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Peanutbutter & Jelly Sandwi…uhm…Bowl!

Yes, you’ve read that right!

Everyone can have a peanutbutter & jelly sandwich, but have you ever had a peanutbutter & jelly bowl? I bet not!
So if you’re a person that appreciates nice & colourful bowls, healthy ingredients, breakfasts and the combination of sweet & salty, look no further, this is your next favourite meal!

no words needed *yumm*

What you need:

  • 1/2 apple or banana
  • 50 g oats
  • 150 ml water
  • 100 ml oatmilk or equivalent
  • 1 dash of salt
  • 2 teaspoons of your favourite peanutbutter (we recommend crunchy!)
  • optional: 1 teaspoon agave syrup
  • maple syrup or date syrup

For the topping:

  • 50 g berry jam
  • 1 teaspoon peanutbutter
  • handful of berries
  • 10 g peanuts


  • Take the appple and cut it into small pieces – or use a grater to do an even better job. If you decided to go with bananas, use a fork to mash the fruit.
  • Mix banana/apple, oats, water, oatmilk and salt.
  • Put the mixture in a pot and heat it up – don’t forget to stir!
  • After ~3 minutes remove the pot from the stove, add some peanutbutter and the rest of your oatmilk.
  • Add agave-, maple- and/or date syrup as desired
  • Put the finshed mixture in a bowl and finish off with berry jam, peanutbutter and fresh berries
  • ENJOY!

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