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Hidden gems of Vietnam and where to find them

Hidden gems of Vietnam and where to find them
Bà Nà Hill Station (or Bà Nà Hills) is a hill station and resort located in the Trường Sơn Mountains west of the city of Da Nang, in central Vietnam.

Where to go on your next travel? Vietnam should be on your list.

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. The country earned its respect in the great American War (World War II) when they defeat the American troops. But little did we know, despite its victory, the country has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism.

You may start packing your travel ax to dig some of the hidden gems in Vietnam. Surely, you will be captivated by its beauty when you discover the nature and culture residing in the country.

What to include in your Vietnam adventure

Lantern lighting in Hoi An

Hidden gems of Vietnam and where to find them
Lanterns are lit every night after the sun has sunk in Hoi An. Candles are placed at the bottom of the colorful paper lanterns. The Hoi An lantern festival is a gorgeous tradition.

If you don’t have any pending schedule in Chinese New Year, this is your chance to visit Hoi An, a city in Vietnam. Every Tết, Vietnamese New Year, the city is gleaming with colorful lights from the lantern. Around 50 workshops participate in the lighting of lanterns to showcase their colorful yet traditional designs. It is unclear why Vietnamese do this traditionally.

The epicenter of the festivities celebrated in Cau An Hoi Bridge and Japanese Covered Bridge. During Tết, the place will be full of people, locals, and visitors, and there will be spontaneous singing and food stalls around. But the focus of the celebration is the lighting of lanterns. You will see a spectacular view brought by the lights. You can hire a sampan boat to have a closer look. Tourist can also light their lantern that is available around the area.

The celebration lasts for seven days. If you missed your chance to attend Tết, don’t worry. The smaller lantern festivals are also observed every full moon.

Halong Bay cruise and its nearby bays

Hidden gems of Vietnam and where to find them

One of Vietnam’s best tourist attractions, Halong Bay. Since it is one of the best attractions in the country, it might as well make your patience longer. But there is an alternative if you find the place not worth of your time due to its crowd, take the Bai Tu Long Bay. It may be much smaller in Halong Bay but it also has a picturesque scenic view and you can also explore caves and beaches.

So, prepare your beach-ready body and pack your sexiest swimwear and enjoy the beaches around the area.

Mekong Delta and its natural view

Hidden gems of Vietnam and where to find them

This is your chance for a boat ride experience while roaming around the area. You will see islands, rice paddies (rice fields), and stilted villages. This is one way to complete your visit to the country.

Cat Ba island

Rugged, craggy and jungle-clad Cat Ba, the largest island in Halong Bay, has experienced a tourism surge in recent years. 

Make sure to pack up your trekking footwear because we will go trek and hike to the pristine rainforest of the Cat Ba island. A lot of trekking trails are also offered in the area. You may also want to reach the Ngu Lam Peak which is worth your time.

Be sure to drop by in the world’s largest cave in Phong Nha National Park

Aside from being the world’s largest cave, it also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is also where you can find a lot of cave-related adventures in the country.

Don’t miss out on the Golden Hands Bridge in Da Nang province

This is also a must when visiting Vietnam. For people with a scared of heights, too bad for you if you miss the view from the bridge. The Golden Hands Bridge is a 150-meter long pathway with a scenic view of Ba Na Hills. The bridge seems to be held with two giant hands, others called it the hands of God. But the bridge was held by a sturdy steel frame and fiberglass.

Learn Vietnam’s History in Ho Chi Minh City Museum

Hidden gems of Vietnam and where to find them

Since Vietnam has made his name throughout the world’s history, you may want to revisit Vietnam’s greatest war stories and its sacrifices. The museum has collections of artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia.

Have a coffee in Buon Ma Thuot

Buon Ma Thuot coffee now benefits from geographical identification, and the region is generally considered the coffee metropolis of Vietnam.

If you are a coffee lover or coffee enthusiast or both, this city is a paradise for you.  Buon Ma Thuot has a lot of coffee-related attractions. They are also known for their civet coffee, which claimed to be the best in the world.

Try Vietnam’s famous street food, Pho

It is a noodle soup that consists of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat. Visit Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, to try the authentic Pho. If you happen to be Hanoi, look for Vietnamese egg coffee also.

Roam around Hue by cycling

Hidden gems of Vietnam and where to find them

This is another level kind of experience when you visit Hue, a city in Vietnam. If you watched enough Vietnamese-inspired movies, you will imagine yourself in one of those if you cycle around the city. You will feel one of the Elites in the country by riding cyclo.

Find out the secrets of Sapa’s Love Market

Hidden gems of Vietnam and where to find them
The love market of Sapa used to be the place to find a partner to get married. With tourism, the real love market does not take place any more. 

The market town of Sapa has increasingly popular with tourists because of its Love Market. This is where locals sing songs and express their romantic feelings for each other. However, this tradition may be exclusive for locals only since tourists keep taking intrusive photos which make the tradition to celebrate underground. If you are lucky enough to find a local that will take you there, just be sure to respect their tradition and behave appropriately.

Try to live with the White Tai community in Mai Chau

Despite all the tourist trail, the article suggested you do, you will truly find the hidden gem of the country if you stay with the White Tai Community for one day. White Tai community is an ethnic group in Vietnam. The Vietnamese Tourist Board highly suggests choosing your homestay near Hieu.

Did you know about these hidden gems in Vietnam? For more amazing travel destinations in Southeast Asia click HERE!


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