30s Male Born between 1975-1985?

I feel most for the male demographic born and raised in small towns, from like 1975-1985. Entering 20s and early adulthood, views of life almost established and set in stone

These will be the ones that struggle the most with the recent evolution of times

The pattern that’ll contribute to the surge of middle age divorces, if we
Do not learn to communicate efficiently.
How to navigate conflict

The man does not win, simply because he is the man, or provider.

And relationships will not last because of the pressure of being frowned upon if separated

In that evolution, we’ve made it acceptable and welcome that divorces and separation are ok…

And they are!

Sometimes that pressure of being frowned upon was enough glue to get some of those marriages through the 80s. Or hard times. Or whatever. And in the end, the no other option of ride or die adds value to the anchor in we what call forever love….

At the rate times are shifting, one will not work for forty years after high school at the same job, in the same house, providing for his family. That was the image that accommodated when we say make America great again.

I’m not certain how we cannot see that the outcome cannot be duplicated with a different set of starting variables.

What made America great was the moral standards, the etiquette, the respect, that came with family. Unity. And religion….

Whether you are religious or not, When we strayed from religion as a whole is when we started to collapse.

30s male

Because backed by love, and the traditions that we instilled, and love and religion were the roots of what created a morally righteous path of life….

You don’t have to be religious to be a good person. To have morals. To live in an honorable way. The most honorable people I’ve ever known were ones who suffered from the consequences of their own wrong doing…
In a chapter where honorable may have been the l opposite of how they were living…
But the downfall of America came with the downfall of the church…

And not my words totally. Several direct correlations cited in scholarly articles on the topic of anthropology. This has absolutely nothing to do with the validity of religion itself, or why you believe. Merely the actuality of the patterns and trends and how they shift and correlate with times and society

And so you see how time changes everything. Perception. Even the ability to make us contradictions of who we are and what we believe….

It would start with right now. Everything in who you are. Who you’ve been. You’ve seen the way time changes us too. We have now, this moment

To be grateful for. To understand. To learn. Accept. Love….
Over and over again.
Drop the dead weight

Be on the outside, as you know you are on the inside. It’s only up to you to be the change you wish to see, and by doing so, you will be alone

But nothing fucking beats living a life of passion!!!!!

High thoughts. Stretching
Mood is solid don’t get it twisted.

Don’t talk to me if ya can’t drop depth, add quality or be nice

Pew pew

Nam Thomas @namnamnamm


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