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Trying to Get Bigger? Don’t Commit These Mistakes

Trying to get bigger? Don’t commit these mistakes

Get bigger and gain muscle is just as difficult as losing weight.

A lot of people are trying to get that slim body they are dreaming about. On the contrary, we may overlook skinny people who are trying to gain weight and build muscles as well.

The thing is a lot of misconception and a self-taught regimen can bring more harm than good to your body. You may be wasting time and money on your self-taught (unsupported scientific claims) fitness regimen.

Here are some mistakes you may be committing over and over again in gaining weight and get bigger.

Wrong choice of food and not eating on time

A lot of people tend to choose chips rather than natural foods. We often do this a lot if we want to reward ourselves in doing something good and some accomplishment. It may be good to some extent but not ALWAYS. It’s also an unnatural way of gaining weight and muscles. It would also increase greater health risk rather than living your hard-earned body in vain.

It’s also common sense that if you skip meals, rather than gaining, you might lose weight. This is your greatest foe in this journey. Eating more is better than eating less, and of course, with a healthy meal. Try to consider getting your protein and calories on meat and other protein-based foods rather than processed food. This will help you gain weight and build your muscles with proper training.

Get bigger happens overnight: OF COURSE NOT!

Goals are much appreciated if you earned it in the proper way (not just in fitness, but also in other aspects of life). Nothing good comes too easy if you set unrealistic goals that you wanted to happen in a short time. So, if someone offered you an overnight success, assess it yourself if this is too good to be true. Stick to scientific-proven regimen and fitness blogs (like this) to make sure you are on the right track on your fitness journey.

Random training leads to injury

Trying to get bigger? Don’t commit these mistakes

Beginners always wanted to try out-of-the-league kind of training since they think they can do anything besides level one exercises. Let me tell you something, you will not reach your goal if you do not know the basics. If you try to do intense training without building enough muscles from the basics, you will end up injuring yourself. There are no shortcuts in attaining your goal. Start from the bottom and you will appreciate more of yourself when you reached the top.

Inconsistent body training

If the Israelites, lead by Moses, took 40 years to reach the promised land instead of reaching it in 40-days because of inconsistency, you too will end up the same. If you keep thinking of an excuse for not going to the gym, it may take you years to reach your goal. Just keep on pushing your limits to attain your goals.

Improper mindset

Aside from training your body, it is important to also train your mind against a bad habit that will destroy your fitness journey. Temptation lies ahead in every journey. It could lead to stressing yourself about unimportant and unrelated things to your journey. It is important to keep on focusing on your goal. One way to put this is to make the fitness one of your priorities. Instead of going out on a Friday night, you might want to keep distance on people who will just destroy your dreams of having a shaped and healthy body. Challenge yourself to defeat your demons in every way possible to have steady progress towards your goal.

Artificial supplements boost your way to get bigger

Marketers tend to represent “what is an ideal body” is and achieving it by their product. This might be a successful ad campaign but this will also ruin your path. As I’ve said, there is no overnight success. Too-good-to-be-true shortcuts can harm you and defeat your purpose in achieving what you have started. Artificial supplements may, in some way, help you a little, but it can also harm your internals. You might end up being addicted to artificial supplements. This is a big mistake in the world of fitness. You need to stick to a more natural, straight path, journey and not rely on the shortcuts.

Comparing your current state to others

Stressing too often because you can’t build muscles and weight as fast as other people is wrong. It is important that in every journey, people have the same road you took, it just happened that they took it earlier than you. It’s also important that everybody types are different from others. You are just worrying yourself too much that you can’t build your desired body. Always appreciate your progress. Inspiration from others can help but comparing too much progress cannot help you in attaining your goal.

Inadequate sleep and recovery

Others tend to disregard proper sleep and recovery as long as they are doing their workout. Little did you know, sleep helps build the muscles. Strength training breaks muscles and sleep helps to restructure it and this is where your muscles will grow. It is important not to overwork your muscles and give them the rest they deserve.  

OK, now that you know the mistakes to avoid to get bigger, you should learn more about nutrition and diet! Click HERE


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