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Hong Kong Travel Guide: Unique Things to Do in the City

Hong Kong Travel Guide: Unique Things to Do in the City

The Hong Kong you once knew may have been filled with temples, shopping malls, and street markets. If you go back to the city now, you may not even recognize it anymore. Hong Kong has transformed into a bustling metropolis as it opened its doors to expatriates from foreign countries. The social landscape has evolved, and together with it, the culture and lifestyle of the country. However, Hong Kong remains grounded with its utmost respect for tradition and religion that is still evident in the city.

This is not your usual Hong Kong travel guide. What we have listed down are the most unique things you can do in the city and where you can find them.

Harbor Cruise

One of the most iconic bodies of water in Hong Kong is the Victoria Harbor. Through this unique experience, you will get to sail around the famous harbor in a pirate ship. The tour is called the Aqua Luna Victoria Harbor Cruise. It goes on for nearly an hour wherein you can appreciate Hong Kong’s renowned cityscape.

The best time to do the cruise is at sundown to evening. At that time, you can enjoy the cool weather and the glistening city lights that reflect on the water. The best part about this cruise is the complimentary wine. Just imagine sailing on a Pirates of the Caribbean-esque ship with a glass of good wine in hand. It truly is a remarkable experience where you can unwind and just enjoy the views.

Ngong Ping Tai O

Ngong Ping Village boasts of the famous cable cars in Hong Kong. From hundreds of feet above water, you will get to enjoy picturesque views of Lantau island’s terrain. Upon descending the cable car, take a short trek to the Big Buddha and enter the Po Lin Monastery to get an authentic taste of Hong Kong’s cultural and religious heritage. 

From there, you may also go further to experience the traditional lifestyle of locals by exploring Tai O Fishing Village. There you will find tasty street food from Market Street, Kat Hing Street, or Wing On Street. Some of the best kiosks in the area are Tai Ohhh, Cheung Choi Kee, and Fuk Hing Hong which serves bubble milk tea, Chinese pancakes, and giant fishballs, respectively.

To take the experience up a notch, you can try going on a boat for an excursion to Tai O’s Fishing Village. Get a feel of how the locals in the village go through their day, and paddle past traditional stilt houses. If you’re lucky, you may even sight some dolphins enjoying a day in the ocean. This certainly is a unique attraction you will find in Hong Kong.

Central Street Art Walk

It may come as a surprise for those who haven’t visited Hong Kong in a long time that the city now boasts of creative installations and graffiti. Take a half-day guided art walk in Central HK, called “Eat Pray Art”. This walking tour takes you to different art installations and wall art created by local artists. The contemporary art scene in the city has become so rich that it has spread to random nooks and crannies all over Central.

The art adds so much color and vibrancy to the surroundings. It makes Central Hong Kong feel so much like the art district we all need in Asia. The artworks are a breathe of fresh air amid the hustle and bustle of the city. Taking a tour to learn about the deeper sense of each work of art makes the experience even more relevant and interesting.

Traditional Food Tour

Hong Kong is known for its diverse culinary landscape. The main cuisine is Chinese, although quite a lot of restaurants have modernized takes of traditional dishes. This just makes each restaurant experience even more interesting. Joining a traditional food tour will take you to the city’s best culinary gems.

Eat like a local and discover why Hong Kong is considered as one of the food capitals of the world. Enjoy numerous food samples from wantons to milk teas in various local restaurants around the city. The food tastes so much better coupled with the scenic views as you walk around the streets of Hong Kong as you hop from one dining experience to another.

Pub Crawl

Lan Kwai Fong is becoming more and more popular among the night life goers of the world. It is also the best place to join a pub crawl for you to experience the city’s vibrant party scene. The experience goes beyond taking shot after shot, but more on meeting other tourists from different countries. This makes the tour more interesting as the night progresses.

The LKF Pub Crawl is one of the most unique night attractions in Hong Kong. It will get you VIP entries to the hippest clubs in town, plus discounts on drinks of your choice. Best of all, a professional photographer tags along with the group to take your most memorable photos.

Outlet Store Hopping

If you want to go shopping, say no more! Hong Kong is still unbeatable when it comes to luxury store shopping. It is home to some of the most influential luxury brand outlet stores in the world. From Prada, Gucci, and Balenciaga- name it, they’ve got it. It is pretty safe to allot a couple of days for outlet store hopping since the retail outlets are located in different parts of the city.

The most famous stores to visit are the Prada outlet in —, Mongkok for some Coach, and — for you Balenciaga, YSL, or Gucci fix. All items they sell are 100% authentic for a much lower price. Beyond luxury brands, sporting brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour also have outlet stores in Hong Kong.


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