How the COVID-19 Changes our Perception of the World

How the COVID-19 Changes our Perception of the World

The first quarter of 2020 is memorable albeit not in a good way. The global pandemic that is COVID-19 will definitely be included in history books. What is currently happening right now will be one heck of a story to tell to the future generations.

Things that you should have realized by now in the time of COVID-19

For one thing, we should not downplay the impact of COVID-19 not only in the US but the entire world. As of date, we are about to reach a million total COVID-19 cases around the world.

However, this entire pandemic should have already made us realize a lot of things. By this time, we should already know what to do in case a similar pandemic or global crisis happens again.

1. Solar energy

Solar energy has been long promoted by pro-environment individuals and groups. For one thing, it will save you a lot of stress and expenses in case of power failures. Plus, solar energy can be the right thing to do if you care for the environment.

2. Being self-sufficient

Now is the time to start being self-sufficient and sustainable in case of food shortages and the absence of technology. Instead of relying on the government and food rations, you can build and grow your own garden. It will also make you feel accomplished and independent by doing these.

3. Drone technology

Drones are not only for leisure purposes. It has made a lot of sense as a great surveying and disinfection tool against the spread of COVID-19. Some NGOs also used drones to bring medicines to hard-to-reach communities. Using drones also made sense since it still follows the standard “hands-off” and “social distancing” protocols.

4. Basic income for emergencies

The pandemic has caused the closure or temporary shut down of businesses. Not only business owners suffered the economic impact of this but the workers as well. For one, the government should have cash grants to all of its citizens in the event of a national or global crisis. This is also the time where we realize that we should learn to save for rainy days.

5. Realizing the more important things in life

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in fewer productivity levels since a lot of businesses are closed now. We had been busy and working a lot back then. But now, most of us had no choice but to get stuck with our families at home. In hindsight, we are fortunate to be spending time with our loved ones. Our healthcare providers and other front liners have to spend their time outside serving other people instead.

6. Our leaders’ true colors

These are times where we discover whether we have a proactive or reactive government. This is also the time we see how our leaders work and know their priorities. At this point, we as citizens have the right to call out those in the position who aren’t doing their jobs as they promised during the elections.

7. Importance of truth

We all deserve the truth, especially in these times. Sometimes, the truth can hurt, even scary. But these truths can help save lives. We might take handwashing for granted. But if we don’t, the virus will spread and end up getting sick. And it’s not fun being sick especially if it’s due to COVID-19.

8. Utilizing the internet

So far, the Internet is specially made to be resilient in case of national and global emergencies. Those who are working in the office now have the option to work from home. The Interplanetary File System can ensure better operation of the internet in times like these.

9. “Coronnials”

You can expect an increase in birth once the quarantine period is over. What can you expect if you are stuck with your partner or spouse? More time under the sheets, most likely! Then again, it’s up to you whether you want a child or practice safe sex.

10. Video calls

Canceled office meetings and school activities? There are video conference apps your team can use. Can you not go to the gym for a yoga session? You can tune in to a live yoga video live stream. Emails won’t go out of style at this time and are still very useful for personal or work purposes.

11. Creative juices seeping in

People do a variety of things when they are bored. Being on quarantine can be boring. No wonder your feed gets flooded with funny memes and posts made by bored people as well. It is said that Shakespeare wrote King Lear while on quarantine.

12. Our front liners deserve more than a round of applause

We are lucky to be staying at home and keep safe until we are able to flatten the curve. However, our health care workers, supermarket cashiers, and others chose to serve the public instead. Every day, they are risking their lives, fighting COVID-19, just to serve our needs. That takes a lot of bravery and sacrifice to do.

13. Taking precautionary measures seriously

How the COVID-19 Changes our Perception of the World
No one is exempted from the virus, regardless of age and social status.

The elderly and with compromised immune systems are those at high risk of dying from COVID-19. This is one reason why we should take the quarantine seriously. We might be healthy or asymptomatic. However, we might be infecting our elderly loved ones without realizing it.

14. Being prepared in worst-case scenarios

Since this has and is already happening, we should already know what to do next time. Such kinds of challenging situations should have made us stronger and more resilient. Create your own garden, have some emergency savings… those kinds of action plans.

15. A common enemy

There might be political issues going on the side. But in times like this, we should focus on the more important matter of the moment: combating the virus. We all wish for the COVID-19 to be finally contained and treated.

16. Learning more about what’s happening right now

Now is also the time to educate yourself with the current events. How you can improve yourself. How you can contribute to society once this pandemic’s over.


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