Top 20 Must-try Sites and Activities When You Visit Sydney

Top 20 Must-try Sites and Activities When You Visit Sydney

Have you ever been to a city where beautiful beaches, historical sites, magnificent shows, and exquisite restaurants are just in one place? If not, you have not been in Sydney.

Let us unwrap the wonderful gifts brought by Sydney.

Discover Sydney with these worldly sites that will make you love every inch of the city.

Sydney Opera House

Top 20 Must-try Sites and Activities When You Visit Sydney

One of the most known architectural sites of the 20th century, the Sydney Opera House is a combination of ancient and modernist influences. It is the symbol of architectural elegance, structural integrity, and technological innovation. In 2007, the Opera House was included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Plenty of events and shows going on in the Opera House, it has an average of 40 shows per week. It is a good way to start your trip in Sydney.

Darling Harbor

Top 20 Must-try Sites and Activities When You Visit Sydney

It is a large recreational park where you can find a lot of activities. Water activities, carnivals, Museum hopping, shopping, trips, and tours are available in the area. Nightlife scenery in the harbor is also a must-try

Bondi Beach

Top 20 Must-try Sites and Activities When You Visit Sydney

Enjoy the morning walks, views, beach-activities, and even whale-watching activity here at Bondi Beach with its curly waves and fine sand. If you want to do food trips around the area, picnics and fish and chips are popular activities are also welcome.

Royal Botanical Garden

This is the oldest botanical garden and scientific institution in Australia, which is established in 1816. It has around 1.4 million botanical specimens placed in the institution. It occupies more than 27 hectares of land. Tours around the area are also available. The whole day is worth spending in the Royal Botanical Garden.

Circular Quay

Top 20 Must-try Sites and Activities When You Visit Sydney

Bring your date and have a romantic getaway with visiting Circular Quay. This is the gateway to the wonderful things Sydney Harbor has to offer. You can catch a ferry and tour around in Manly, Watsons Bay, Taronga Zoo, and under Sydney Harbor Bridge. Also, try fine dining restaurants around the corner where you can see the picturesque view of the harbor and the Opera House.

Luna Park

Top 20 Must-try Sites and Activities When You Visit Sydney

Amusement parks are popular among kids as well as childlike adults who are still into this. If you still want some old school entertaining park rides, never miss out on the opportunity to visit in Luna Park.

Manly Beach

If you want some lowkey beach but also some water activities you want, take a look at Manly Beach. It lies in a beachside suburb in Sydney and is ideal for beach volleyball, kayaking, scuba, and surfing. It also showcases a wide variety of dining options, museums, sea life sanctuary, and promotes shark diving experience.

Taronga Zoo

Have a meet and greet with your favorite Australian animals like koalas and kangaroos, as well as giraffes, penguins, and owls here at Taronga Zoo. You can learn a lot from these animals about their natural habitat and way of living. They’re also a lot of nature-related activities available when you visit the zoo.

Top of Sydney Tower

Top 20 Must-try Sites and Activities When You Visit Sydney

If you want to see the overlooking view of Sydney, you must try to look at the top of Sydney Tower and the highest point in the city. Enjoy the panoramic views of the city, day and night. Skywalk is also a must-try for tourists who wanted an extreme adventure.

Popular Museums

Since the city is the largest in Australia, a lot of world-class museums are waiting for you to visit. If you are into great natural history collection, come visit the Australian Museum. Also, be prepared to be amazed by science, design, innovation, and technology in the Powerhouse Museum where it features steam engines and the life of the ’80s. Also check out the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, one of the UNESCO-listed Heritage Site where it tells its history to become a convict barracks and an asylum for women.

Historic Pub Crawl

Learn history while drinking at the same time. You can only do that here in the Historic Pub Crawl. Sydney, during the early days of Europe settlers, is rich with the fascinating history of gang life, brothels, unsolved murders and alike. Entertaining tours are available in the area.

Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

Take travel back in the 1930s and visit Hayden Orpheum that has been operating since then. You can also see the flashing neon light signs outside the place with a 1930’s vibe. There is also a photo backdrop boot which added to the theme of the place. Movies, which starts with a theater organ playing, few silent movies and such are still available to watch in Hayden Orpheum.

 Sydney Market

One way to fully learn about a certain place is by going to their market. Since Sydney has coastal areas, a lot of quality fresh kinds of seafood are available in the area. Several cafes and restaurants, as well as a sushi bar and Chinese Seafood restaurant onsite.

Cockatoo Island

A former convict penal establishment and ship dockyard, it is now included at UNESCO World Heritage List because of its historical value. The island had witnessed a lot of convict transportation and forced labor. It also has maritime history existing through the island. Aside from this, the place is also a popular camping site and also has a giant chess board featured in the Visitor’s Center.

Camden Valley

Either you have a fear of heights or not, you will enjoy your visit here in Camden Valley where a lot of hot air balloons floats to the skyline of Sydney. Never miss a chance and you might want to go there around four in the morning.

Sydney Cricket Ground

Top 20 Must-try Sites and Activities When You Visit Sydney

Love sports? Never miss watching one of the games here in the SCG where you can also watch with a huge crowd. A lot of football fans are gathering here to witness fulfilled excitement games mostly on weekends.

Elizabeth Farm

Filled with Europeans history, you can make yourself at home at this museum here in Elizabeth Farm. You can access every corner of the museum and there are no doors locked. Enjoy the Devonshire tea while you spend your time in the tearoom on site. Various tours are available when you visit Elizabeth Farm.

The Rocks

Since this is the first site of European settlement, you may also want to visit The Rocks that has a lot of historical values. It also became the first convict site of the Europeans.

Paddy’s Market

For over 150 years of existence, Paddy’s market still seats on its place to serve people what they need. It has over 1000 stalls, it is also the largest market in the city. A lot of souvenirs, home displays, and such are available in Paddy. Food stalls and restaurants are available within the vicinity.

Blue Mountains

Top 20 Must-try Sites and Activities When You Visit Sydney

One of the most popular and iconic days trips out from Sydney, Blue Mountains are a spectacular display of New South Wales nature at its finest. This area of Australia is sure to give you awe-inspiring viewpoints, a variety of hiking trail options, and wildlife spotting opportunities. The mountains get their blue tint from the mass of Eucalyptus forests in the park.

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