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Top 8 Mass Building Food to Include in Your Diet

Mass building food options are relatively easy to access and cook up for your daily meal preps. However for most body builders, following a strict diet is more difficult than keeping up with their workout regimen. A proper mass building diet keeps your body in an anabolic state, growing your muscles while your entire body is recovering from a workout. Thus, it is as essential as following your workout routine.

Lucky for us, there are very simple types of food that you can easily include in your mass building diet. It includes the nutrition you need to keep up with your training, as well as the elements your body needs to gain muscle. Here, you will find the top eight mass building food you need to consider in revamping your meal plan.

Mass building food

1. Eggs

Eggs are the highest quality source of protein. It contains a lot vitamins and minerals your body will need to sustain all your workouts. However, too much eggs and an ecessive intake of yolks way will generate fats. To minimize the fat intake from eggs, remove 4 yolks from every 6 eggs keep only the egg whites. 

The body is able to absorb and retain high amounts of protein from eggs which makes it ideal for those who are into mass building. Make it a standard part of your breakfast meal and feel free to create your own high-protein omelets. 

2. Milk

Slow-digesting sources of protein such as dairy can push a consistent amount of amino acids through your bloodstream. Needless to say, amino acids are necessary in building mass and gaining muscle. Apart from the protein, milk is heavy on calcium and Vitamin D which are necessary to strengthen bones and muscles. 

When you need a quick source of protein, don’t hesitate to grab that carton of milk. It covers your hydration needs while filling you up with the necessary nutrients to support your mass building diet.

3. Beef

Red meat is still the best source of quality protein among all mass building food. A rule of thumb is to choose your red meat wisely. The cut of the meat you are about to intake matters as some cuts are high in fat content. Choose lean meat that contains only around 6 grams of fat for every 6 ounces of serving. Some of these types of meat are 95% lean ground beef, sirloin tip, eye round, bottom round, and top sirloin. Enjoy them fresh off the grill with a side of mashed yam or veggies. 

4. Chicken or Turkey

Both chicken and turkey produce high amounts of protein versus fat– the ideal dietary equation towards bulking up muscles. A six ounce serving of skinless chicken breast can generate 40 grams of protein and only 2 grams of fat. The ratio is already undeniably good, but it gets better with turkey breast. Turkey meat is packed with 42 grams of protein and only one gram of fat per six ounce serving.

The best part is that you can eat either of these two white meats as much as four times a day without worrying about fat build-up. Their sole purpose is to add more gains into your ripped muscles. Plus, these are very easy-to-find that even common fast food chains carry grilled chicken or turkey sandwiches.

5. Tuna

Among the options of protein-heavy fish, tuna is the best high-quality mass building source. It is high in protein at 44 grams for every six ounces of serving. That’s even more quality protein than chicken or turkey! 

The best part about tuna is that it doesn’t make you feel bloated around the stomach area. Even when paired with brown rice, you get satisfyingly full without the uncomfortable feeling of bloated-ness.

6. Brown Rice

Brown rice burns slower than normal white rice, which helps in providing your body with sustenance for your workout. It gives you more sustained energy and also has more stored nutrients. In the process of converting brown rice to white, more than 90% of its vitamins are lost.

Help yourself for a cup or two of brown rice in a day, but limit the intake to after 5 in the afternoon.

7. Nuts & Seeds

When you’re looking for a quick snack to munch on, go for nuts and seeds rather than something fast-burning. Although they are high in fats, nuts are also packed with antioxidants and protein. Studies show that eating a 1.5 ounce pack of nuts per day can lower the risk of heart disease. That doubles its benefits far beyond mass building. Make this a staple in your diet, and feel free to grab a pack of unsalted mixed nuts when you feel peckish.

8. Yams

Yams are a slow-burning carb source that also contains vitamin C and potassium. It is an excellent alternative to brown rice if you need a variety in your mass building food plan. Yams are also rich in fiber, which can also help power your digestion apart from being a good source of quality carbs.


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