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How to make the most of your E-mail lists

How to make the most of your e-mail lists
How to make the most of your e-mail lists

If you are running a business, you are surely aware of the importance of E-mail marketing, and this should start first in growing your lists. Email Marketing has been around since forever and for valid reasons. It is undoubtedly one of the most human and effective ways of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers. It’s a highly effective digital marketing strategy for your brand’s prospects and customers. It can turn leads into actual customers and customers turning into patrons.

Before you can send out your most enticing email messages, you need to grow your email listing first and figure out who are your target audiences that will most probably benefit from your blogs.

According to Hubspot, there are various creative ways to grow your E-mail contact lists building.

Using E-mail

How to make the most of your e-mail lists
Create remarkable email content

Your content must be astounding if you want your subscription intact and for your email to get forwarded to their contacts.

Encourage subscribers to share and forward your emails

Don’t forget to include the share button on your marketing emails; in this way, you will gain access to their network and expansion of the contact list is merely possible. Including the “subscribe” call to action at the bottom of every email forwarded so that people can easily opt-in.

Segment your E-mail lists according to their buyer persona

Email recipients are more likely to click E-mail messages that cater to their interests. You can increase the chances of getting subscribed if you create multiple targeted emails.

Reinvigorate stale E-mail lists with an opt-in campaign

If you have an old email contact lists that have mostly decayed, you can create an engaging opt-in message and try sending it to your old contacts who wish to re opt-in and remove those who don’t respond.

Add a link to your employee’s signatures

Hyperlink email signatures can lead a person to a landing page where they can sign up on your mailing list.

With New Content

Create a new lead generation offer

Give out a freebie and host it on a landing page where it will ask visitors to provide their email address before they can avail of your give away. This is also called a “gated offer”.

Create a free online tool or resource

Free online tools make your users’ lives easier, by simply signing up with their email address, they can already enjoy the perks of using your tools.

Create a bonus content

Not all free or gated content will catch your visitor’s attention and interest, you initially have to give them free content. You may start with an article that offers beginner advice about a certain topic, then offer a bonus content with more advanced tips that are accessible once they provide their email address.

Using Social Media

How to make the most of your e-mail lists
Social Media

Promote an online contest

Use your social media accounts to announce a giveaway in exchange for their contact details. Persuade them to click through your website and sign up using their email address.

Promote one of your lead generations offers on Twitter

Create a Twitter campaign to promote a free item to your followers that will require an email address before redemption.

Promote an offer through Facebook that requires an email address

You can promote your content on your Facebook page that your followers can easily sign up to get access. And don’t forget to include social sharing buttons on the landing and thank you pages you send to your followers or subscribers; it will encourage them to share your offers to their circle of friends.

Add a call to action on top of your Facebook Page

By adding a call to action button on your Facebook page, it may lead to a landing page that requires an email address to grant access to a special resource.

Publish links to gated offers via social media

You can use your Facebook Page or LinkedIn Company Page to share links to the same gated offers that you will also be hosting on your content.

Use Pinterest to promote a gated visual content

Pinterest can also act as a host to visual content which will urge visitors to register to see more of the content.

Add engagement features to your YouTube channel

Add hyperlinked “end card” to your YouTube videos that will encourage subscription through their email address

Ask website visitors for their comments

People tend to voice out their comments on details that relate to them. You may include on pages of your website for their comments and suggestions about your company or brand.

Shorten the length of your lead-capturing forms

Collecting as much information about a user is very tempting but putting too many fields to your landing page is scaring them off. Limit the length of your forms to just three fields, maximum and then you will be able to collect more once they already started conversing with you.

Link to offers across your website that capture email signups

Keep your offers upfront and include calls to action on multiple pages of your website. The key places to consider are your “About Us” page and “Contact Us” page.

A/B test different campaign copies

You might have formulated the right strategies to generate leads, but the problem might be with the design or copy that is holding back the engagement needed. A/B Testing or Split Test, testing the different aspects of your list-building campaigns with different versions of the same content. Because there are instances that a small change can drive a hundred more conversions.

Create a blog that readers can subscribe to

By starting blog posts, It can help you increase your organic ranking on search engines like Google. It will also help you to gather blog subscribers that you can then upgrade to more actionable campaigns after some time.

Guest blog for other websites with a call to action

There are numbers of competing websites and publishers with the same target market as yours while others have a wider audience. Doing guest blogging for them will help you expand your audience, it is important to include a call to action and a link in your author byline, that will allow readers to subscribe to your blog or newsletters.

Include customer reviews on your website and landing pages

Customer feedbacks are social proof that entices people to join on something. Publish your best reviews from communities to your website as this adds value to your landing pages.

With a Partner

Run a promotion on a partner website or email newsletter

The same with guest blogging, partner websites will give you an opportunity to target a new but appropriate audience with a campaign on your own E-mail marketing lists website. Use this chance to direct your visitors to your website to collect information.

Host a co-marketing offer with a partner

Hosting a webinar or creating an ebook with a partner means you share a split of work in creating content and will allow you to share the audience of a similar trade.

With Traditional Marketing

How to make the most of your e-mail lists
Traditional Marketing

Collect email addresses at a trade show

On ground events like trade shows are much-awaited opportunities for growth of industry professionals. Feature your product at the right conference and you can collect a handful of signups in person. Be sure to send these contacts a follow-up email that confirms their opt-in to your list of contacts.

Host your own offline, on-ground events

Take the opportunity to collect email addresses in exchange for a freebie or information that you provide on either meetups, seminars, hackathons, educational panels or conferences that you organized.

Host an online webinar

Webinars are normally registered via email, making your audience more willing to be contacted after the session. It is the right timing to talk about your brand and collect email addresses upon registration.

Add QR codes to your display ads

Incorporate QR code in your print collateral that requires an e-mail address to grant access for additional content.

Collect emails in your store

Launch a store membership where people can sign up via email registration to keep updates of your products and be rewarded on their loyalty.

Either leave your email contact lists unoccupied or doing hard selling will most likely resulting in unsubscription. It is important to take time to nurture your contact list and find out what interests them and what they are needing. Offering an incentive or a reward will make your leads take another step into signing up.

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