Video Conferencing - 10 Top Apps for Businesses (2020)

As the world progresses towards the digital age, businesses also found their way to reach out with their clients, workshops and seminars, and employees through video conferencing (VC).  It is their way to increase productivity, flexibility, and efficiency by tapping technology for their advantage.

VC comes with many names such as video calls, video chat, and even video telephony. It aims to enhance and improve “face-to-face” communication through the use of modern technology. Even in the time of crisis, a business can still reach their employees through it.

With this, a lot of VC apps are stepping up their game since competition is getting bigger every day. In choosing VC software, there are a lot of factors you need to consider, such as participants, cost, features, and duration. If your company is in dire need of an upgrade, make sure to stick in our list to have the best VC app for you.


Video Conferencing - 10 Top Apps for Businesses (2020)

If you want to host a meeting with a large number of audiences, let’s say video conferencing with 100 people at a time, it is possible with Zoom. You can schedule or call instantly your members to meet with the use of the app. On its business plan, you can call up to 24 hours non-stop call. This also includes advanced administrator meeting controls, reporting, custom personal meeting IDs, the option to let other people schedule meetings for you, and 1GB of cloud recording. Aside from that, it also comes with dedicated phone support, an administrator dashboard, vanity URLs, options for on-premises deployment, managed domains, single sign-on, company branding, custom emails, and cloud recording transcripts. There are a lot of plans offered by Zoom, just check it out here.


If you are not a tech-savvy type of person, this might be for you. GoToMeeting automatically setup your VC even without having enough knowledge of computers. All buttons are completely labeled which makes it simple to schedule, host, join and administer meetings. There are also tools you can use during your online meeting such as automatic transcripts, recording meetings, screen sharing and can also handle a lot of participants. Visit their page to know more about their pricing.


This is also one of the best VC apps for companies. It has valuable features such as HD video, Dolby Voice Audio, and background noise cancellation. It also offers cloud recording, screen sharing as well as integrate Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Teams, Skype (Business) and Slack. It can also host 50-100 participants all at once. You can view their pricing here.


Video Conferencing - 10 Top Apps for Businesses (2020)

If you need to meet 200 people but you don’t have time and venue to meet them in person, Webex will catch you depending on your plan. It also features HD video, web app, screen sharing, and recording. Feel free to visit their site to know your desired plan.

Microsoft Teams

One of the most affordable and reliable VC apps available online. It also gives you access to other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In Office Business Essentials, it offers $8.25 per month for an annual commitment. Services are also included such as Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Planner, and web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It also offers 1 terabyte cloud storage and 50-gigabyte email capacity with a custom email address. Click here to know more about their pricing.

Google Hangouts

This VC app caters to a larger crowd and can communicate with 150 people at the same time. For the business plan, the application includes custom email, calendar, 1 terabyte drive storage, Hangouts chat, Hangouts call, sheets, slides, forms, site builder, notes, apps script, and cloud search. Learn more about it through this site.


If you want to meet all 250 employees in your company, setting up Join.me business accounts can easily achieve this. It also includes unlimited calls, meeting scheduling, 10 webcam streams, 1 terabyte cloud storage, and alike. Visit their site to know about their pricing.


Gruevo is a VC app and secretary all in one application. Gruevo’s feature includes unlimited ​video and voice calling, unlimited room links, 12 participants in one call, call queueing, screen sharing, HD call recording, custom call ​background and logo, caller context, text mail (when you’re unavailable) and in-call text chat. If you want to try this out, never miss any additional information through this site.


Talking about much bigger crowds and more features? Try Lifesize. It also offers a wide range of services and features from HD video conferencing, touchscreen conference room phones, to cloud storage meeting recordings. It can cater to up to 300 participants in one call a maximum of 24 hours. There are a lot of features available by availing the enterprise plan. Just look for their site here.


Last but not the least, Slack. Slack is a VC app that focuses more on the security and confidentiality of text chats as well as video conferences. Aside from that, the enterprise plan will also give you a lot of features including 10 integration with other apps like Google Drive and Office 365. You can also have secure communication outside your organization. In case you encounter a problem, their customer service is available 24/7. If this sounds good to you, don’t forget to visit their website for more info.

Time has come to try out some of these video conferencing app! For more social media-related articles click HERE!

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