Hurghada, Egypt: What You Need to Know Before Traveling

Hurghada beach life

Hurghada Travel guide: Hurghada is a tropical destination along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. The beach resort town is known for its clear blue oceans that are most suitable for scuba diving. Its vibrant coastline comes alive with numerous restaurants serving authentic local cuisine, quaint cafes, and bars.

Not many have heard of Hurghada but it should definitely top your travel bucket list if you are looking for a unique tropical destination. It is an underrated town that boasts of its magnificent underwater marine life, making it a diver’s dream destination.

Apart from its turquoise seas, Hurghada is also rich in culture and heritage that drives foreign tourists to explore this beautiful town. Here, you will find everything you need to know before traveling to Hurghada. These tips will help you create a pleasant trip to this charming beach town.

Hurghada Red Sea
Hurghada Travel guide : Take a boat around the Red Sea

Hurghada Travel guide: Currency

The main currency of Hurghada is Egypt Pound (LE). Nonetheless, most establishments accept Euros, US Dollars, and Sterling notes as payments for products and services. However, your money will go much further if you exchange it to the local currency. The best and safest places for foreign currency exchange are in banks or airports in Egypt.

There is a maximum amount of cash that a traveler can bring in and out of Hurghada, which you definitely need to take note of. 5,000 Egyptian pounds (LE) is the local currency limit, while USD10,000 is the maximum hard currency you may bring into the city. Any amount that exceeds the standard limits should be declared at the airport immigration upon arrival in Hurghada.

Hurghada Travel guide: Language

The native language in Hurghada is Arabic, however, this is not a cause for worry because most locals are also able to understand and speak a little English. It may not be a fluent conversation, but easy enough to be able to ask around for directions or recommendations.

Since the town is an official tourist destination, a lot of signs are translated to English. Anyway, the streets of Hurghada are easy to navigate through making it quite impossible to get lost.

Dive in Hurghada
Hurghada Travel guide : Dive in Hurghada

Hurghada Travel guide: Best Time to Visit

The town has a desert climate with a year-round dry season. There is almost zero chance of rain throughout the year. It is best to visit the town during late spring to late autumn. The weather within that duration is sunny yet not too humid, most ideal for basking under the sun by the beach. The water also reaches its most favorable levels for water sports in late spring. Months to avoid are August when the weather is too hot and in January when it gets chilly.

Hurghada Travel guide: Flights to Hurghada

Airlines from most foreign countries land at Istanbul since there are limited flight options that will take you straight to Hurghada. From Istanbul, there are flights that will take you straight to the beach resort town. The domestic flight takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

From the Hurghada International Airport, you may take either a bus or a cab going to the city center. Buses are pretty convenient as they don’t have specific stops, which means that you can get off anywhere. The trip takes about 25 minutes, assuming multiple stops.

If you would like a more private and comfortable trip, taxis and rental cars are also available by the airport terminal. Typically, taxis offer standard fixed rates to bring you to different parts of the city.

Hurghada resort
Hurghada Travel guide

Visa Requirements

Tourist visas are required for most foreign nationalities to enter Egypt. Exceptions are passport holders of certain Arab countries. Visas can be applied online for majority of tourists. This includes nationals of USA, Australia, the European Union, and Canada. The application can be accomplished through the official website of the embassy of Egypt. Visitors have the option to apply in advance or upon arrival in the country.

Tourist visas cost US$25 and are valid for 30 days upon arrival. In Hurghada International Airport, proceed to one of the bank booths at the arrival terminal and purchase a visa sticker. You may then head to the immigration desk and present the sticker together with your passport and arrival form.

It is important to take note that airport queues can get longer than expected and eat up so much of your time. To avoid delays on your itinerary, it is still best to apply for the visa in advance. This takes you off of step one and go directly to the immigration desk upon receiving your luggage.

The process is very tourist-friendly, made quick and easy. Visa fees are also attainable, making Hurghada even more accessible to those who want to visit this dream destination.

Safety and Security

Safety is one of the most common concerns when planning a trip to Hurghada or to anywhere in Egypt because of known terrorist groups. However, the beach town is generally safe. The armed forces of Hurghada are deployed to guard beach resorts and hotels, so don’t be surprised or get anxious when you see them around. The military men are present to keep the tourists and locals in the city safe. Entry points to Hurghada are securely protected so there is no cause for alarm.

The international airport have likewise increased their level of security as a preventive measure from unnecessary trouble. When you alight at the Hurghada International Airport, you will go through at least three to five security checks. It may sound a little discouraging but just think of the purpose of this measure for everyone’s safety.


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