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Top 10 Spots to Visit in the Village of Marken, Netherlands

Top 10 Spots to Visit in the Village of Marken, Netherlands

The Netherlands has a lot more to offer in terms of tourist attractions. They do have the postcard-worthy views of the windmills and the tulips. If you are planning to go to The Netherlands, you should definitely visit the village of Marken.

The village of Marken is located in the municipality of Waterland in Northern Holland. Marken was formerly an island located in Zuiderzee bay until 1957 when it joined Northern Holland through a dike.

Prior to that, the fishing trade in Marken ended around 1932 when the Afsluitdijk dam was built. At that same time, Zuiderzee turned into a freshwater lake as well. It turned out to be a blessing, as flooding was a common occurrence in the said country.

Nonetheless, there is no reason not to include Marken in your upcoming travel bucket list. There are a lot of reasons why you should – from its wooden houses to its traditions untouched for many years. You can also avail of a tour and explore what the village of Marken has to offer.

What to check out in Marken

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit different countries. It can be due to limited resources or because you’re too busy in your personal endeavors. However, you should get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the world around you.

This is one reason why you should definitely check out Marken. It may not be a popular go-to tourist destination, unlike Paris or Tokyo. But you won’t regret visiting this place once you have seen the village of Marken.

Marken Museum

The Marken Museum mainly focuses on the place’s fishing and its overall history. It also features six smokehouses formerly used to smoke eel. Back then, smoking eel was a major contributor to Marken’s economy. However, these smokehouses are already obsolete and became historical artifacts of its fishing heritage.

The museum also features interiors and furniture that speak of its local history. It also includes a display of the area’s traditional clothing encased in protective glass containers.

Marken Horse (Paard van Marken)

Another tourist attraction in Marken that you want to take note of is the Paard van Marken. It is actually a lighthouse located on the east coast and constructed sometime around 1839. Its foghorn is still functional and the entire lighthouse is still being used to guide seafarers.

As of now, the lighthouse is closed to the public. However, feel free to sit on one of the benches nearby with a perfect view of the Markermeer.

Wooden Shoe Factory

Want to experience shoemaking? Then you should visit an authentic, Dutch-style clog-making factory and store. You will learn how these clogs are made the traditional way. What makes it more interesting is that it uses those old-school clog-making machines dating back to 1913. You can bring one home as a souvenir.

Flood Memorial

The Flood Memorial stands in the harbor’s entrance and built in 1916. Marken would have been flooded all the time if the Afsluitdjik dam hadn’t been built in the 1930s. During high tides, the North Sea wreaked havoc on the village and caused frequent floods. However, the fishing trade in Marken stopped after the dam’s completion.

Kijkhuisje Sijtje Boes

This is another museum named after Sijtje Boes. The story is that Boes realized the potential of Marken village as a tourist destination. Her efforts paid off when she was finally allowed to build a souvenir shop later on. It also helped put the village on the map as a must-see tourist destination.

Watersnood Wandeling Marken

This place features a walking path that marked the devastating impact of the 1916 major flood. Nearby, you will also see the Rozewerf icebreakers off the south coast of the island.

Grote Kerk

This one features a neo-Renaissance church which was built at the dawn of the 20th century. The original fixture and monuments are still there including the pulpit, chandeliers, and lectern. All of these artifacts were made as early as the 1600s.

Other things you can see in the historical church include the 18th-century baptismal font, models of traditional ships, and a WW2-era steam lugger.

Volendam Marken Express

You can ride the ferry, have a snack and drink in the bar and enjoy the view on the top deck.

Werf Trail

The Werf Trail is a 7 km-route that spans several nodes or trail systems. You will surely appreciate Marken’s landscape and scenic views. The werfs were built by the people living in the area. They used different materials including household wastes and manure.

Walk Tour

Your trip to Marken would not be complete without joining a walking tour. Your tour guide will be donning the traditional costume for an unforgettable Marken trip experience.

Getting excited to visit this quaint village of Marken? Well, you have to wait for a while until everything is already okay. We all know the world has been affected by the ongoing virus. So, make sure to take note of this place and you might want to include in your next travel list.

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