Pimp up your GoPro - Go Pro in traveling
GoPro Accessories: Waterproof case

You’ve probably heard about one of the smallest cameras called GoPro – now the question is, is it advisable to use for traveling? And what GoPro Accessorie are out there?

The simple answer is, absolutely. GoPro camera is so small and can fit anywhere. If you’re saving space on your luggage, then don’t worry, because this won’t consume much. It can even fit in your pocket. It’s not surprising why this is a common pick for backpackers. It’s light, small, easy to use, incredibly cheaper than other professional cameras like DSLR.


  • Pros of having GoPro as your camera
  • Cons of GoPro
  • GoPro accessories that you’ll need
  • Tips on using it


They’re tiny

GoPros are small enough to fit in your pocket. It saves a lot of space and is light, which is truly helpful if you’re a backpacker because you wouldn’t worry much about its weight and size.

The quality is brilliant and is easy to use

If you’re new in photography and don’t have many experiences with cameras, then this would be a good camera for you, because it’s easier to use than other professional cameras.

It can be used underwater

OKAY WAIT! Before you say wow, be informed that you can’t use them underwater without housing. You can use it underwater when you have a protective case and it is capable of withstanding depths up to 197 feet (60 meters).


GoPros have the feature of creating a fisheye look. This doesn’t have the zoom option unlike the DSLR’s, but it can be cropped. Big subjects can be captured in a very close shot.


Its small size, lightweight and durability are the reasons why GoPro is easy to wear. You can wear it on your head, chest, wrist, or helmet.


Fixed focal length

Unlike other cameras, there’s no zoom. You can, however, crop the photos.

Photo quality (not for professional use)

Unlike DSLRs, you can’t sell photos using GoPro, because the photos are not as good as professional cameras. GoPro cameras only shoot JPEG images. On the contrary, RAW images (shot in DSLR cameras) contain much more detail and have more potential in editing.

Short battery life

I said it. However, one way to overcome that is to swap the battery out. Use an external battery pack or add a long-life battery.


This camera isn’t for taking photos of something moving. Controls aren’t as responsive as they could be. It is designed to capture decent stills.

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Pimp up your GoPro - Go Pro in traveling
GoPro Accessories

GoPro Accessorie Nr. 1: Waterproof case

For underwater uses, you’ll prefer to protect your camera using a waterproof case for extra protection. Because obviously, you wouldn’t want to ruin your expensive piece of kit.

GoPro Accessorie Nr. 2: Memory card

You’ll need a decent memory card to have enough space for the photos and videos that you’ll shoot. You can buy a SanDisk Micro SD Card and choose how many GB according to your preference.

GoPro Accessorie Nr. 3: Diving hand grip

If you’re using it underwater, you wouldn’t want your camera to be very close to you. Diving hand grips can be related as your underwater selfie stick.

GoPro Accessorie Nr. 4: Gekkopod

Gekkopod is a tiny, bendy tripod. You can wrap it anywhere because it’s flexible, or use it to stand up on a table. Aside from that, you can use it as a mini shooting handheld. What’s more is, it’s small and light, so it wouldn’t consume a huge space in your bag.

GoPro Accessorie Nr. 5: Small external battery (batteries)

Earlier we mentioned that GoPros have poor battery features. That said, it would be highly advisable to have at least one backup battery so that you can make the most out of it for that certain day. The battery juice drains more quickly when filming.


Pimp up your GoPro - Go Pro in traveling
GoPro Accessories

Plan your battery life

Make sure that you’ll have backup batteries so that you can use it for a longer time.

Be closer to your subject

If you can remember well, GoPros doesn’t have a zoom feature, so you’ll have to exert a little effort in capturing photos.

Set it to the highest quality mode

Setting it to this mode will take up more space, but it’s advisable because – you wouldn’t like to have lesser quality photos, won’t you? You can never say that you’ll have another chance to take photos of that certain subject again, so better give it the best shot possible.


 Using GoPro for traveling is highly advisable, especially if you’re going to take photos/videos underwater and are saving space. It’s not a perfect camera for everything because of its limits, but it is useful if you’re into action sports or water sports. I look forward to its new features as they release the newest versions soon!

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