Meditation for Beginners - Best Tutorials and Podcasts

It is understandable to feel anxious and stressed with all that is happening in the world right now. There is a lot going on as of this moment: from the ongoing pandemic to the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Mental health is a taboo issue back then. Those who experience depression and anxiety were shunned and considered “crazy”. Some even attributed these as an effect of mood swings.

Thankfully, we now live in a time where talking about mental health is not a forbidden issue anymore. In fact, more and more people begin to open up their personal mental health struggles.

Likewise, more and more people seek help to get through with their mental health issues. There is still that unavoidable stigma, but not as worst anymore unlike before. In fact, there are already a lot of resources and ways to improve the state of your mental health.

The power of meditation

More and more people also discover the benefits of meditation in improving one’s state of mind. Like how we take care of our body, it should also be the same as our mental health.

Most people think meditating involves sitting Indian sit style while chanting “omm”. However, it involves more than that. It requires deep breaths and keeping your mind calm.

In the philosophy of Buddhism, the most important benefit of meditation is freeing the mind of things that we cannot control. It is also letting go of the clings of experience, whether good or bad. Instead, it maintains a sense of harmony and peace of mind.

The National Institutes of Health reports that meditating can help a lot with depression, insomnia, and anxiety. It helps in reducing one’s stress due to the chaos of the world around us.

Aside from these, meditation also helps in improving one’s health such as the following:

  • Improves one’s blood circulation, heart rate, and blood pressure
  • Lowers the level of blood cortisol
  • Perspires less
  • Slows down respiratory rate
  • Happier perspective in life

To meditate, you should lie or sit comfortably first. Better yet, invest in a cushion or meditation chair. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and naturally.

Focus on your breathing. Feel your breath and how your body moves with every inhale and exhales. You don’t have to quicken your breath and just breathe naturally like how you breathe while sleeping. If you are feeling your mind slipping somewhere, re-focus on your breathing.

Meditation tutorials and podcasts you should check out

Meditation for Beginners - Best Tutorials and Podcasts

Relax and calm your mind with these meditation tutorials and podcasts. Listening to these will help you kickstart your day in a relaxing way.


  1. Check out this simple breathing exercise. It will help improve your breathing and promote calmness in your mind as well.
  2. Listen to “Weightless” by Marconi Union. This is a very long one, yet an effective way to calm your mind and reduce the feeling of anxiety. In fact, one study revealed that this track helped reduce listeners’ anxiety by as much as 65 percent.
  3. This recording will make you feel like in a secluded forest. So far, it has already made millions of insomniacs everywhere. Feel calm and serene listening to the sound of chirping birds and running water.
  4. You can also check out this 10-minute meditation. A perfect time to listen to when you feel stressed and overwhelmed in life.


  1. Mindfulness Mode – Bruce Langford

This podcast is meant to promote calmness and mindfulness among its listeners. It is easy to listen to and a great addition to your normal daily routine. Langford also invites guests who share their own insights about meditation and a better and calmer mind.

2. Pathway to Happiness – Gary Van Warmerdam

This is another podcast that you should add to your list. It seeks to get rid of negativity and let happiness come into their lives. In addition, the said podcast also gives useful insights that will help improve one’s perception of life in general.

3. Tara Brach

Brach is a popular mindfulness meditation guru. The podcast usually focuses on spiritual awakening and emotional healing. Her teachings are a combination of Buddhist practice and Western psychology.

4. UCLA Meditation at the Hammer

This podcast is hosted by Diana Winston, MARC’s Director of Mindful Education. It covers various themes every week, including new life lessons and meditations. You should listen to this podcast if you are a newbie to meditation and would want to learn more.

5. OneMind Meditation

Hosted by Morgan Dix, this podcast aims to help the listeners to share insights about meditation and mindfulness. Dix is also a yoga expert and has authored several books. He also invites guests who share valuable insights about meditation.

6. The Daily Meditation Podcast

This podcast is hosted by a certified meditation teacher, Mary Meckley. She promotes meditation as an important part of everyone’s lives. Meckley will also guide you to meditate and also answers questions about the topic.

If you enjoyed this article, click HERE to find out which are the best apps that will help you out with your first steps with meditation!

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