How and why you should find a good mentor
How do you find a good mentor?

There is a fine line of difference between a teacher and a mentor. A teacher is someone who provides knowledge, lessons, rules, and information. They are people who influence you in ways that can be obtained from knowledge, books, memorization, and creativity. To find a good mentor he must provide a life or professional lessons based on their experiences or career path. They also provide guidance, motivational and emotional support, and role modeling to their mentee. He may help a mentee in exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts and identifying resources to achieve the mentee’s career goals.  

Our parents are our first teachers as a child, molding us to be a good person that we are today. As we enter school, our teachers became our second parents, helping and guiding us to scholastic learning and discovering our skills that are necessary for future survival. As we approach adulthood and pursue our passion and calling, we will meet mentors along the way. Life has unending lessons to learn, we should learn to figure out who will be the best match for us, to keep us going with the career path that we have chosen.

Why you should find a mentor?

They keep you motivated

Mentors do not only provide you insights or thoughts, but they also challenge you to heighten your capabilities and amplify visions by elevating your thinking abilities that open doors for opportunities and success beyond your circle.

Mentors challenge you

Slacking off or letting you live in your comfort zone is not their thing. They invariably challenge you to go farther than you can possibly imagine. They recognize your efforts and success, guide extracting lessons from your failures which pushes you farther than you were yesterday.

They Protect

Mentors protect and nurture their apprentice for untimely exposure. They provide insights on how to navigate political landmines in organizations and how to make sound decisions in their engagements. They prevent their mentees from committing mistakes that would wreck their success.

Mentors give advice

Mentors have their stories and perspectives of the possibilities. They use words and actions of encouragement that shows their support, building you up more than you ever thought possible.

How to spot a good mentor?

1. Mentors should be enthusiastic about the role

This is one of the most important characteristics of a good mentor. There should be eagerness and sincerity on the mentor’s end to help his mentee. They should be passionate about helping someone to improve or succeed.

2. A Mentor should fit you

Looking for a mentor is like shopping for a good pair of jeans, with millions of jeans to choose from in different stores, you have to find one that exactly fits you. The same goes for finding the right mentor for you.     

A good mentor is someone who will know and understand your strengths and weaknesses. And will create strategies to help you address and improve your skills, needs, talents, and desires to make a better version of you and not a duplicate of themselves.

3. Mentors value learning

Learning is a life-long process and good mentors are life-long learners that have the desire to pass their knowledge to someone who is eager to be mentored.

We are not supposed to know everything, and a good mentor knows that it is okay to be professional and not know something. Good mentors are those who are inclined in sharing their knowledge but at the same time learn new things or search for answers with his mentee.

4. They encourage you to step out of your comfort zone

Comfort zone is a situation where you feel comfortable and in which your ability and determination are not being tested. It is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and they are at ease and in control of their environment, experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress.

For us to grow, we need to step outside of this zone, to learn and gain new experiences. Something unfamiliar will put our skills and abilities to test, it will push us to our limits and discover the hidden skills that we have all along. And a good mentor can figure out how to develop and discover your skills outside of your comfort zone to become a better version of you.  

5. They listen attentively

A mentor should be a good listener that involves conversation, prompting you for clarity and more knowledge without the distraction of emails, text messages, phone calls or people passing by as the session goes on. They focus on taking part in the consultation, they usually ask you questions, reflect on your answers and will give you time to reflect on your ideas or answers.

6. They provide you feedback

Feedback is a piece of helpful information that will be used to make important plans and decisions that will result in improvement. Everyone benefits from feedback, from a beginner up to the most skilled and knowledgeable person for the continuous growth of existing or new skills.

It should be provided during discussion with a mentor. Feedback should be constructive and not degrading, this informs you of the things that you are lacking and should be given more attention to.

7. They treat others with Respect

Respect is a basic moral value of need that makes us all aware that we are human beings, it proves our humane identity among others. Giving respect is not only applicable to mentors, but it does also apply to all.

Mentors should be careful with conversing and must be emotionally intelligent by being aware of their emotions as well as of others to make sound decisions and influence others while controlling their reactions. Talking down to others or being judgmental should not be in their vocabulary.

8. They are experts in their respective field

Mentors are considered experts in their own fields and should be in the same field that you are hoping to excel at. Your choice of mentors should have a good reputation and someone who is respected by you and his colleagues. Many people use mentors not only as guides to develop themselves but to associate themselves with their mentor’s name.

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How and why you should find a good mentor

Whether you already found your mentor or still searching for the right one, you should be always mindful that a great leader encourages, trusts, supports and teaches his followers to be a better version of themselves and should never stop learning. And you can be a great mentee to your mentor by being proactive and following up what you said and staying on their radar without squandering their time. This is a give and take a relationship that will benefit you both in the future.

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