10 Science-Backed Tips: Running for Weight Loss

Are you struggling with losing weight? You might be wasting a lot of money on some ineffective equipment and supplements. Here 10 Science-Backed tips to help out your weight loss while running!

A lot of people have frustrations about losing weight. Marketers have a lot of ways to fish these kinds of people to offer them the desire to lose weight through their products. Some of these products, such as supplements and body equipment, claimed to be “effective” and shows the life-changing result of people who use the product.

With this, you may want to look at a more simple and cheaper way to lose weight like RUNNING. Never underestimate running when it comes to losing weight. It is the most effective way to start your journey in losing weight.

With this, you need to start your journey running on the right track towards your optimum weight.

Here are some ways to help your running exercise with efficiency and start building lower body strength to achieve your body and fitness goals. Let’s start counting!

Run regularly

You will not reach the top if you are not working consistently. This might just throw away your progress if you don’t exercise regularly. If you take this seriously, your lower body will build enough strength to give your body a steady pace. This will also help and improve your endurance and stamina. For beginners, don’t worry if you are slow at first. Your body is just adjusting to the new environment since you are now beginning to move more than usual.

Running on a regular day also improves your heart health. Running as one of the good cardio exercises, makes your heart pumps more blood resulting in better blood flow. This also maintains optimal body fat and lessen the risk of obesity. When you feel that you adopted to your usual lap, it is better to take additional steps to push your body limit, thus enhancing your endurance and stamina.

 It is the simplest and cheapest way of exercising and losing weight alongside a diet plan. This will result in building your lower body strength and maintaining optimal body fat.

Healthy Diet

Running is good or your health especially if you are eating a healthy meal at all times. Having a diet plan is one of the key factors of your weight loss. Running and a healthy diet plan should work hand in hand to reach your desired goal. Reducing or cutting the intake of foods with trans fat can also help you in reducing your weight. Foods with trans fat, such as sausage and chips, are hard to digest and can contribute to your belly fat. You need to choose an appropriate food source to fuel your body to function properly.

Cross-training exercises for runners

Running hundreds of miles already can also tire you out, not just physically but also mentally. It is also important there are variations in your exercises to further increase your strength. Cross-training can help you further to build up your strength. This also reduces the risk of getting an injury.

Run in the morning

You may be enjoying the comfort of your bed mostly in the morning and doing a lot of work may not entice you to wake up early. However, doing your exercises in the morning can also help you get closer to your fitness goal by being consistent. As you go for a run in the morning you, you are following your usual laps versus doing it later in the day where all your energy is drained.

Take sleep and rest

While you may be doing everything that you can to achieve your ideal body, it is also important to take a pause, rest, and have a good sleep. Having a poor sleep can increase your food cravings and we want this to be avoided. It also leads to a decrease in resting metabolism as well as insulin-resistant cells. Meaning, fats, and sugars are not digested well and can distribute to weight gain and belly fat.

Taking exercise for granted by eating more food

You are just wasting your time if you are thinking that running more can give you the right to eat more. Instead, you are putting some weight ankles on your fitness journey. Learn to discipline yourself by eating less and healthier foods.

Overdoing it may not be good after all

Doing the extra mile in everything we do is one way to improve our lifestyle. But there is a lining between doing extra and overdoing something. Abusing your body to reach your fitness goal in a fastest yet dangerous route may just waste your progress and can lead to injury. You need to develop your muscles to do more difficult routines and take time to recover. You need to have a lot of patience when you want something to achieve. This way, you will appreciate your hard work more.

Resist the temptation of happy hour

Drinking alcoholic beverages with your friends is one way to socialize with them. However, this might also contribute to your weight gain instead of losing it. Besides, alcoholic beverages contain calories and trans fat. So, you need to reduce alcoholic beverages and start thinking of another way to socialize with them.

Not knowing the contents of your food

Every food contains little or many calories in a meal. If you don’t know the calorie contents of the food you are eating, this might just keep you from moving forward in your journey. Knowing calorie-contents in your food will also help you to identify what training to do to burn those fats.

Essential fats but not too much

Not all fats are evil. Fats are made to absorb fat-absorbent nutrients for your body. It is also essential in our body, mostly for people who do a Keto diet, because it is a backup energy source of our body. But too much intake of it makes it evil. This will only contribute to health risks as well as obesity. Essential fats can be found in natural food that contains saturated and unsaturated fats.

10 Science-Backed Tips: Running for Weight Loss


If you think losing weight is an easy thing, you are wrong. Not only you train your body to maintain its optimum weight and fat but you are also learning to discipline yourself and avoid things that will harm and destroy your progress. There are a lot of obstacles on the road, you have to outrun them before they caught up on you. So, start running!

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