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The 10 Best Airlines To Fly With In Asia (2020)

The 10 Best Airlines To Flight With In Asia

Whenever you’ll travel, regardless if local or international, one of the things that you’ll consider is the airline you’ll book in to bring you to your destination. Though each airline has its specialties, uniqueness, and features, there will always something that standouts. Being in a great airline doesn’t mean you’ll always need to go to the first or business class, but the quality of the services the airline offers even in their economy flights.

With so many airlines in Asia to choose from, we listed down the best airlines in Asia. From its services, comfort, and accommodation – these airlines are the ones that left the passengers an unforgettable experience in their journey – from the air to their destination.

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Qatar Airways

The 10 Best Airlines To Flight With In Asia

Qatar Airways won multiple awards over the years. They’re best known for their Best Catering, Best First Class Airline Lounge, and Best Business Class. They fly over 150 destinations across the globe. Aside from the catering, airline lounge, and business class flights, they’re also known for their in-flight entertainment. Not only that they’re considered one of the best airlines in Asia and in the Middle East, too.

Singapore Airlines

The 10 Best Airlines To Flight With In Asia

Singapore Airlines is known for its top-notch in-flight entertainment, comfort, luxury. They are well-trained to treat their customers with extreme care and respect. Each passenger has their TVs with plenty of entertainment options and even hot towels are served before takeoff. Their official home base is at Changi International Airport which is also known as the best airport in the world. They said the airline is awarded as the Best Airlines in Asia, Best Business Class Airline Seat, and Best Premium Economy Catering.

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

The 10 Best Airlines To Flight With In Asia

ANA has one of the largest fleets of the Boeing 787 Dreamliners and is known for its spaciousness, regardless if your flight is business, first-class, or economy. They have consistently won awards for their safety, cleanliness, and service. In 2019, they won the Best Business Class in Asia title, and Best Airline Staff Cabin Crew, for their customers in both business and economy are highly satisfied.


Emirates is known for its state-of-the-art entertainment system which includes a diverse hub of films, sporting events, music, live television. They have free access to Wi-Fi, which is something that most airlines don’t offer and also have a bar where you can get some cocktails. They won the Best In-Flight Entertainment award for 13 years straight.


The 10 Best Airlines To Flight With In Asia

EVA Air has a 5-star rating for cabin and seat cleanliness, entertainment and attention to cabin safety. They’re certainly known for the great food that they offer and accessories. Known for their “premium economy” cabin, EVA won the World’s Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness and Best Business Class Comfort Amenities.

Thai Airways

In 2017, Thai Airways won the World’s Best Economy Class award, World’s Best Economy Class Onboard Catering, and the World’s Best Airline Spa Facilities. They’re known for their quality service and efficiency. In 2019, they won the awards of Best Airline Staff in Asia and Best Cabin crew in Thailand, as well as the World’s Best Airline Spa Facility that gives the customers light and relaxing experience like no other. This includes the peaceful music and essential oil Thai massage. Cool, right?

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is from in Hong Kong and is surely one of the most respected airlines from the Pacific Rim known for its finest flying experiences in Asia. The seats are comfortable and the crew is friendly, and the quality of the in-flight entertainment. They fly to a wide variety of places with 76 destinations in 34 countries. They invested in newly delivered Airbus A350s to keep up with the competition.

Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines is China’s fourth-biggest airline founded in 1993, and the only Chinese airline that holds the Skytrax 5-star rating. The airline has attentive service and quality business class accommodations. They won the Best Airline in China and Best Airline Staff Service in China. Hainan is also expanding throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Etihad Airways

Flying apartments and plush first-class suits are what Etihad is famous for. Etihad’s economy class has an impressive entertainment facility like a wide selection of film, live TV, TV shows, and music. In 2019, they won the Best First Class in the Middle East and previous titles of Best First Class Onboard Catering, World’s Best First Class, and Best First Class Seat.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is surely known among Asia airlines for its excellent customer service, polite and well-coordinated ground staff, comfortable cabins, and spotless planes. They have the following awards: five-star Airline, World Best Economy class in 2019, Best Economy Class Airline Seat in 2019 by Skytrax and Best Airline in Japan for 2019 Travelers’ Choice Awards.

Now that you know the best airlines in Asia, you have just to choose the location! Click HERE!


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