Rome, Italy: Where to Eat, Must-try Restaurants

Rome dining

Rome, Italy is particularly famous for its cuisine. Through the years, Italian food has crossed the borders and found its way to our local hometowns. It is easily one of the world’s most favorite cuisines that are now pretty common not just in Rome, but in other countries as well.
Heres our Top Restaurants in Rome :

plate of pasta in Rome
Top Restaurants in Rome

Tasting authentic Italian food in Rome will still leave you in awe. Common comfort food such as pasta and pizza are served with such elegance. It’s a pleasant surprise that these common dishes could taste so gourmet. It is safe to conclude that everything in Rome is served with so much class. The dishes definitely taste as good as they look.

Since Rome is sprawling with cafes, trattorias, and seafood restaurants, it could get quite difficult to decide on where to eat especially during your first time traveling to the city. With countless options available and with limited time touring, you don’t want to waste time on a meal that is so-so. This guide will take you from traditional trattorias and the best pizzeria to romantic fine dining restaurants with breathtaking views of the city.

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Top Restaurants in Rome

Da Felice

Da Felice is a traditional Testaccio trattoria that features authentic homegrown Roman cooking. While most tourists head for Trastevere, locals know that Testaccio is the real place to get a taste of authentic cuisine in Rome. 

It is a family-run trattoria which has gained an impressive wine selection. However, the menu is still as authentic as it has been for years. A must-try item on their menu is the bucatini all’amatriciana which is a hollow spaghetti in tomato sauce and pecorino cheese. Another famous dish is the tonnarelli cacio e pepe, which is strands of egg-rich pasta noodles with sheep’s cheese dressing. It is a unique dish with the best reviews. For dessert, don’t miss out on their tiramisu. 

Fair warning: Da Felice is always fully booked so plan your trip ahead and make reservations.

Armando al Pantheon

Armando al Pantheon is a traditional trattoria next to the Pantheon. Stop by after your tour of Rome to get a taste of their authentic dishes. Armando al Pantheon is a family-ran business that has been around for decades. It has been known as the perfect traditional trattoria. Enjoy a cozy and laid back ambiance, perfect for a mid-day meal.

The food speaks for itself– tasty and authentic. Famous items on the menu that you must try are the spaghetti all’amatriciana or alla gricia (a tomato-less pasta). They offer seasonal dishes such as the famous spring salad made of puntarelle, asparagus, chicory, and anchovy sauce. Armando an Pantheon also displays an extensive wine list to match the menu. You will truly enjoy a hearty meal and cap it off with a glass of fine wine.


Bistrot 64 is the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome. It has a modern menu featuring fusions of other cuisines with Italian. A couple of must-try items on their menu are the blue risotto and the purple potatoes served with blueberries and mascarpone.

This restaurant shows a creative way of celebrating food and Roman cuisine. The dishes are definitely Instagram-worthy and incredibly unique. If you’re looking for a fun yet fine meal then this is definitely the place that captures both.


Pierluigi is a posh Roman trattoria in Rome Centro. The biggest celebrities and politicians dine in this restaurant whenever they are in Rome. It offers a modern take on classic Roman dishes, served more creatively. They offer the freshest seafood options that are perfect as starters. The restaurant has a cocktail bar which makes it perfect for an afternoon drink. Get to enjoy a classy meal in a laid back speakeasy-feel ambiance.

Deli sandwich
Top Restaurants in Rome


Roscioli is the best Roman deli-restaurant in the city. It is located at Campo de Fiori. Here, you can find a wide selection of authentic Italian salamis, cheeses, smoked fish, and other artisinal meats. They have a wine cellar with a great selection to match the amazing tastes of the deli’s offerings. 

The place is buzzing and full of people but it is worth the wait. Roscioli is operated by two local brothers who share a passion for cooking. They can whip up simple dishes with remarkable flavors. One of their knoen dishes is the cantabarian anchovies on buttered toast. Sounds simple yet it tastes so gourmet because of the quality of ingredients used and the freshness of the meats and seafood. 

Here, you can find the Italian classics such as carbonara. Regular visitors and locals know that you are not restricted by what is on the menu. Feel free to tweak the dishes and ask the chefs for recommendations.

La Gata Mangiona

This place is known as the best pizzeria in Rome. La Gata Mangiona is an old establishment in Monteverde Nuovo that serves gourmet versions of Italy’s favorite street food.

The pizzas are made perfectly. The base is crunchy on the outside but light and airy upon that first bite. All of the pizza crusts are freshly made and tossed by the masterful hands of La Gata Mangiona’s owners.

La Gata Mangonia’s specialty is the dolceforte with ricotta, courgettes, anchovies, pesto, and romano cheese on top. They use the freshest ingredients on the pizzas which are then cooked to perfection. They also feature gourmet versions of Roman staples such as bruschetta and suppli. Watch out for the daily specials featuring a variety of pasta dishes. The pizzeria serves wine wine but craft beer is their specialty. If you want a laid back and fun dinner ambiance, this is the place to visit.

Per Me

If you are craving for the freshest seafood, Per Me is the place to go. It is located in Centro Storico, highly accessible to tourists. Inside it features an elegant, minimalist ambiance. The restaurant has an al fresco dining area that is typical in Rome.

A must-try item on the menu is the roasted cuttlefish. It is served with sea urchin dipped in bagna cauda sauce. They use the freshest ingredients that you can find in the market and create a dish out of them. If your taste buds are craving for strong, daring flavors, Per Me is the next restaurant you should try.

Conveniently, you can choose your own tasting menu to filter out which ones you want to try. It is best to avail of the four-course meal for 85 euros. It is such a bargain for an elevated meal. Per Me has an impressive wine selection that goes with the dishes served. You can also visit during lunch time as they serve a more affordable tappi menu (the Chef’s Italian homage to the Spanish tapas).

Pizza in Rome
Top Restaurants in Rome

Antico Arco

Antico Arco is the best option for value for money gourmet dining in Trastevere, Rome. The relaxing intimate interiors makes the experience much like that of a hole in the wall restaurant’s. The restaurant’s contemporary menu features the freshest ingredients that can be found in Rome.

The menu offers more classic specialties which includes the risotto al Cantelmagno con riduzione di Nebbiolo. The desserts are to die for and you must try the caramel coated pears. Antico Arco’s impressive wine list is filled with a selection of little-known brands that have exquisite taste. This experience is great for adventurous wine drinkers.

Il Pagliaccio

Il Pagliaccio is a high-end fine dining restaurant located in Campo de Fiori. It has a more modern and innovative take on Italian cuisine. The interiors are warm and zen, creating the perfect ambiance for a fine meal.

Must-try items on the menu include the amaranth-grain spaghetti with sea urchins and mantis shrimps. Don’t think of skimping on their desserts because you will never regret it. 

Il Pagliaccio’s wine list is presented by no less than award-winning sommelier, Matteo Zappile. It is best to opt for the eight course meal to get the full experience.

La Pergola

La Pergola is a fine dining restaurant near the Vatican. It is most famous for its beautiful views, making it perfect for a romantic date night. From here you will see the city of Rome and the Vatican in panoramic view. Feel the opulence in the ambiance as you dine with one of the most stunning views in Rome. 

If you are visiting La Pergola for the first time, it is highly recommended to opt for the seven course meal. This will hold you back 225 euros per person, but the experience is priceless.

The most famous dishes on their menu are the carbonara concerto and the fagotelli La Pergola. The desserts are equally spectacular, and the wine list is the most extensive among the other restaurants you will get to visit in Rome.


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