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Unique Things to do in Bali, Indonesia: Must-try Experiences

Unique Things to do in Bali, Indonesia: Must-try Experiences

Bali, Indonesia is known for its surf-worthy waves and numerous pristine beaches. The usual contents of an itinerary to the island includes shopping, temple tours, surfing, and enjoying the night life. However, there is more to this island than most tourists have come to recognize. Bali has a plethora of unique things you can do that will make you keep coming back to the island for more.

In this list, we have narrowed down the most underrated and unique things to do in Bali. This is most fitting for those who are looking for a variety of activities to make the most out of their island experience. This is also perfect for tourists returning to Bali, to give you something new to look forward to on your next trip back.

Coffee Tasting

Unique Things to do in Bali, Indonesia: Must-try Experiences

If you haven’t done a coffee tasting tour, then you haven’t really been to Bali. The island is sprawling with tour groups that offer coffee tasting trips. However, the best and most authentic ones we have found are in Ubud. Enjoy a day filled with at least twenty tiny cups of various coffee concoctions using different organically grown beans. At one part of the tour, they will even show you how the beans are harvested and manually ground.

The most famous, not to mention most expensive coffee in Bali is the luwak coffee which comes from an animal’s poo. It may sound gross but it is the best tasting and smoothest among all the coffee you have tried in your life. The animal is called a luwak, and they are part of the tour. You will get to see how they are taken cared of to produce those amazing coffee beans.

Art Shopping

Unknown to most tourists, Bali has a thriving local art community. If you manage to make your way to Ubud, visit the Art Village and find hundreds of kiosks in the market selling art. All of the pieces are created by local artists. You can get paintings of traditional elephants which is said to bring good luck. A little further inside the market, you will find contemporary abstract art pieces for your decorative needs.

Along the streets of the Art Village are local coffee shops that brew the freshest, organic Balinese coffee beans. It is the perfect stop-over in the middle of a vibrant day filled with creativity and color. Truly, this is one of the most unique things to do in Bali.

Unique Things to do in Bali, Indonesia: Must-try Experiences

Bike Tour

Another unique thing to do in Bali is the bike tour. It is highly recommended because it is an eco-friendly way to tour the rural areas of the island. You will get to see the authentic everyday life of the people of Bali. Part of the tour are several stops to visit traditional temples, underrated cities, and even homes of locals. 

If you are lucky enough, you may even encounter a parade which for a religious activity. It cannot get more “National Geographic” than that. There is no better way to spend a day than by biking through preserved towns and scenic paths in the middle of rice fields.

Traditional Massage

Bali is popular for being a plethora of spas for specialty massages. Choose among a wide selection of wellness establishments that provide stunning views as you get an outdoor massage. Usually, there are shower areas and hot tubs en suite in the massage rooms. To get this experience, check out Karsa Spa in Kabupaten Gianyar. They also offer a personalized massage treatment where you get to choose the parts to focus on.

The Balinese massage is a signature type of treatment that includes a prayer before beginning the therapy. The goal of the entire process is for you to have physical, mental, and emotional healing as the session progresses. It is a holistic, therapeutic treatment that you can get right in the beautiful island of Bali.

Unique Things to do in Bali, Indonesia: Must-try Experiences

Bali Safari

Most tourists have gone to the Bali Zoo but it is rare for anyone you’ve heard to tell you about the Bali Safari. This is one of the most unique things to do in Bali because you actually get to experience wildlife living naturally while touring the park. The 40-hectare park is home to more than 400 animals ranging from tigers, kimodo dragons, cheetahs, and zebras, to name a few. You can also experience riding an elephant and watch the rhinos up close as part of your safari journey.

The Bali Safari also boasts itself for its culinary expertise displayed at Tsavo restaurant. Sumptuous meals are served throughout the day so you can take quick breaks to refuel and enjoy the rest of the safari.

Toya Devasya Hot Spring

Allow yourself to relax and unwind in Toya Devasya, a natural hot spring in Central Batur. This is the perfect way to cap your trip to Bali after days of high intensity activities. Reward yourself with a full day surrounded by nature in a serene enclave where you can slow down.

The hot spring is said to have healing properties that refresh your system after a long dip in their many pocket pools. Savor the warmth of the waters while marveling at the majestic views of the nearby Lake Batur. In addition to the world class facilities, a buffet is also available in the premises of Toya Devasya. You will surely get a day of sumptuous meals and complete relaxation. This is one of the most unique things you can do in Bali that you will certainly enjoy. 


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