Valencia Spain 2020 – 15 Best Things To Do

Valencia Spain 2020 - 15 Best Things To Do

Valencia, in the beautiful and historic country of Spain, is its third-largest city which offers a great combination of cultural attractions and breathtaking beaches to relax and get tanned. With the mixture of various new and old buildings, you will have a glimpse of medieval castles, modernist towers, and art deco architecture of huge shopping centers up to its little shops where you can find great places to eat and catch booze. It is also the home of the most famous Spanish dish, Paella.

This is the place where you can find Europe’s largest inner-city urban park and the famous Turia Park which is once a river. If you are into exploring Catholic artifacts, this where Holy Grail can be found, the cup that Jesus was supposed to have drunk from the last supper was said to be in safekeeping of a cathedral in Central Valencia.

Valencia’s sunny weather has more than 300 days of sunshine a year and experiences a light winter and occasional light rains. You can typically enjoy a day in this city by just sitting on a bench under the shades of palm trees while watching its blue skies.

If you are already planning your next trip with family or friends, Valencia is a must next travel destination that every tourist would surely enjoy.

Upon your arrival in Valencia, here are some of the exciting places to stroll at for that awesome experience.

1. City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia Spain 2020 - 15 Best Things To Do
The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Your trip to Valencia won’t be complete without seeing the City of Arts and Sciences or la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, the largest modernized scientific and cultural complex in Europe designed by Architect Santiago Calatrava. Inside this two-kilometer structure is where you will find Europe’s largest aquarium with almost 500 different marine life species that are set in seven different marine environments.

2. Oceanografic

Valencia Spain 2020 - 15 Best Things To Do

The lead attraction in the City of Arts and Sciences is this forefront oceanarium, with 45,000 individual animals from 500 species that was opened since 2003. You may pass through the longest underwater tunnel where you will witness the sharp-teethed sharks and discover the only family of beluga whales around Europe.

This is a whole sea of sensations that can spark one’s imagination while supporting its promotion of the conservation of seas and their inhabitants, disseminating the importance of their objectives to its community and the rest of the globe.

3. La Lonja de la Seda

Valencia Spain 2020 - 15 Best Things To Do
La Lonja de la Seda

This striking structure is the main attraction of the city, built between 1482 and 1533. This family of buildings was primarily used for trading in silk. The grandiose Sala de Contratacion or Trading Hall illustrates the power and wealth of a major Mediterranean mercantile city in the 15th and 16th centuries. You will be amazed at the dainty twisting columns of its main hall with its incredible details of the vaulted ceilings.

4. Valencia Cathedral

Valencia Spain 2020 - 15 Best Things To Do
Valencia Cathedral

The Cathedral of Valencia or also known as Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral is situated at the heart of the old town of Valencia called El Carmen. A Roman Catholic Church that was dedicated to Saint Mary, linking two of the most iconic plazas, Plaza de la Reina and Plaza de la Virgen.

It is an impressive structure that features a variety of architectural styles, including Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic.

5. El Miguelete

Valencia Spain 2020 - 15 Best Things To Do
El Miguelete

A 50.85 meters high Valencian Gothic-style bell tower that was built between 1381 and 1424 by Andres Julia and his associates, and was attached to the famous cathedral. You may get through this tower from inside the Cathedral’s spiral staircase that has 207 steps.

El Miguelete means Little Michael in English or El Micalet in Valencian language, may look like it has a missing roof or cover on the part where the bells are placed and were never been finished but it actually is. The construction has been halted and never resumed, it was decided by the locals to leave it that way and later became one of the city’s most famous symbols.

6. Casco Historico

Valencia Spain 2020 - 15 Best Things To Do
Casco Historico

Historic places in Spain are mostly located in the heart of Valencia. This is where you may wander on the must-see sights on this part of the city which is just a few minutes apart of walking.

Between each landmark are streets with a stretch of cafes, restaurants and local shops to choose from.  To conquer the summer heat, you may drop by Plaza de la Virgen for a cool glass of horchata, a drink made from ground almonds, tiger nuts and a variety of grains flavored with cinnamon and vanilla.

On its southern part is Neo-Mudejar Plaza de Torros or Bullring and the spectacular ticket hall of Estacio del Nord.

7. Barrio del Carmen

Valencia Spain 2020 - 15 Best Things To Do
Barrio del Carmen

A thousand-year-old northern part of the town between two walls of Muslim and Christian is the youngest and most bohemian part of the city. It is an emblematic neighborhood that can be found in the city’s old quarter, Ciutat Vella which took its name from Carmen Calzado convent that is just an adjacent square and a church.

8. Jardin del Turia

Jardin del Turia

The Jardin del Turia or Turia Garden is the biggest urban park in Spain with 110 hectares that has an estimated seven million visitors each year. It incorporates several sports pitches like Kids’ playing parks and the magnificent City of Arts and Sciences. 

9. Central Market

Central Market

The Central Market or Mercat Central is an amazing example of Valencian Art Nouveau that looks more like a cathedral than a public market. This place was used as an open-air market since 1839, but by the late 19th century, the city authorities were looking to build an indoor market space on its location. What they got was an impressive tribute to the architectural use of steel and glass.

If you are on a hunt for a Spanish delicacy that you love like chorizo, Jamon Iberico or manchego cheese, this will be your go-to place.

10. Malvarrosa Beach

Malvarrosa Beach

Playa de la Malvarrosa is the most popular beach in Valencia. With just a few minutes from the old town, you could spot yourself the Mediterranean beach. It is a wide strip of fine, golden sand beach that stretches for a kilometer along with the city’s seafront.

11. El Saler Beach

El Saler Beach

Compared to the urban beach of Malvarossa, El Saler Beach has a more natural setting, which means you will have more privacy and peace as you enjoy its 2.6 kilometers of white sands and pine trees on the coast of La Albufera Natural Reserve.

12. Hire a Bike

Hire a bike

Exploring and discovering the historical Spanish streets through riding bicycles can be the most entertaining and sustainable way. Because of its flat surface, it is ideal for cycling. It is also one of Europe’s best cities for bicycle riding that has the world’s most impressive green bicycle path, the Turia garden.

By renting a bicycle, you will get independence, comfort, and speed while you tour around the city.

13. Paella

Paella Valencia

If you want to have a taste of the best and authentic Paella in Valencia, you must visit the restaurants frequently visited by its locals. Several restaurants in Malvarossa that serves this type of dish.

As Spain’s most famous dish, all its ingredients are from the local market, from its rice up to the saffron and its flavors.

14. Parque Gulliver

Parque Gulliver

This park lies in the east of Turia Gardens, near the City of Arts and Sciences. This 70-meter attraction features Gulliver from the story of Gullivers Travels written by the famous Jonathan Swift. This is one of the well-known playgrounds in the city and has free admission, with different operations schedule depending on which month of the year.

15. Las Fallas

Las Fallas

This is a festival celebrated in Valencia from 1st to 19th of March. It is a festivity that combines tradition, satire, and art. This was observed to commemorate St. Joseph.

Traveling would be more fun as you discover, experience and explore its history, traditions, and delicacies. Plan to make the most of your time as you journey around the city. And when you go home, your experience is something you are going to look back again and again.

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