Top 10 Airbnb Rentals You Should Visit in Athens, Greece

BNB Athens

Athens is so easy to fall in love with. Its rich history, value for the arts, and vibrant culture makes the city a dream destination for many. Beauty can be found in every corner of Athens, from the ruins and museums to the streets filled with contemporary art. 

The busy streets come alive with modern cafes aligned with authentic restaurants and luxury stores. This city truly has something for everybody that will turn your vacation into a dream come true. However, one of the most important things to have an amazing time in another country is to book the best accommodations that will suit your preferences.

BNB hunting in Athens

Athens is sprawling with starred hotels and luxury resorts, but one of the best forms of accommodations in the city is a Airbnb. The Airbnb’s in Athens offer a wide range of features, from its accessibility to its amenities. BNB’s are great especially for those traveling in packs as it costs much less. It could actually be at par with a hotel’s accommodations, if you choose the right one.

Here, we will run you through our top BNB picks around Athens. These choices are based on location, interiors, and extra features that could make your trip extra special.

Villa Meliti spacious BNB loft
Villa Meliti spacious BNB loft

1. Villa Meliti – Keramikos

This spacious BNB is located in the famous Keramikos area, which is 2 kilometers away from the Acropolis. Upon entering, prepare to be in awe at the modern furnishings, tasteful interior design, and high ceiling. Its open layout gives guests so much space to move around.

Villa Meliti can house up to eight people in its four bedrooms. All of the bedrooms have access to the terrace and the patio that overlooks the indoor pool. On the other hand, the pool isn’t your typical plunge pool surrounded by sunbeds. It is a wave pool that has its own mechanism to give guests an extra bit of fun.

This space is perfect for groups of friends or families traveling together. With how nice this place is, you may never want to leave Athens.

Luxury loft BNB
Spacious rooms and majestic views from this luxury loft

2. Stunning Acropolis Views & Jacuzzi Luxury Loft

Step out onto the balcony and take in the panoramic views of the Acropolis. This luxury loft is located in the hip Psirri neighborhood, steps away from the trendy shops and cafes of Athens. Its clean, contemporary interiors makes this place feel so refreshing.

The loft can house up to four guests in two king beds. After a long day of touring, unwind in the hot tub right inside the dramatically lit shower room. Afterwatds, you can head out to the perfectly landscaped balcony for a night cap with a glass of wine and the stunning view.

Pool gazing Athens
Roof deck pool with a view

3. Relaxing by the Pool Gazing the Acropolis

Located in Monastiraki, this BNB is an 8-minute walk to the center of Athens. The stunning views of the Acropolis from the roof top pool is one of the best in the city. It is the perfect spot to cool down and relax to make the most of our holiday.

This BNB is immensely spacious for two people. The whole apartment is fully-decked with everything you need (including WiFi). Its modern furnishings create a cozy ambiance, perfect for couples traveling to Athens.

New BNB house
Charming new BNB in the perfect location

4. Dreamy House Near The Acropolis

This newly constructed BNB is located in a safe and quiet neighborhood near central Athens. The whole place is very bright and cozy, perfectly sized to accommodate two people. Its clean, minimalist interiors and beautiful mood lights create the mood for an amazing holiday.

Outside the huge glass window, you will see a charming garden patio shaded by artfully designed pergola. Enjoy having a hearty breakfast meal and a cup of coffee in the garden patio before getting on your day of touring.

Lycabettus roof garden BNB
A relaxing jacuzzi in a roof garden deck

5. Lycabettus Roof Garden

This BNB boasts of stunning views of the Acropolis close by. It sits on the fifth floor of a residential building, offering clear, wide views even at night. The spacious flat is designed for couples traveling to Athens. Everything you may need in a BNB is here, and more.

The room has floor-to-ceiling windows, making it bright and refreshing. When you step out to the huge balcony, a relaxing lounge awaits. At night, the sky lights up with city lights, illuminating the whole view from the terrace. Right by the lounge is a heated Jacuzzi, ideal for a night cap. 

Lycabettus Hill Penthouse BNB
Penthouse BNB with an amazing private pool

6. Lycabettus Hill Penthouse

This penthouse BNB can be found uniquely in the middle of Athens. Albeit its central location, the neighborhood is peacefully tucked away from common tourist areas. Lycabettus Hill Penthouse can house seven guests in its three bedrooms. The interiors strike the balance between cozy and luxe.

Step outside the living room straight to the private garden deck with a huge swimming pool. The pool faces the Acropolis which lights up beautifully at night. On the other end of the garden deck is the grand al fresco dining area with a fireplace. Enjoy a luxurious dinner with views of the hill, conveniently in your vacation home.

Happy colour apartment Athens
Artfully designed bedroom of this colourful apartment

7. Happy Color Apartment

This recently renovated BNB is a few steps away from major historical sites and the best restaurants around Athens. Its quirky, contemporary interiors make it a unique find in the city. Every corner is curated with stylish pieces of furniture, creating a laidback, playful ambiance.

Happy Color Apartment can house two guests. The large floor-to-ceiling windows showcase stunning views while letting natural light fill the room. Generally, the BNB has everything you need– from laundry amenities to kitchenware.

Relaxing panoramic views of the Acropolis from this suite

8. A Luxury Suite with Large Windows

Located a short walk from restaurants and retail stores, this luxury BNB boasts of a breathtaking view of the Acropolis and the Pnyx. Its main feature are the large windows that envelope the living room area. At night, the city of Athens sparkles through the windows, creating a romantic atmosphere. If it gets chilly, the indoor fireplace will do the trick. It is a sight to come home to at the end of each touring day.

Mornings are equally beautiful as you can have breakfast facing the stunning views of the city. The spacious BNB can accommodate two guests very comfortably. 

Industrial loft Athens
Hang-out at this charming terrace with Acropolis view

9. Industrial Loft – Acropolis View

Located in the urban area of Psiri, this industrial BNB fits perfectly into the neighborhood’s personality. It’s fun, modern, and tastefully made. The loft can accommodate up to six guests in its two bedrooms. There so much space for everyone, because of its clean, open layout.

It boasts of its magnificent views of the Acropolis from its charming terrace. Enjoy a cup of coffee from the apartment’s Nespresso machine while marveling at the beauty of Athens from this penthouse.

Athens Avaton BNB
The perfect view from a jacuzzi in Athens Avaton

10. Athens Avaton – Acropolis Suite with Jacuzzi

This BNB scores a five star rating for its location, its interiors, and its majestic views. It is unbelievable to find a rare suite such as the Athens Avaton right in the middle of the city. The interiors are curated with the finest furniture and appliances. It exudes a luxe aesthetic highly comparable to that of a five-star hotel.

The bedroom is surrounded by large panoramic windows that gives you the most stunning views as you wake up. The living room has equally large glass windows overlooking the city. Step outside the balcony and into a heated jacuzzi that faces right towards the Acropolis. Enjoy a night cap with a glass of wine while hanging out in the jacuzzi, surrounded by the sights and sounds of beautiful Athens. 

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