Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed
Making your bed in the morning can make you more productive all day

It’s morning again – another day to work, get busy, and mingle with other people. You get out of bed, have a quick shower, prepare toast and coffee, and off you to go work. Did you make your bed before you went out of your room? Or did you just leave it in a mess until you arrive home later?

But wait, you might be forgetting something!

Excuses, excuses

A lot of people tend to forget (or purposefully forget) rearranging their beds in the morning.

“Why should I? It will be messy again tonight, anyway.”

“It’s just a waste of time. I will be late for work so I gotta get going!”

“My mom/wife will clean up the bed, let them do it.”

“My dog is sound asleep on my bed and I don’t want to disturb him”.

“No one would see my bedroom anyway, so I can just leave it as is.”

Sounds familiar? You might have uttered at least one of these statements once as an excuse not to fix your bed upon waking up.

It’s so easy to make excuses. But when you think about it, it is also easy to fix your bed in the first place. It doesn’t have to be Good Housekeeping or Martha Stewart levels kind of bed making unless you enjoy that kind of thing.

Fixing your bed takes only a couple of seconds or minutes of your time. It can be as simple as tucking the bedsheets, fluffing the pillows, and that’s it. Tidying up your bed won’t be as tedious as exercising, so why make these excuses?

We don’t know about you, but everyone wants to go home to a clean home. Much more, going home into a clean and tidy bedroom after a stressful day at work, right?

More reasons to convince you to tidy up your bed

Life can be unpredictable sometimes. It can surprise you either in a good or bad way. In other words, there are things in life that will be beyond your control.

But there are also things that you can control. One example is how you are going to keep your home tidy and welcoming. What kind of foods to eat. Beauty products to use.

You get the idea. Basically, you get to decide what’s best for you and your family.

It is also a reminder that you have the opportunity to have a say in your life. That you and your family’s lives are also part of your responsibility. Being in control of your life is a simple win.

Achieving those small wins doesn’t have to be complicated, like tidying up your bed. Don’t you want a tidy room, desk, and house in general?

Other reasons why you should tidy up your bed include the following.

It can encourage better productivity.

Cleaning your bed can set the mood for the entire day. It is basically your first task of the day. This means you just accomplished one of the many tasks you have during the day. It can lead to a domino effect and even motivate you to finish more tasks and make you feel accomplished.

It can improve your mood and lessen the feeling of stress.

Admit it or not, how neat and tidy your bedroom is will affect your mood and stress levels. Working in a disheveled bedroom can also affect your productivity and the quality of your work output. Simply keeping your room clean can do a lot to make you happy.

Your pillows and bedsheets will be in good shape.

Housekeeping experts strongly encourage tidying up your bed every morning. For one, it keeps your pillows fluffy and in good shape. At the same time, it can make your linens clean and last longer.

It improves your sleep.

Imagine arriving in your hotel room with your bed all messed up and unclean. Would you even sleep on that? The same applies to your own bed. A survey made by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that those who make their beds regularly get better sleep at night.

It can help you adopt better habits.

Tidying up your bed can lead to a domino effect of good habits. Cleaning your bed may be a simple task, but actually affect your productivity levels. In addition, it makes you feel more responsible and mature in handling your personal routines. Such simple habits can help improve a person as a whole.

Ways to motivate yourself

This is now the opportunity to become a better person, starting in your own room. Feeling challenged? You should not be. It’s for your own good, after all. Here are some simple tips to motivate you to clean your bed every morning.

  • Set an alarm every morning at least 5 minutes after waking up reminding you to make your bed. 
  • Stick a post-it note on your bedroom door or closet to remind you to make your bed.
  • Reward yourself at the end of the week if you tidy your bed consecutively. Perhaps new running shoes? A trip to the spa or a body massage? It’s up to you.

Tidying up your bed every morning should not be a chore. It’s a simple task you need to take seriously. Not only adults should make it a habit to clean their beds but youngsters as well.

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