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How to Stay Active and Healthy As a Busy Parent

How to Stay Active and Healthy As a Busy Parent

Starting a family and becoming a parent is one of the most important milestones you need to prepare for. And there are a lot of things you should consider before settling down.

For one, you have to prepare yourself emotionally and financially. You have to have a stable job to take care of your family’s needs.

You also have to prepare yourself to live with little children who will sometimes drive you nuts. Most of all, you might have to sacrifice your “me time” in exchange for your family.

However, it doesn’t mean that having your own family is a burden – a curse, even. In fact, it’s a normal thing to long for your own family.

A family who will be waiting for you at home after a long day at work. A family to love and share your dreams with and spend your life with. Unconditional love – a home.

The reality of family life

Being a parent can surely take some time to adjust to. On the one hand, you have all the time in the world as a single person. Your paycheck is all yours to spend on your own bills and wants in life.

But everything will change once you have your own family.

Your health and fitness routines may change when you become a parent. You will be spending more time driving your kid to the school or grocery trips than going to the gym.

You will be spending more time working for your family’s future and bringing home the bacon. (The money, that is – but much better if it’s the real bacon.)

Parenting can be challenging especially if you have small children to take care of. Most of the time, a lot of parents tend to forget their fitness routines due to their busy schedules.

If you are one of these people, don’t worry – you are not alone. For one thing, parenting is one of the noblest jobs out there. It’s a selfless act of love for your significant other and your children.

However, one of the most common mistakes parents do is forgetting themselves. Unfortunately, a lot of people shelf their former active lifestyles after becoming parents. But this should not be the case.

Getting back your healthy self

It is understandable that we become busier when we become full-time parents. However, there are still a lot of people who did not forget their fitness routines despite their busy parenting schedules.

For most people, especially for a parent, exercise can be torturous and tiring. It can be a difficult habit to develop if you think of something like a chore.

As a result, a lot of people dread exercise and other physical activities.

The good news is that you can still be successful with your workout routine despite your busy parenting schedule. Exercise can be fun especially if you tag along with your kids!

Making exercise a lot of fun as a busy parent

Working out does not always mean going to the gym. Unless you have time at the gym, then go ahead and do your thing. Otherwise, there are other ways to get fit without feeling the dread of exercising.

First of all, take this as an opportunity to bond with your family. It seems unfair that you are the only one healthy in the family. So, why not encourage them to become healthy and fit as well?

Then again, this doesn’t mean you and your entire family would go to the gym. You can stay fit together at home and have fun at the same time. It’s nice to go back to childhood sometimes.

Without further ado, here are some tips to stay active with your family.

  • Make contests or games as part of your fitness routine. Your kids will love it. Go outside and play tag, play “the floor is lava”, do as many cartwheels as you can… and so on. Enjoy the sun, the outdoors, and your family time as well.
  • If you or someone you know has carpentry skills, try making a Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course. Make sure it’s kid-friendly so they will enjoy playing with it.
  • Schedule a hiking trip with your children into the backyard woods or elsewhere preferred. Let them appreciate the beauty of nature. Go camping there if you want.
  • Take your pets out with your kids for a walk in the neighborhood. Your pets will thank you for it.
  • Encourage them to take up sports while they are still young. Swimming, running, basketball, baseball… it’s up to them. Let them explore different sports so they can decide which sport they will pursue. Of course, be there for support.
  • Make the entire activity fun. Not only will your family enjoy but also a great way to break a sweat and stay fit.


Indeed, as a parent, you are responsible for running the entire household. However, this doesn’t mean should not take care of our health and fitness anymore.

In fact, now is a great opportunity to encourage your children to become fit and healthy, too. Exercising should not be a burden. Instead, it is a must to stay healthy not only for ourselves but for our loved ones as well.

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