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10 Online Business Ideas You Could Start Tomorrow

Do you think you’re prepared to become a great entrepreneur online?

Back when we were kids, we were so excited to grow up, be free, and do whatever we want.

Now that we are adults, a lot of us would wish to be children again. Ironic, isn’t it?

For one thing, “adulting” is real. Being an adult involves a lot of responsibilities. Adults need to work to have money and pay bills. If they don’t work, they won’t have food on their tables. Basic utilities like water and electricity will be cut off.

Earning money is not that easy as you think unless you are an heir to your family business. You need to work 9 to 5 in an office setting and deal with gossip and office politics. Some even have to risk their lives as police or fire personnel. Or have to endure irate customers and endless complaints as a customer service agent.

In other words, there is no easy job. It can be difficult at some point. But before that, you need to look for a job first.

There are a lot of job opportunities out there. It’s just a matter of whether your skills match the qualifications needed for that particular job. Then again, your chosen career or job will depend on your current lifestyle.

Some prefer going to an office, while others are often on the field as part of their job. But for others, they prefer to work in the comfort of their own home. Here we will introduce some online business ideas that might be up your alley.

Working online: Is it for you?

10 Online Business Ideas You Could Start Tomorrow

It is said that there are about 100 million freelancers run their own home-based online business. Does this sound good to you?

  • Working at your own time and pace
  • No one bossing you around
  • Can work multiple jobs/clients at once
  • Work on your pajamas
  • No commutes and mingling with annoying co-workers

If you say yes to all of the above, then running a home-based online business may be the right career choice for you. You can run your online business full-time or part-time as a way to earn passive income.

Online business ideas you can try

Owning and running an online business gives aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to earn money at home. Who doesn’t want to earn money anywhere in the world? Before that, you need to think of a business idea that matches your skillset and interests. Here are some online business ideas you can consider.

1. Sell baked goods.

Let the world know of your baking skills. Whip up some baked goods like muffins, cookies, or croissants – and sell them on your business page. In fact, a lot of aspiring bakers are using their social media accounts to sell their baked goods. It is also a way to connect with other foodie groups and to promote their respective businesses.

2. Be a social media manager.

If you are familiar with how social media works, you can try being a social media manager. More and more entrepreneurs realize the importance of social media in their business. But sometimes, they can be busy running their core businesses. A social media manager usually posts articles or memes related to the business. They also answer queries from the page’s followers.

3. Be a virtual assistant.

Do you have good organization and people skills? Then you may apply as a virtual assistant. A lot of business owners also hire virtual assistants. They usually answer and make calls as well as organize emails and files. Sometimes, they also do writing and troubleshooting tasks. Depending on their workload, virtual assistants can be paid up to thousands of dollars per month.

4. Write to clients.

If you have a passion for writing, you can write for clients. There are many kinds of writers. There are those who write for academic papers. Others write about various topics like travel, parenting, finance, beauty and health, and so on. The more you write, the more you can learn about different things you never even cared about before.

5. Design websites for clients.

If you are web-savvy and knowledgeable in web designing, you can money out of it. There are also online tools you can use to learn the basics or enhance your current web designing skills. Some also use their coding skills to build user-friendly websites for their clients.

6. Teach students online.

Do you know other languages other than your native dialect? You can be an online teacher and have foreign client students. Teach English, Spanish, or French to your online students and they will love you for it.

7. Create compelling videos.

If you love making and editing videos, put it into good use and earn out of it. A lot of clients are looking for experienced video editors who can create compelling videos for their businesses.

8. Make amazing apps.

Earn an income making mobile apps which can be a lucrative market. Make various mobile apps that cater to different customers.

9. Translate documents and files.

Like online teaching, being a translator is also a good source of income. You can get paid for translating documents either per word or per page. At the same time, it can help enhance your vocabulary and knowledge with other languages.

10. Be a remote customer service agent.

If you like helping other people minus the stressful work environment, you can apply as a remote customer service agent. You need to have a stable internet connection, a working headset, and a webcam. You can work as a customer service agent via chat, video, or calls.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of working at home. Due to the threat of COVID-19, a lot of companies had no choice but to let their employees work at home. But for others, they won’t trade working at home over tiring commutes and dealing with a stressful office environment.

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