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Self Quarantine Makes You Depressed? Boost Your Mood!

Self Quarantine Makes You Depressed? Boost Your Mood!

In today’s crisis happening to the world because of the spread of Novel Corona Virus, or formally known as COVID-19, as governments order, it is mandatory to practice social distancing and to stay at home in self-quarantine to prevent the spread of the said virus.

Covid-19, part of the Corona Virus family (such as MERS and SARS), is the most recently discovered corona disease which causes illness in the respiratory system. The outbreak began in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Its symptoms include fever, tiredness, and dry cough and some patients may have nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat and diarrhea. The virus spreads through man-to-man contact so extra precautions are advised.

Despite these health measurements to prevent COVID-19, we may not prevent the incoming of anxiety, fear, and even depression while you are in self-quarantine. Here some tips stay sane in times of crisis.

Limit exposure to the news

In these crises, we must maintain knowledge of what is happening outside. However, for people with rapid increase of anxiety levels due to what is happening around the world, limit your news intake to stay sane and calm. Take an initiative to schedule and limit the television viewing as well as the social media exposure. If you really need to stay informed of what is happening outside, ask a friend or a family member to inform you what you really need to know.

Plan out your daily routines

Self Quarantine Makes You Depressed? Boost Your Mood!

In order for us to find calmness in the middle of chaos, planning our daily routines will help us find the comfort we needed. Daily routines help our mental health to know what we needed to do rather than just sitting and waiting for news.

Breathing exercises

For people with anxiety or panic attacks, breathing is very helpful. But for people without it, it is also helpful not just to achieved calmness but also in order to reach our rational thinking as well. So, take that huge breath to lessen our anxiety in this kind of situation.

Get some fresh air

Self Quarantine Makes You Depressed? Boost Your Mood!

Together with the breathing exercises, open your doors and windows just to feel the breeze of fresh air. Don’t go outside though. You might want to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea by your door or window.

Consider these fun-filled activities during self-quarantine

Cleaning your house

Since you have been going to the office every day, we tend to forget to clean every inch of the house. Now is the time for you to do your job and make a dust-proof and sanitize the house. It can also boost your mood and increase your dopamine levels. After all, you can not go outside since you are self-quarantined, you have nothing to do but to relax at your home, so why stay at a dirty house if you have time to clean?

Rediscover your inner artist-soul by doodling

Self Quarantine Makes You Depressed? Boost Your Mood!

With 1/3 of your life spent into work, you are given additional time for yourself. Let’s revisit those frustrations and hobbies and draw your favorite artwork. Studies also show that doodling can lead to a meditative state that reduces anxiety.

Take a lap in your home every once in a while

Physical activity such as walking can provide mental health benefits, too. Taking a walk can boost your creativity and make you happier. It can reduce your boredom as well.

Take more time to sleep

This is your chance to recover from all the sleep-deprived moments in your life. Sleeping also boosts your immune system and help fight viruses. But you also need to limit your sleep in seven to nine hours a day.

Talk to a friend, but of course with a safe distance

Since you are in self-quarantine in your house for days or weeks, maybe it is time to revisit the old relationship with your long-lost friends. Studies show that talking with someone can make you resilient to stress. So, it is time to catch up with your old friends and maybe, you can have a get together after this crisis.


Ohmmm Ohmmm. Inner peace… Inner peace…” Doing yoga can give you a lot of benefits including reduced anxiety. It benefits both physical and mental health. Yoga improves heart health, sleep quality, flexibility, balance, breathing, and strength. So, start spreading that yoga mat and do some stretching and do the “Ohmmmmm.. ohmmmmm..”

Listen to music

Self Quarantine Makes You Depressed? Boost Your Mood!

People posted a lot of videos that gone viral which showed people singing. It shows that people still support each other in times of crisis. Also, singing and/or listening to music can boost your mental health. It can reduce your anxiety levels and boost your mood in times of crisis.

Every day we face our challenges and problems, most of the time, alone. It is good that even though the world facing this crisis, people are there to support each other.

I feel you, self-quarantine is boring. HERE you can read more about how to get through isolation.


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