Why People Fail at Being Healthy and what to do about it

You wouldn’t want to reach the point where you become so heavy you cannot even stand up anymore. That is why people fail at being healthy and keeping your weight in check is important.

At least 39 percent of US adults are obese. Unfortunately, the numbers will most likely continue to increase for the years to come.

If the trend continues, we might come to a point where people would be like those in the movie WALL-E. If you have watched WALL-E before, you know what we mean.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to stay in shape. You can enroll and avail of a gym membership. Adopt a meal plan such as Keto, Paleo, or try Intermittent Fasting. Hire a personal trainer. Use the internet to search for different diet and workout plans.

There are also healthy food options you can find in supermarkets. Even food establishments offer “healthy” meal choices for health-conscious individuals. With all of the variety of choices, losing weight and being healthy should be that easy, right?

Well, not really.

Why you are still unhealthy and fat

Why People Fail at Being Healthy and What to do about it

It can be challenging to commit to a meal or diet plan. It can be hard to resist fried foods, sweets, and junk food even if we all know these are crappy foods. However, your personal mindset can make or break the success of your health goals.

Experts say that in order to be successful, there is no “would” or “should”. It will only be only two things: you do it or not do it at all. Still, there are a lot of those who seem to be unsuccessful with their weight loss. Do these sound familiar to you?

“I haven’t exercised today. I’ll just double tomorrow.” (A week later, you haven’t even worked out once.)

“I ate a lot today. I should exercise later so I will burn what I ate.” (Later on, you told yourself you will exercise later).

“I’ll just eat one slice of cake.” (But end up eating half of the cake anyway)

Unfortunately, these scenarios are all too common. You might even be guilty saying one of those statements above.

It’s too easy to make excuses to get out of an unpleasant situation. You don’t have time to exercise? Too tired to workout? Have no money felt stressed and unmotivated in life?

Sure, these are understandable. No one’s perfect, everyone gets tired with all of the things going on right now. These are instances wherein you might be questioning your willpower. Or do you have reasons to continue your health and fitness journey in the first place?

As mentioned, there are a lot of workouts and health and fitness plans you can adopt. It can be a trial and error thing. You might have to try different plans before identifying one that will work best for you.

However, you should also be mentally and emotionally prepared. Achieving your target weight and shape will take some time.

It will be frustrating at some point, but this is when your fitness journey starts. Everything else should follow as long as you stay consistent with your plan.

Don’t forget your diet

As fitness diets always say, being overall healthy is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise.

You won’t be able to achieve your weight loss goals if you’re still eating junk. Thinking that you can get away with the poor diet through exercising is a wrong mindset.

To achieve a healthy mind and body, you should also take note of what you eat. The best time to do that is now!

First of all, you need to identify the foods that you consider your weakness. Foods that are most likely not good for your health. Once you have identified those foods, you should get rid of these from your pantry.

This can be a lot easier if you are following a certain diet. For example, you have to remove starchy (ex. potatoes, rice, carrots, etc.) and high-carb foods if you are in a low-carb diet.

Or remove poultry and meat if you are a vegan. If you are diabetic, you should remove foods with high sugar or glucose content. The same goes if you are allergic to certain foods like seafood.

But sometimes, people might pressure you to eat more because it’s a birthday or some other kind of celebration.

It can be tempting to give in – it’s just for that day, anyway. Then again, you need to remind yourself why you want to start this fitness journey in the first place.

Do you want to get leaner and slimmer? Do you want to lower your sugar levels? To improve your heart rate? To live a healthier life in general.


Starting a healthier life is no walk in the park. It involves more than just whatever weight loss or fitness plans you have. Or being a member of a popular fitness center.

It’s all about consistency and patience. Start small and stick to your routine. Once you get the hang of it, you can improve your fitness plan as you go along.

In life, there should be no excuses. No shoulds and would, no ifs or buts. Just do it, and everything else will follow.

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