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The 20 Best Jobs for making money while traveling

Sick of your office and the weather in your country? This article might help you living your dream life abroad

The 20 Best Jobs for making money while traveling
The best travel jobs

Whenever people hear the word, “travel,” the next thing that comes in their minds is the expenses. That is of course, understandable because it’s pretty rare to travel for free (lucky if you have sponsors!) But have you ever thought of working while traveling? Yes, making money while traveling the world! What’s great about this is, it’s a win-win situation – you travel, learn and explore different places/countries, yet at the same time, earning money. Another good thing about this is, some travel jobs won’t require a college degree. Whether you studied college or not, there’s no reason for you to remain jobless – because there are lots of fun and amazing opportunities to choose from to start making money!

 But let’s be real – nothing can happen in an instant. Some jobs require training, passion, commitment, and talent. It takes patience, hard work, inspiration, skill. You get the idea.

In this article, we’re going to share the top 20 jobs that can help you earn money while traveling!

The 20 Best Jobs for making money while traveling
Make money while travelling
 Before anything else, four job categories will be discussed in this article.

1. Travel industry careers

These are the traditional jobs under the field of business travel, hospitality, and tourism industry. Some of the examples under this category are travel agent, tourism marketing, tour guide, etc.

2. Digital Nomads

These are the jobs that only require a computer/laptop and an internet connection. People under this category can work anywhere as long as they have internet connections. You can see them working in coffee shops, hotels, traveling with their laptop with them, and so on. Some of the examples are people with online businesses, freelance writers, vloggers, etc.

3. Expat Traveling Jobs

Expat stands for “expatriate.” This means you’re a citizen of one country, but you decided to live in a foreign country and settle with a job on your own. Some of the examples are English teacher, nanny, etc.

4. Backpacker jobs

This type of work won’t necessarily need a computer or college degree, but more on a hands-on approach. Some of the examples are musicians, artists, street vendors, etc.

Now, here are the Top 20 jobs for making money while traveling!

1. Videography / Vlogging / YouTube

This is certainly the MOST popular job for people who are under the Gen Y and Gen Z ages. A lot of vloggers are getting popular on the internet by reviewing different products, visiting events or places that they’ll focus on, gaming, making humorous videos, makeup, or anything that will capture a netizen’s interest. The more popular your videos/YouTube channel, the more income you get, of course. This will also demand skills in video editing.

2. Online Virtual Assistant

This job is more of a home-based job or can be anywhere with an internet connection. Online Virtual Assistant demands someone to respond to customer inquiries, managing schedules, and calendars, etc. This is the modern alternative of the assistants that we used to work within offices of different companies.

3. Freelance Travel Writer

Writing about travel sure is fun and a dream job of people who breathe words, but it’s not for all people. You’re expected to be good at writing and are articulate of course (that’s given), is knowledgeable with networking, pitching to editors, etc. Writing isn’t as easy as it sounds, because it involves a lot of thinking. You should be aware that there is such thing as ‘writer’s block,’ but it’s something that can’t be handled. This is a test of inspiration and passion!

4. Travel blogging

This job will certainly need a lot of traveling (yay!). It is where you create a blog and write stuff about traveling to inform people about what to expect, what to do, what to prepare, etc. when they’re planning to travel. Maintaining a travel blog isn’t as easy as it sounds, and it can take years to build a lot of audiences to increase traffic on your website. Aside from this, you can also blog about topics that interest people such as lifestyle, fashion, books, and so on.

5. Local tour guide

If you love traveling and are willing to share your knowledge about a certain destination, then this can be for you. Being a local tour guide, of course, will need a certain location where you can focus on, and you’ll need to find tourists who can hire you as you tour them around the place. You’ll need to be a vocal person here and give the tourists some trivia and other information that they should know to make things more appreciated and interesting.

6. Flight attendant

Traveling as a flight attendant sure looks like a cool job, especially because you can visit different countries, cities, experiencing different cultures, getting accommodations for less, and so on. Being in the clouds, however, is highly exhausting and can be lonely. This involves a lot of training and even patience, especially when some passengers are short-tempered.

7. Internet poker

This may sound to be a lot different or probably weird, but yes, it does exist. Playing poker for a living, online or at real tables, but it takes a lot of work to make this sustainable. Being good with numbers is a must, strong willpower to play for lots of hours, and being emotionally stable. How is it traveling, you might ask? Some communities have players who sometimes travel together while doing this.

8. Teach English abroad

If you can speak in English – fluently, then this can be for you! English teachers are highly needed in different parts of the world. Having this job means you’ll teach overseas, but in some cases, online because English classes are sometimes also held online if the client prefers convenience.

9. Translator jobs

You’ll need to know a second language to be a freelance language translator. This job won’t be limited to being in another country and be a translator of a foreigner, but this can also involve translating for product manuals, books, and as a start, you might translate menus, be a part of the tours, etc. As expected, the more fluent you are, the more money you can make.

10. Cruise Sailing Jobs

Ever thought of traveling around the world on a cruise (basically a floating hotel) where you can be a kitchen staff or assistant of people for their rooms and whatnot? Then this might be for you. With every stopover in a certain port, you can get the chance to take a glance at the country where the cruise stopped. Food and accommodation are also covered, so you can spend less when working here. Sounds fancy enough, right?

11. Yacht Sailing Jobs

If there’s a cruise, then there’s also a yacht. This might be a smaller one, but this also means that you’ll travel along with a rich guy who owns one. You can be his staff just like the position on the cruise, and at the same time, all expenses are also paid.

12.Website & Graphic Design

This position is highly suitable for digital nomads who, as long as they have their laptop, some software and internet connection, knowledge, and skills, they’ll be good. Some designers that fall under this category sometimes travel with their devices for inspiration, until they come up with something.

13. Au Pair Traveling Jobs

An au pair is a professional live-in babysitter or nanny hired by a family. Not only this, but teach the kids some new language and do some household chores in exchange for a room, board, and weekly income. This job allows to live in a foreign country and experience the culture as you explore and familiarize yourself in the country where you are in.

14. Freelance Travel Photographer

Being a professional travel photographer means you’re going to different places locally or internationally, with your camera and different equipment, and sell those photos. It takes a lot of work because, to capture amazing photos, you’ll need some knowledge of photography. As a result, those photos taken will be used in magazines, books, websites, etc. It can be learned, of course, not to mention, fun!

15. Scuba Diving Instructor

Love swimming? Then this might be for you! Just like how the words were used, you’ll be teaching swimmers scuba diving. Not only because you can swim, but also see the beauties of nature below. There are lots of diving sites in different countries where you can earn money. This, however, requires serious training and certification to become a Scuba Instructor.

16. Traveling Festival Work

Being a part of a festival doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the one who’ll be on stage to perform, but some big events around the world will need side-stage acts, installations, event staff, and food vendors. A lot of staff will be needed on the actual event especially if the event is a big one.

17. List Your Place On Airbnb

If you’ve heard of Airbnb, then you’ll get this easily – it’s a holiday apartment booking site that enables a tourist to stay in people’s homes instead of hotels. With this, tourists can save money for cheaper rates, especially if they’re not planning to spend an entire day in a hotel.

18. Freelance Travel Marketing

If you have a business or a background in marketing, then this will be more doable. This is where you’ll meet plenty of people helping authors of brands to get their name out to a wider audience while traveling. This travel brands can be hotels, magazines, companies, blogs, etc.

19. Work at Backpacker Hostels

Backpacker hostels oftentimes hire travelers to fill positions on a short-term basis in exchange for a free room, board and of course, money. This can be from working at the front desk, housekeeping, or bartending. Some hostels offer long-term paid positions too.

20. Travel Agent

Travel agents sell vacations to people who don’t want to plan their trip. Travel agents are the ones who plan the entire itinerary – from transportation, lodging, activities, and destinations. As a start, you can choose to work for a larger and more established travel agency before starting your own, just for the experience.

Now that you’ve seen those options, are you ready to work while traveling? If so, then that’s great! No job is easy – but with passion, determination, inspiration, skills, and resources, nothing can stop you. Live life. Work. Travel. Enjoy!

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