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How to lose weight? How much Water to drink? and how to burn fat?

Losing Weight fast pros and cons and what diet to follow ?

Welcome to the final destination of your journey to losing weight; You shall be bombarded by tons of information that will help you make your own educated opinion and how to lose weight fast or maybe change your mind to losing weight the healthier way ? Who am I to decide.. I will share the information with you and let you decide, because the dilemma is the questions I receive which I will answer all of them in one blog.

Here are the questions you guys ask the most often:

  • How to lose weight?
  • How to lose weight fast?
  • How to burn fat?
  • Should I go on a Ketogenic Diet?
  • What is your thoughts on intermittent fasting?
  • What is Paleo diet and Is Paleo diet better than Keto?  Is keto better than intermittent fasting?

Fasten your seatbelt I will take you for a ride just like your grandpa used to,

now you’ve heard it all the quick diets to make you lose weight fast , the magical pills all over the infomercial and social media, and all the self proclaimed gurus and Insta Dietitian I shall break it down by categories.


Simple answer is Calorie deficit = consuming less than you’re using almost too simple! 1 pound of fat = 3500 Calories, you get yourself in calorie deficit of 3500 and you lose 1 pound, easiest way to lose weight is to track what’s coming in and what’s coming out, calculate your body metabolic rate + training and eat that amount minus 500 calories on the daily, now let me drop you some tips tricks and freebies.

  1. Sleep more and I couldn’t stress this enough sleep lowers your cortisol and inflammation, and research at the Chicago university found people that slept less had a harder time processing carbs which can cause exhaustion so your body doesn’t have the energy to process it’s day to day functions.
  2. Boost your protein intake, that being said don’t go crazy but have at least 30-40% of your total calorie intake.
  3. EAT your breakfast! Simple, when you sleep your metabolism pretty much goes to sleep, you want to eat to rev it up and get it started again, so don’t skip your breakfast.
  4. Eat food rich in Magnesium ,  potassium and Iron,  Magnesium spikes up your metabolism while potassium keeps you hydrated, banana and peanut butter and bam you’re getting both! As for IRON it is required for your body to deliver enough oxygen to the cells which slows down your metabolism.
  5. Say yes to Fish! Fish lowers your leptin levels and omega 3 is a great source of good fat which is required to lose weight
  6. Don’t stick with your same old routine of training or sports, change it up, your body adapt faster than you think when it comes to activities and it starts burning less and less calories the more it gets used to certain activity or a sport, yes that applies to fitness and body building as well any sports really.
  7. Try HIIT and Interval Training.
  8. Cut your alcohol as it slows down your metabolism.
  9. Drink more WATER! Another question I get asked 1000s of time, how much water should I drink?  Yet not a single question as even health authority say 2L per day is the required amount I believe it’s absolutely ridiculous, because a 40 Pounds child would be drinking the same amount as a 250 pounds body builder, you should drink water based on your body weight, rule of thumb 0.75-1 ounce per Pound, I am 240 pounds I try to hit 220 ounces a day equivalent to 6.5 L a day a 150 pounds woman should be at 4.4 Liters a day.
  10. Start meal prepping if you’re anything like me and have 0 patience when it’s time to cook, a great way to avoid eating anything is to meal prep.

There is plenty more tips and tricks I can give you but I guarantee you if you follow this 10 you will get results follow not 1 of them but the actual 10.

How to lose weight Fast?

You’ve heard about crash dieting, and over training to get those extra pounds off and you’ve heard terror stories about how they will mess you up, where I totally don’t support crash dieting I myself have done it for certain photoshoots or occasions, the important part is to recover off it properly and never run it long term, swap your crash diet for a proper paleo ketogenic or even Atkins diet after, or simply change your lifestyle to eat less processed food and unnecessary sugars, the only reason I brought this up because some make crash diet sound like a horror movie like your ears will go crooked after 1 week of it, and you’re in luck today as I will continue in this article to talk about Paleo diet and Ketogenic diet, stay seated the road might be long but I promise the trip will be worth it! Don’t leave me just yet.

How to Burn Fat?

Another question that comes up on the daily basis! How to burn fat ? simple yet complex answer truth be told I’ve already answer that question in the 10 Tips above, calorie deficit, move more and maintain a healthy intake of protein, fill up on fiber, drink more water that’s the short answer.

Now that we’ve covered the basics lets dive into the diets

Paleo Diet, What is Paleo diet and does it work?

How to lose weight? How much Water to drink? and how to burn fat?


A diet based on what human ate 2 millions years ago all the way until 10,000 years ago food you can hunt and gather ? bring your rocks it’s time to go hunting for all that info don’t forget your Tarzan suit

FOODS Included in a paleo diet:

-Nuts, seeds lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.

Why Paleo diet?

The Farming era changed what we humans ate as we added grains, dairy products and legumes.

What is a Paleo diet?

You will see several versions of paleo diet some are way stricter than others but in general it’s all the same guidelines.

Eat : lean meat “Grass fed is possible”, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and oils from nuts and fruits.

Do not eat: Grains as in barley, oats and wheat, Legumes like peanuts, beans, lentils, no dairy products, potato or anything starchy, sugar , salt, and processed food.

A Paleo diet will generally improve your glucose tolerance, blood sugar and triglyceride

Ketogenic Diet? Keto Diet and ketosis state

How to lose weight? How much Water to drink? and how to burn fat?
A ketogenic meal laid out on a dining table

Generally speaking keto diet is high in fat low on carbs and moderate on protein several health benefits linked to Keto diet like improving type 2 diabetes and losing excess body fat, the way it works is really simple, the low amount of carbs you eat will put your body in what is called ketosis which means your body will swap from burning carbs for energy to burning fat for energy, your body will produce ketone from the fat energy the process is done in the liver.

The liver will produce ketone when you eat few calories or few carbs, as the brain uses so much energy if it’s not met directly by decent amount of calories or ketone your body goes in survival mode and product those ketone hence why your brain and thoughts are clear when you’re running a high fat diet

FAT dominant diet will have your body running on fat for fuel which drops your insulin levels and increase fat burning based on that other than higher supply of energy in your body and several health benefits from having lower insulin and regulating several hormones that gets affected by the insulin itself, the process makes accessing your excess fat much easier which will make you lose fat faster than ever.


How to lose weight? How much Water to drink? and how to burn fat?

Intermittent fasting the world most popular health and fitness trends currently caused by all the YAS GIRL INSTA BABES! The amount of stuff we’ve heard and read about intermittent fasting make it seem like the only way to go! Fountain of youth 10-20 extra years added to your life so lets crack down on it and see what is Intermittent fasting ?

To start intermittent fasting isn’t a diet, it’s a pattern of eating and hourly restricted nutritional intake so you’re not changing what you’re eating, but when you eat it.

Benefits of intermittent fasting:

Easier to plan your meals when you are intermittent fasting as you have less meals and all squeezed within 6 or 8 hours etc.

Living longer! Yes intermittent fasting can help you live longer scientist has proven in the past in 1945 study done on mice, when you’re starving your body finds ways to extend your life the same mechanism is trigger by intermittent fasting without the starvation part, as well as some other studies linked intermittent fasting to reducing the risk of cancer, more HGH human growth hormones production which is the hormone responsible for your youth whether it’s muscle maintenance fat loss recovery or healing HGH is a magical hormone.

Simple yet effective fast 14-16 hours a day preferably within the same schedule let’s say you’re fasting between noon and 8 pm which will give you 16 hours of intermittent fasting and a window of 8 hours to eat which is already great yet you can push it a little further and start eating at 2 PM and stop by 8 PM and get your 18 hours of intermittent fasting, if you’re wasting less energy during the weekend you can even take it further and stretch your intermittent fasting as long as you can.

What to break your intermittent fasting with?

The best way to break and intermittent fast would be the following:

Bone broths, raw fruits, freshly made fruit or vegetable juice, leafy greens, healthy fats, fermented foods,  cooked vegetables.

Here you have it, now you can make your own educated choice and follow what fits your schedule and lifestyle

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