredients. The cafe is one of the best healthy eating lunch destinations in Hong Kong for organic food lovers.


VEDA specializes in their vegetarian takes of traditional Chinese dishes. Whether you are up for a generous serving of congee or a delicious curry, both are offered in healthier, vegetarian options. You should also try their salads bursting of flavor which is the perfect starter to a good meal.

The menu at VEDA is crafted by Hetty McKinnon from Arthur Street Kitchen. It is no wonder how all the dishes are as good as they look. The restaurant is located in Central, making it a convenient stop to get your healthy meal fix in the middle of a long day of touring.


This cafe and deli offers handcrafted healthy meals and cold-pressed juices. Enjoy a range of rice meals, salads, and wraps made from fresh fruits and vegetables. You must try their Mexi-Cali salads, avocado wraps, Hummus wraps, and the chicken fajita cauliflower rice. Clearly, the cafe has something for every type of healthy meal you are looking for.

12Noon became a popular healthy eating destination in Hong Kong because of its vegan coconut yogurt. It is the perfect snack topped with generous amounts of nuts, dry oats, and roasted coconut flakes.


Poke bowls have become a global phenomenon with every country having their own take and flavors. Hong Kong is no different with the opening of Pololi, the first poke bowl shack in the city. The fresh flavors and the laid back vibe of the place creates the perfect ambiance to lure you into healthy eating. 

Simply choose your base between either rice or salad, then select from their mouth-watering poke options. The spicy mayo ahi tuna is always a safe and delectable option, however, they also have a salmon version that will take your dining experience up a notch. For vegetarians, Pololi offers a tofu selection. Each bowl is easy to customize with their number of fresh, delicious options.


Treehouse elevates the game among healthy eating restaurants in Hong Kong. You are in for a treat with their organic burgers, noodle bowls, salads, delicious wraps. Each dish looks sumptuous and you won’t be let down after that first bite. Expect your meal to burst of flavors that will leave you wanting more.

The restaurant also boasts of its raw vegan desserts which are unique to this place. It is best to try the meals with a glass of a freshly squeezed juice of your choice.


If you are looking for something that tastes amazing but can’t quite make up your mind, Oolaa is the place for you. It is a popular weekend brunch restaurant in Hong Kong that offers one of the most comprehensive menus in the city. The lunch set menu includes a brunch salad buffet, your choice of mains among pastas, steak, or fish dishes, and a serving of healthy dessert.

Nood Food

Nood Food has over 20 locations in both Hong Kong and Singapore, which gives you the idea that they know what they are doing in the healthy eating department. The restaurant is popular for their freshly pressed juices and lunch meals. They offer a wide selection of super healthy sandwiches, wraps, and fresh salads. To top that, try their selection of sweet and savory snacks such as a healthy take on fudge brownies.

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