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High Protein, low carb… Pizza! Yes, you’ve read that right!

It’s just three ingredients and less than an hour away from being ready to be eaten!

Still won’t believe me? Well I didn’t want to believe it either but this delicious piece of heaven is out there! And it’s just three ingredients and less than an hour away from being ready to be eaten!
Sounds good? It get’s even better! Because you probably don’t even have to leave the house. You most likely have everything needed at home – here’s how to make this amazing low carb recipe happen:


– 300g Tuna
– 1 whole egg
– 1 egg white
– (optional: add some cream cheese for those extra proteins!)

I know what you’re thinking right now “Tuna?? No way that’s gonna taste good!”. And honestly – I don’t blame you. I’m not the biggest tuna fan either and when I first heard of this low carb recipe I was scared to even try it, but to my surprise, the tuna taste was almost completely gone when I took my first bite of this super crunchy pizza.
Go check out those AMAZING nutritional facts and give it a try!

Per Pizza: 400 kcals / 1.2g Carbs / 8.2g Fats / 71.2g Protein


1. Start by preheating your oven to ~200° Celsius. Meanwhile mix the tuna (remove any excess water), the egg and the eggwhite to a smooth paste and add as much salt and pepper as you like. If you go for the “proteinbomb-version”, add your cream cheese as well.

2. Use a spoon to spread the dough (well… it’s more of a paste right now, but don’t give up on me yet!) on your non-stick baking sheet. Make sure it’s even and there are no holes.

3. Bake your pizza for ~25 minutes

4. After 25 minutes, take the pizza out of the oven and spread whatever topping (keep on reading if you want the recipe to my homemade tomatosauce and some topping inspirations) you want. Then return for around seven more minutes and –

5. ENJOY !!!

Wait – what’s a pizza without the perfect homemade tomatosauce? Not a pizza, that’s for sure!
So here’s my personal favorite recipe to make sure the topping is as good as the pizza itself:

What you need:

– 1 garlic glove
– 20g tomato paste
– 140g cocktail tomatos
– herbs like basil
– salt and pepper


Blend the tomato paste, cocktail tomatos, garlic and herbs to a thick sauce, then add salt and pepper to your taste.

How about finishing the pizza off with some spinach, feta, avocado and onions?
And for the ham lovers: You gotta try some ham, onions, mozzarella and maybe even another egg sunny side up – YUMM

And now that you got the main dish covered – how about a delicious desert? Check out our recipe for the most special and gooey brownies you ever had!


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