We all want that glowing young-looking skin that needs no filtering or retouching. But how to get it? And what products to use? If you are like me, you’ve probably already tried most of the creams and scrubs out there that make it seem possible. But, I didn’t get the results I wanted just by using the products that were advertised as being the magical solution to my skin problems. So, to help you out, I’ve put together a few tips and tricks to get you closer to that beautiful, glowing skin you’re looking for, without having to pay a fortune for expensive care products.

You have to remove that makeup!

So, you were at a party and got home late and you just don’t feel like removing the makeup you put on your precious face? Oh no sweets! That’s the biggest mistake you can do that will lead you straight to clogged pores, blackheads and pimples. ALWAYS, ALWAYS remove your makeup at the end of the day. It’s a must! The skin needs to breathe overnight and is in repair mode. Leaving your makeup on will only prevent your cells from getting the oxygen they need to rejuvenate. Get yourself a good makeup remover for eyes and face or even better, use a natural product like coconut oil to get rid of it all. I find that coconut oil removes stubborn makeup, especially waterproof mascara. And, on the plus side, it’s not expensive and has only one ingredient! Also, don’t go crazy on that exfoliation. Your face doesn’t need that much scrubbing to get rid of impurities. Plus, too much exfoliation will remove your skin’s natural oils and will cause breakouts. Once every one or two weeks should be good enough.

Resist the popping

I know it’s hard, because I struggle with that as well, but DO NOT pop your pimples! It will only make things worse. When you pop your pimples, you are damaging your skin by squeezing it, hence why you get red, swollen, sometimes leaving a scar. Instead, wash your face with a cleanser that has alpha hydroxyl acid or beta hydroxyl acid. Pat it dry and apply a lotion or cream that contains benzoyl peroxide (acne cream) at least twice a day. Let your body do the work. It will get rid of them, just be patient and resist the temptation of squeezing!

You are my Sunshine!

The sun is good for your skin and its rays help your body produce vitamin D, but those same rays can be damaging. We’ve heard so many times that sun rays can be very harmful and can lead to wrinkles and aging skin. Well, it’s true! So please do protect your skin and apply sunscreen or a facial lotion that has an SPF of at least 15 that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. And don’t think that because it’s cloudy outside, there’s no need for sunscreen. Oh no, my friend! Those rays still get through the clouds and are still hitting your skin without you knowing. So apply your protective cream even on those cloudy days!

Catch those Z’s

We know that a goodnight’s sleep is very important to the mind and body… but also to the skin! Getting enough sleep will help you get that oxygen to your cells and repair all the damage. If you’re tired, your skin will look tired as well. And don’t forget to cleanse your face (and remove the makeup!) and apply a good hydrating cream or oil. In the morning, you can spray a little rose water on your face to help reduce the puffiness around your eyes and hydrate your skin.

Eat healthy, look healthy!

What you eat directly affects your body and your skin. Maybe you never noticed, but try eating healthier for a few days, and your skin will get clearer and healthier looking. A diet rich in vitamin C and low in sugar will help keep your insulin levels low and is one of the keys to better skin.

Eight cups a day

Of water that is! You need to drink up all the water you can throughout the day. That liquid gold is essential to our health in so many ways. You can also get that extra water from fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon, tomatoes, and oranges. Water will help all the creams you apply to keep your skin hydrated but on the inside!

Exercise for the Body, Mind and Skin!

When you exercise, you increase blood circulation, which helps get all the nutrients to all your cells, including the ones in your face! Exercising is also a good way to keep your cortisol levels, the stress hormone, low. Ever notice that when you’re stressed out, you breakout? Well I have! So, go out there and get moving, do some yoga, go for a walk, hit the gym, do anything that will help you get rid of that stress that affects your brain, body and soul. And don’t forget to hydrate your skin after your workout, because your body will need that water.

Who needs a massage… your face does!

We all enjoy a good massage once in a while, but did you know that massaging your face is actually very beneficial for your skin? What it does is increase blood flow to your face and brings all the nutrients needed for your skin to keep looking young and healthy. So, while you’re applying your coconut, almond or olive oil at night (or any other lotion), just give your face a gentle 5-10 minute massage. You will look less stressed the next day and you will feel much better in the end.

You time is important too!

It is always important to take time for yourself to unwind and breath after a long day. Stress relief is crucial in maintaining good health in general and that applies to the skin as well. So, take time to meditate, enjoy good music, read a book, go for a walk, do something to ease your mind and soul and just enjoy the moment. Try to be positive and reach for that inner happiness and project it to others. Just smile, you will feel good and you will inevitably look good!

I hope you will give it a try and let me know if you see any changes in your skin’s health. In the end, even if it doesn’t make a huge difference, it’s all tips that will benefit you somehow. Don’t forget to smile! 😉


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