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How to achieve a successful Facebook ad campaign

How to achieve a successful Facebook ad campaign

When talking about a social media marketing or advertising, Facebook is the king. That is the reason why running a successful Facebook ad campaign is essential to the success of any business.

Facebook ads are generally the cheapest and the easiest digital platform to track your ad’s performance aside from being optimizable.  Facebook ad manager gives you the leeway to take full control of your ads. You have to be knowledgeable about the trade to be successful with your Facebook ad campaign.

According to a study, most small businesses use Facebook to increase their number of sales while spending much lower cost compared to other channels.

Facebook shows your ads to those people who most likely complete your campaign objective. As an advertiser, choosing the right objective is paramount for success. There are three types of Facebook advertising objectives: awareness, consideration, and conversions; this is used to target the different stages of an advertiser’s sales funnel.

Facebook ads can be targeted to users based on their location, demographic, and profile information. And many of these options are only available on Facebook.

Here is the list of your essentials when running an ad campaign on Facebook.

Define your goal

Identify the objective of your Facebook campaign. You can either aim for more sales, more followers, or engagement. On Facebook’s ad manager, there are different marketing objectives that correspond to different end goals. If you looking into driving people on your website, you have to launch a traffic campaign. But if you have a sales goal, a conversion campaign is also available on the dashboard.

Determine your audience

Facebook has billions of users from different age groups, locations, and social class. Posting on Facebook using your product’s page won’t be enough to reach your desired number of audiences. Facebook ad campaign generated your desired outcome is a much better option.

If you are unsure of your target audience, there are 3 basic audience options that you can choose from. It could be a cold audience of everyone on FB, a warmer audience of either people connected to your page or a custom audience.

How to achieve a successful Facebook ad campaign

If it happens that your page already has a decent number of likes and you want to transition your followers as customers, you can select people that are already connected to your page as your target audience. This ensures that the people where your ads are targeted are already familiar with your brand and are interested in what you are selling.

If you are still at your starting point where you don’t have many followers but you already have a customer list, a custom audience will be a good option for your targeting. But if you don’t have enough followers or customer list which is a common concern for startups, you can start building your audience from scratch and target your ad to everyone on FB.

Use eye-catching images

A picture is worth a thousand words. A potential customer might scroll right past your ad without reading it if the image that you used does not catch their attention. You have to select a bright, clean, high-definition and catchy images as a contribution for a successful ad campaign, you have to make sure that the image contains less than 20% text because Facebook will show your ad to a fewer audience.

Use an image that has relevance to your product as well as your audience. Running a video ad is a much better option because it conveys a lot of information compared to a photo. Also, with the help of the autoplay feature, you may get the attention of the user who has just happened to scroll right past your ad, just make sure that your video doesn’t rely on sound since the majority of videos are muted when watched especially if it was viewed using a mobile phone.

Know what to say and not what to say

A successful FB ad should be an attention grabber, a phrase or sentence that adds value to the ad and a call to action. An attention grabber is a hook that generates interest. If the copy is not interesting enough, the user will stop reading that will cause the failure of performing the call to action from your audience.

Don’t sound like an ad 

People hate advertisements and your goal of running your ads on Facebook is to make your market understand that they will benefit upon clicking on your ad. This is why adding value is a vital step to copywriting.

Leverage A/B testing split

A/B split testing is defined as running different versions of your ads to find out what works and what doesn’t. It is used to identify the most effective ad versions which can be then combined into one optimal ad.

Ads won’t be optimized overnight and you should let your ads run for a few days before you start optimizing.

Install conversion pixels 

This is one of the most useful tools for running a successful Facebook ad campaign.

A tracking pixel is a piece of code that you can embed on your website, it will help you track conversions and re-market your leads. The collected data can be used to fine-tune your audience and optimize your ads. Pixel allows you to track the types of people who have gone to your website, how your audience interacts with your ad and their activity within your website, and it also defines the origin of your ad clicks.

Start Re-Targeting

Re-targeting is when you use the data from your pixel to run ads to those people who have clicked onto your website but didn’t make an actual purchase. It allows advertisers to generate specific ads to audiences who showed interest on your website but showed no conversion yet.

Develop landing pages

A landing page is a web page with a lead capture form that collect’s visitor’s information. It allows you to convert more of your visitors into leads while simultaneously capturing data of your target audience. By offering your audience something of value, you have a better chance of converting your visitors into leads.

Have a sufficient budget

Facebook is a money-motivated platform, the bigger your budget is, the more people will see your ad.


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