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Top 5 unknown activities in Boracay that you should do

Make the most out of your trip to boracay

Best Boracay Activities
Boracay activities Unkown

Boracay island is one of the most popular and most visited islands in the Philippines for its beaches, white sand, crystal clear waters, diverse marine life, water activities, and so much more. It’s not just popular with the local visitors, but most especially, the foreign visitors as well. But aside from those, what are the activities that you shouldn’t miss aside from swimming, sunbathing, island hopping, banana boat, and walking along the beach while watching the sunset with your lover? (If you don’t have a lover, well, who knows? Maybe you can find one there!)

            Kidding aside, let’s hear some of the less popular activities in Boracay!

Boracay Helmet diving

Boracay Helmet diving

There will always be people who aren’t exactly confident about swimming. But in this activity, you wouldn’t need swimming or diving skills because all you need to do is to put an underwater helmet and ta-da! You can now see different kinds of fish that you can feed, and not to mention, they won’t be afraid of you. You might not be able to explore underwater tunnels like in scuba diving, but what makes helmet diving special is, the guide will take photos of you while you’re underwater, and give the photos to you as a souvenir.

Mermaid lessons

One of the most special Boracay activities: Men Mermaid Boracay Mermaid school

Are you a fan of Disney’s Little Mermaid and fell in love with its story? Even more, reading fantasy novels or watching movies with mermaids? Well, now’s your chance to be one! This activity is available at Puka beach. There will be someone who’ll teach how to swim like one while wearing a mermaid suit. Of course, taking photos is a must that will be posted on Facebook or Instagram for others to see. It’ll be perfect for groups. Puka beach is also known as one of the tranquil beaches in Boracay, perfect for people who wants to escape the huge crowd and prepare a picnic, swim in the blue waters, and watch the sunset.

Hurom-Hurom cold springs

Hurom Hurom Cold spring Boracay

Knowing that there are around 17 beaches that can be seen in Boracay island, anyone might consider taking a break from the long day. Hurom Hurom is hidden in Aklan’s main province and the refreshing feeling of the water flows directly from the mountain.

Nightlife, with fire dancers

Boracay Fire Dance

This might sound like it’s not supposed to be on this list, but nightlife is simply one of the activities that Boracay is known for, which is why it’s included in this list. Boracay is a party island, and for those who are into different foods, shopping, live music, and impressive fire shows, this is highly recommended. However, it’s not advisable for those who prefer tranquil nights.

Helicopter beach tour

Boracay Helicopter Beach Tours

Water, earth, fire … and now, air! Now that we’re done with exploring the waters, enjoying the white sand and watching the fire shows, air comes next. Helicopter beach tour enables the tourists to see the aerial view of the entire island, seeing different beaches and those who are doing water activities like swimming, parasailing, riding banana boats, island hopping, and others from above.

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