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Thailand Travel Guide: Important Things to Know for Planning Your Holiday

Thailand Travel Guide: Important Things to Know for Planning Your Holiday

Traveling is more than just for leisure or for business purposes. It should also be a way to refresh and immerse yourself into other cultures. We all deserve a break, so why not plan on traveling to a place you’ve never been to?

There are a lot of tourist destinations in and out of your country that you can visit one of these days. Or perhaps you might want to travel to another country, say, Thailand?

Basic facts about Thailand

Asia has a lot of offers when it comes to tourist destinations, and Thailand is one of them. In fact, Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, has more than 30 million tourists annually. Among ASEAN countries, Thailand has the second largest economy next to Indonesia as of 2019.

Its official country name is the Kingdom of Thailand. Before it became known as Thailand, this country was known as Siam. The country is bordered by Laos (north), Myanmar (northwest), Cambodia (southeast), and Malaysia (south).

Thailand Travel Guide: Important Things to Know for Planning Your Holiday

Although bordered by several countries, it still features rich coastlines. Thailand also boasts of its rich history, world-class cuisines, and breath-taking tourist attractions. Thailand is also the only Southeast Asian country not colonized by Westerners.

Seasoned travelers all over the world have most likely visited this Asian country at least once in their lives. For one thing, this is one country that you should include in your travel bucket list. Like visiting any other place or country, you need to be acquainted with their culture and other basic information about them.

Locals speak Thai as their primary language. However, a lot of them can speak and understand English. More than 90 percent of Thais practice Theravada Buddhism, while Islam is the second at around 5 percent.

Their main currency is Thai Baht (32 THB = $1 USD) and mostly pay cash (although credit cards are also accepted).

What to look forward in Thailand

Thailand is home to countless tourist spots, friendly locals, and diverse cultures. But if you are planning to visit, travel experts recommend doing so between April to December.

If you are planning to book in a beach resort, then you can do so in these months. However, you should avoid going to the country from August to October due to frequent rainfall.

Meanwhile, you can also visit around January to February if you are looking forward to sightseeing. These months won’t make you sweat too much especially if you want to explore the towns there.

Your Thai experience would not be complete without attending their popular festivals. But if you hate large crowds, you might want to avoid visiting the country during these times. More often than not, there will be lots of locals and tourists alike down the streets.

Thailand Travel Guide: Important Things to Know for Planning Your Holiday

There’s Songkran Festival that happens in the second week of April. Be ready to get wet and splash water on other people – in a fun way, of course.

And then there is also Loi Krathong, which usually falls in November. Thais make baskets crafted from wood and leaves, and then float them off the river. You can also see lighted lanterns floating and illuminating the night sky.

And did we mention that you also need to visit Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations? Go solo backpacking or enjoy the company of your friends – you will never forget your entire Thai travel experience!


Sunset in Bangkok

Your travel experience in this country would not be complete without visiting the capital, Bangkok. The capital is also Thailand’s economic, commercial, and political hub. At the same time, it does not get out of touch of its historic roots. Visit the Grand Palace, the floating market, and the night market for late-night food trips.

Krabi and Phuket

Phuket is also one of the most-visited province in Thailand and known for its pristine beaches. Aside from swimming and diving, you can also try out cooking classes being offered there and visit the old town.

Chiang Mai

Located in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is home to delicious local delicacies and digital nomads. Visit Doi Inthanon National Park, nearby Chiang Rai, and their weekend markets.


An overnight stay is too short when you visit Thailand. There are so many things you can do and explore in this beautiful Southeast Asian country. Your travel experience won’t be complete without paying a visit to Thailand.

Given the alarming threat of a health epidemic these past few months, international travel may not be recommended as of now. But just in case, you can still plan your trip to Thailand as early as now.

What we can do for now is to implement common sense when it comes to personal hygiene. At the same time, we can only pray that this global health threat ceases as soon as possible. Thailand will always be there, looking forward to being visited by tourists like you!

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