How To Look Like a "Famous Celebrity" in a Big Action Movie
Who doesn’t want to be like them?

At the present time, famous celebrity is the current gold standard of beauty. Their countenance, physique, style, and fashion are certainly key sites of identification, imitation and desire. It’s not hard to see why. I’d be lying if I say I didn’t want to look like Anne Hathaway or Lily Collins. Most people want to attain that idealized image of the screen world maybe to bolster up their confidence, get famous or attract a mate. Listed below are some methods to attain that perfect celebrity look.

Method # 1

How To Look Like a "Famous Celebrity" in a Big Action Movie

Get a glue stick. Slather it on your face. Print a picture of the celebrity you want to look like. Paste it on your face.

Method # 2

How To Look Like a "Famous Celebrity" in a Big Action Movie

Have really good genes. This one’s really important because if you pick wrong, not only will you end up having bad genes, you will also have a screwed up childhood that will give you emotional trauma that will haunt you for the rest of your life so make sure to pick wisely.

Some people acquire fat easily, while others will always struggle to put on any kind of weight (including muscle), and thus neither is truly desirable. If you’re a dude, pick Keanu Reeves as a dad or someone who can build muscle incredibly easily. If you are a lady, then you’ll want to pick a mom that happens to be one of those genetic darlings who can eat whatever she wants and retain an incredibly low body fat percentage, while still managing to have an incredible figure.

Method # 3

How To Look Like a "Famous Celebrity" in a Big Action Movie

Have lots of chachings to fund extreme reconstruction by means of plastic surgery. Some potential career choices include:

  • Drug dealer
  • Rob a bank GTA style
  • Bootlegging minors
  • Be young attractive female willing to post risqué photos on Instagram and sell your undergarments
  • Get a boring office job where you get paid to do 1-2 hours of work per day and spend the rest of the time fucking around online
  • Run a partner scam at local casino poker rooms
  • Prostitution (when done properly)

Method # 4

Eat right, get fit, invest in your skin and get 9-10 hours of sleep.

How To Look Like a "Famous Celebrity" in a Big Action Movie

When you’ve acquired the money needed, hire a nutritionist to put together a diet plan for you and a personal chef to prepare every one of your meals. These meals are going to be composed of organically, locally sourced vegetables, grass-fed beef from happy cows, salmon that have swum in the fountain of youth, and chicken raised on farms in Portlandia. For the next six to eight months, this is how you will eat, with no exceptions. Sure you might like some variety, but with your meals all getting prepared for you, you simply have to open up your industrial sized refrigerator and follow the instructions!

Next, choose a workout plan that works for you. Despite the stories we hear of celebrities who party to excess, we easily forget to give credit to celebrities’ discipline. They stay active like athletes. Trends come and go, but consistency still remains key. Regular moderate exercise has a slew of positive effects that include better sleep, increased confidence, stress reduction, higher metabolism, higher stamina and more.

Taking care of your skin should also be on top of your priorities if you want to achieve that celebrity look. Treat your skin like it’s your most prized possession. Invest in your skin. Go to a dermatologist to put you up in a skincare routine that suits you best. Cleanse and gently exfoliate every week. Apply moisturizer and don’t forget to put on sunscreen. Most importantly, stay hydrated! Drink a lot of water and antioxidant-rich green tea to make sure your skin is hydrated and well-protected.

Lastly, make sure you get 9-10 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is crucial when it comes to building muscle and getting fit. After all, stress is a major producer of cortisol, and one of the biggest causes of stress is lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can also decrease the blood flow in your face and affect the moisture levels in your skin, decreasing them and also lowering your complexion’s pH levels, making your skin looks dull, dry, create unnecessary redness and even cause breakouts. Pulling an all-nighter can also dilate your blood vessels casting a dark shadow underneath your eye so make sure to catch enough Zzzz. It’s free!

Method # 5

Learn the art of photoshop.

And there you have it! Unfortunately, if you don’t follow these steps, then you’re most likely not going to look like those actors. Which is fine, as long as you go into it knowing that.  Rather than looking at yourself as a failure, I’d instead maybe try to draw different comparisons and motivations.

Are you dreaming to have a healthy and glowing skin like those famous celebrities? To learn more click HERE!

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