Today we are going to talk about habits. Habits are rituals and behaviors that we perform automatically, allowing us to carry out essential activities and following the same routines every day without thinking about them. Our unconscious habits free up resources for our brains to carry out other more complex tasks like solving problems or writing in your journal.  Recent studies have been released stating that it takes 66 days to engrain a new habit where it becomes an unconscious action. 

Habits help us build routines. Why are they so important to us? They allow us to be productive. We gradually start the next task triggered by the previous task. Routines can allow us to have more structure in our lives.

I like to classify habits as simple and complex. Simple habits mean you use less brainpower and no time to actually instill them into your routine. For example: when you are driving to work, in most cases you put an audiobook on in your car or listen to music. That’s a simple unconscious habit that takes no time but helps you have a pleasant time on your way to work.

On the other hand, complex habits are things that take time and decision making brainpower. For example: when you need to study, meditate or do sales and marketing for your business. Those are the things that actually require you to think and execute. So you need to establish a proper schedule and structure to make it work. You need to start doing things in a certain way so you can succeed. Recent research has been shared stating that 66 days is the preferred time to actually instill a new habit.

You can just start with one habit to really see the result. You will be amazed at how just one habit can maximize your effectiveness over a period of time.

Mathew Park Mindset Coach

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