LA, California: Best Restaurants, Where to Eat

Los Angeles is a massive city in California that is spread out in pockets, each thriving and bustling. The rich, dynamic culture of the city that embraces wild ideas and creativity hits the spot in developing the best sights, experiences, and culinary landscapes. LA has become part of any traveler’s dining destination bucket list because of its diverse selection of cuisines. Whether it be casual or refined dining, LA has the best of both worlds to offer.

LA is one of the cities where a 13 course tasting menu is served seemingly looking like contemporary art. It is in the same city where you can find food trucks serving literally just one dish. The city is sprawling with restaurants, cafe’s, kiosks, food markets, and food trucks you can choose from. It may feel overwhelming to decide on where to eat next especially on your first time in the city. Worry not as we have narrowed down the best places where to eat when in LA.


Gjusta is probably the best modern deli in Los Angeles and pretty much in the whole USA. You may have to put in a little work to craft your order but once you get to taste how flavorful it is all your frustration will go away. Literally the whole menu is commendable because of its quality ingredients, amazing flavors, and balanced portions. But if we must choose, try the smoked fish platters and the flaky, freshly baked pastries.


This is one of the rare restaurants that not only serve excellent lunch and dinner menus, but also treat brunch as a separate meal of the day. Republique is a modern, innovative restaurant that offers original signature dishes and classics with a kick. For breakfast, you may opt for something unique such as pork belly sausage sandwiches or comfort food such as chicken and waffle with pickled fresno chiles.

By far, Republique is known to have the best brunch menu in the West Coast. This restaurant represents LA and its whole vibe quite well. Servings are in satisfyingly large portions, so plan your meal accordingly.


Felix is an Italian restaurant that produces authentic handmade pastas. They create unique cuts of Italian noodles by hand, showing masterful skill in whipping up the freshest pastas in LA. It will actually make you feel like being in a slice of Rome in the middle of California.

For starters take an order of their delicious Negroni and the best fried squash blossoms you will ever taste. On to the mains, all of their pasta variants are amazing but our favorites include the ragu bolognese and the tonnarelli cacio e pepe. While you’re there, try their brick-oven pizzas too and maximize this Italian culinary experience.

Guerilla Tacos

Started as a food truck known for its colorful graffiti walls, now opened a kitchen in Los Angeles to cater to their hungry loyal followers. They primarily serve tacos in every meat and flavorful spices. Do not miss out on their classic dish, the sweet potato quesadilla topped with egg. You may also opt for a more classic Mexican breakfast, huevos ahogados which is drowned eggs in a delectable tomato sauce.

Little Sister

If you’re in the mood for authentic Southeast Asian cuisine paired with beer and wine, then Little Sister is the place to be. The place is a famous culinary destination for the young and adventurous California locals and travelers. They offer the best bahn mi’s in town including the imperial rolls stuffed with shrimp and taro root. For a heavier meal, try the glass noodles dipped in lime chili sauce which is their modern take on the classic pad thai dish. The noodles are best paired with the lemongrass fried chicken which you will surely be craving for when you leave LA.


This restaurant put Santa Monica back in the Los Angeles culinary map. Catering to the hip and dynamic crowd, the ambiance is nothing short of fun and laid back. Come through for a vibrant Vietnamese cocktail which will remind you of New York’s Indochine. Some of the dishes you must try are the laksa noodle curry and the kaya toast.

Alta Adams

You will immediately feel the warm and cozy ambiance at Alta Adams the moment you walk in. The interiors are inspired by Spanish revival homes clad in terra cotta tiles and honeyed wood planks. 

The menu at Alta Adams likewise exudes the same Southern California comfort, featuring dishes inspired by grandma’s home cooking. You must try the tender, fall-off-the-bone braised oxtail that is served with a vegan take on collard greens. It is served whole and on the rib, made with smoked oil. For dessert, savor a slice of their famous coconut cake. It gives a refreshing bite after a immensely savory meal.

All Day Baby

It can’t get more USA than this next restaurant. All Day Baby is a retro themed diner that serves up greasy spoon classics such as the smoked fish salad and the wedge salad. However, don’t mistaken it for a basic diner as all their dishes are elevated to cater to the specific tastes of their discerning restaurant visitors.

The popular roast beef sandwich is a cult favorite that All Day Baby elevated with smoked pub cheese and horseradish mayo. After a sumptuous savory meal, try their wide array of pastries by Thessa Diadem, or the boozy malted milkshake which you can only find in this diner.


Lasa is a Filipino restaurant located in the Far East Plaza. If you are uninitiated to this type of cuisine, then this may be the perfect introduction. Lasa serves contemporary takes on traditional Filipino dishes to cater to the taste of LA locals.

If you can, order the pork shank with garlic rice. Its limited and seasonal availability makes it extra crave-worthy. For starters, try the pan de sal French toast that is coated in whipped coconut cream and topped with grated egg yolk. Those two are the most popular dishes served by the restaurant that are served at any time of the day.

Highly Likely

Highly Likely has a bright and minimalist vibe that specializes in whipping up the best breakfast classics in town. The cafe boasts of a menu that serves California takes on usual breakfast dishes. The entire menu is great, and if you can, try as much dishes before you trip to Los Angeles ends.

What stands out in the menu are the fish sandwich, made with freshly caught, tempura battered fish drizzled with kosho tartar sauce. If you’re looking for a little more variety, try the Japanese porridge bowl with their originally made pickles in dashi broth, served with Okinawa potatoes, greens, miso granola, mushrooms, and a soft boiled egg.


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